I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 396 - Chapter 396 The Humans in the Northern Wilderness Region Must Not Be Saved

Chapter 396 - Chapter 396 The Humans in the Northern Wilderness Region Must Not Be Saved


Zhou Xuanji took eight steps in the air, and 50 Great Emperor Candidates dissipated. No one could deflect his slashes.

Wind blasted like dragon roars, and thunder roared with heavenly might.

His white shirt remained untorn and unstained by any dirt.

Spirit Sovereign Yan was in great fear. He immediately raised both hands and continued to draw power from the Heavenly Law to create more Heavenly Law Puppets.

“Don’t overestimate yourself. You are no match for me now. No matter how many more puppets you summon, you will not escape death,” Zhou Xuanji said to Spirit Sovereign Yan with a mocking smile. He had yet to use his full strength, and Spirit Sovereign Yan was already struck with fear.

This was so boring.

He moved 100 feet with one step and increased his stride. This made Spirit Sovereign Yan even more fearful. His heartbeat rapidly and his scalp turned numb.

“Heaven! Grant me domineeringness! ”

Spirit Sovereign Yan roared furiously. He could no longer care about depleting his longevity because he must escape this calamity.

Great Emperor Wuwang, Liu Wuji, and the remaining Heavenly Law Puppets charged at Zhou Xuanji with dominating impetus. They knew no fear and merely obeyed orders.

Only Wanghou did not move.

Spirit Sovereign Yan saw Wanghou’s odd behavior and shuddered, but he had no time to think further.

Boooom! Boooom! Boom…

Bolts of lightning struck down. Next, numerous Heavenly Law Puppets swarmed Zhou Xuanji.

With the nine Sword Souls with him, Zhou Xuanji was extremely domineering. He continued to walk forward without turning back.

The Heavenly Law Puppets were struck down one after another. Their divine abilities could not damage Zhou Xuanji.

His sword Qi was like the rainbow, shaking the ground beneath him violently. Dust billowed toward the horizon like a dust storm, which converged with the thunderclouds and veiled over the sky.

Seeing this explosive scene, Baihao Yixin swallowed his saliva.

He is too damn powerful!

At this moment, he suddenly wanted to become Zhou Xuanji’s brother.

Following Zhou Xuanji, why would he still need to explode?


This Emperor is Great Emperor Heartless!

I can’t be such a coward!

How can I think of joining him just because I can’t defeat him?

“Zhou Xuanji, you can work with me! The Heavenly Hall is your real enemy! ”

Spirit Sovereign Yan said with gritted teeth. Seeing that his Heavenly Law Puppets could do nothing to Zhou Xuanji, he was struck with great fear. Even his soul was shivering in fear.

“I want to kill you, ” Zhou Xuanji glared at him and said calmly.

“There is no meaning in killing me. The Heavenly Hall will still come down! ”

“I just want to kill you. ”

“Can you be more rational? I can become your helper! You can’t resist the Heavenly Hall! ”

“But I still want to kill you. ”

“Are you insane? Do you know how many powerful cultivators there are in the Heavenly Hall? ”

“I still want to kill you. ”

Spirit Sovereign Yan’s emotion almost crumbled. Do we have such a hateful grudge?

Until now, he had killed no one near Zhou Xuanji. He was merely massacring the human race.

But, he neglected something.

He had killed Zhou Xuanji before.

It is only proper for him to pay for the life he took with his own life!.

Numerous Heavenly Law Puppets landed and quickly charged at Zhou Xuanji.

Spirit Sovereign Yan could be seen growing old rapidly, but he had no other choice but to persist.

After 800 Heavenly Law Puppets were cut down, Spirit Sovereign Yan was no longer domineering as before.


Spirit Sovereign Yan’s eyes were filled with blood vessels, and his entire body felt cold.

Zhou Xuanji was only a few hundred meters away from him.

Their eyes met, and he could sense the murderous intent from Zhou Xuanji’s eyes.

A murderous intent that could not be dissolved!

“The thing that you rely on could not even withstand my one slash. You are just a piece of trash,” Zhou Xuanji said with a condescending smile. His words greatly enraged Spirit Sovereign Yan.

Just when he was about to speak, someone charged toward him swiftly.

It was Baihao Yixin.

