I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 395 - Chapter 395 – One Sword One Emperor, 100 Steps Slaying 100 Emperors

Chapter 395 - Chapter 395 – One Sword One Emperor, 100 Steps Slaying 100 Emperors


“Zhou Xuanji! Get the hell out here!” Spirit Sovereign Yan furiously roared. As soon as he heard the voice, he knew who the other person was. However, he could not sense Zhou Xuanji’s aura, and he could not tell where he was.

Xuanyuan Shenhao frowned; he could not find this person either. Could this be the mortal who had recently become a Great Emperor?

1,000 meters away, Zhou Xuanji appeared above a mountain.

He held two swords in his hands: the Sun-Devouring Tiangou Sword and the Dream-Devouring Heavenly Lord Sword.

The Dream-Devouring Heavenly Lord Sword was a broadsword and its blade was bright red, as if it had been cast in blood.

Zhou Xuanji no longer wore his Tri-Sun Flame Qi Robe; he wore white clothes and his black hair blew about freely. Under the thunderclouds, his white clothes fluttered, and this Great Emperor of the Way of the Sword’s aura caused the clouds to swirl.

Sensing his gaze, Spirit Sovereign Yan quickly turned and looked over.

After he saw Zhou Xuanji clearly, he gave a furious smile and said, “Boy, you actually didn’t die. Very good, you delivered yourself to me!”

The enraged Spirit Sovereign Yan directly gave the order to attack, sending 100 Heavenly Law Puppets with Wargod Siling at the front to charge over.

Ten Great Emperors and Great Emperor Candidates caused terrifying winds to rise up, shaking the surrounding mountains.

Zhou Xuanji’s black hair danced in the wind. He looked up, his violet pupils looking incredibly devilish. The nine-sword violet Taichi diagram appeared on his forehead, giving off a peerlessly domineering and aggressive aura.

“Spirit Sovereign Yan, I will make you feel the terror and despair of all living things,” Zhou Xuanji said softly, but his voice sounded like rumbling thunder, traveling through Juedi Cliff.

Wargod Siling punched out, causing the air to explode and creating a deafening sound.

Nine Sword Souls simultaneously appeared behind Zhou Xuanji.

Sky Dominating Sword, Souleater Slash, Tempest Slash, Ranged Sword Propelling, Vibrant Raindrops Sword, Moonlit Wind Sword Dance, Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps, Tri-source Vein Severing Sword, Thirty-six Paths Jade Xiao Sword.

The nine Sword Souls all had their own auras, and one of them disappeared before re-condensing.


Wargod Siling was directly slashed in two, turning into countless motes of light before disappearing.

Zhou Xuanji began to walk down the sword. He was not hurried or slow, and his gaze remained on Spirit Sovereign Yan.

This scene caused Spirit Sovereign Yan’s heart to thump.

So powerful!

100 Great Emperors and Great Emperor Candidates rushed forth, and the Sword Souls behind Zhou Xuanji continuously shot out. Sword light continuously flashed, coldly cutting through the heavens and earth.

He had not even raised his swords and only used his Sword Souls to repel the incoming Heavenly Law Puppets.

Not a single Heavenly Law Puppet was able to withstand his attacks.

After walking ten steps, the 100 Heavenly Law Puppets had been completely destroyed.


The heavens and earth were completely silent!

Spirit Sovereign Yan and Xuanyuan Shenhao were both given a big fright, and they looked at Zhou Xuanji in a daze.

This was especially so for Xuanyuan Shenhao—he knew just how powerful Wargod Siling and those Heavenly Law Puppets were.

He had fought 30 Heavenly Law Puppets by