“Let This Emperor kill this guy! ”

Baihao Yixin roared furiously. With a fearsome expression in his eyes, he looked like an unparalleled war god.

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow. This guy wants to kill-steal?

Just when he wanted to raise his hand to sweep Baihao Yixin away, he raised both arms with a furious roar.


Zhou Xuanji could not hold it and cursed. This guy was too straightforward!


Baihao Yixin exploded himself. A powerful radiance beamed and enveloped Zhou Xuanji and Spirit Sovereign Yan.

Wanghou evaded quickly.

The shockwave crumbled the ground and dispersed the thunderclouds. Everything turned into ashes as the powerful radiance illuminated all of Juedi Cliff. Countless ghosts hid out of fear.

Yang Di and the man in the rush woven raincoat flew high into the air to get away from the blast.

“What else does this guy know other than suicide explosions?”

Yang Di said with gritted teeth. He had fought Baihao Yixin previously and experienced the suicide explosion when the latter could not defeat him. He had not expected Baihao Yixin to explode himself again to kill Spirit Sovereign Yan.

Expectation grew in his heart.

Could Baihao Yixin blast Zhou Xuanji to death?

“The famous Great Emperor Heartless became like this. Such a pity andSo miserable,” the man in the raincoat sighed.

A long while later.

The powerful radiance died down, and the shockwave calmed.

Zhou Xuanji stood in the billowing dust. The Dream-Devouring Heavenly Lord Sword in his hand had penetrated Spirit Sovereign Yan’s chest as he picked him up into the air.

Now, Spirit Sovereign Yan was covered in blood. Bones could be seen in some parts of his body, and he was in a miserable state.

Zhou Xuanji was not injured. With World Reincarnation activated, there was no way that Baihao Yixin’s suicide explosion would hurt him.

He gazed at Spirit Sovereign Yan and smiled condescendingly, “Although the passerby exploded himself, you are still killed by me personally. Before you die, what are your last words?”

Creating Heavenly Law Puppets without restraint previously had already greatly depleted Spirit Sovereign Yan’s life force. And now that he was blasted by Baihao Yixin, he was totally incapacitated and was no different than a dead dog.

Spirit Sovereign Yan said with gritted teeth, “Zhou Xuanji, you will regret it. One day, you will understand that my ambition was right! The Northern Wilderness Region must not be saved!”

“The Northern Wilderness human bloodline is not pure because of that ancestor’s great work. With your power, you should have ascended and ejected yourself from the human race, but you are determined to be muddled with them…”

“The Northern Wilderness humans have produced so many powerful cultivators, did you see any of them come back?”

The more he spoke, the angrier he got. He kept on coughing blood out at the same time.

“Who is that ancestor?” Zhou Xuanji asked without expression.

Spirit Sovereign Yan did not reply but said with gritted teeth, “My life belongs to Heaven and is protected by the Heavenly Law. It’s impossible for me to…”


Zhou Xuanji swung his sword with another hand and decapitated him.

A rainbow-colored beam burst from Spirit Sovereign Yan’s body and soared into the sky. A stone leaped out and flew up as well.

The Heavenly Law Stone!

Zhou Xuanji wanted to catch it instinctively, but a sense of crisis welled up in his heart, which made him stop his hand.

He trusted in his own instincts.

And so, he looked as the Heavenly Law Stone flew up into the air. The thunderclouds opened up, and a gigantic black hole appeared. Looking at this hole, Zhou Xuanji somewhat felt a sense of fear.

At this moment, someone flew over.

It was Yang Di!

He chased after the Heavenly Law Stone.

Soon, he grabbed the stone and was brought toward the black hole by the stone.

He looked back at Zhou Xuanji with a calm expression and determined eyes.

“Zhou Xuanji, you have yet to duel with This Emperor. This Emperor is the top cultivator of the world! This is in the past, present, and will always be! ”

He said arrogantly, returning to the unrivaled domineeringness he once had.

Zhou Xuanji was speechless. Little brother, you are playing with fire!

How could Yang Di resist something that even he felt was dangerous?

Shortly, under his gaze, Yang Di and the Heavenly Law Stone entered the black hole and disappeared.

“You were quite smart to not grab the Heavenly Law Stone,” a cold voice came. Zhou Xuanji turned and saw Wanghou looking at him.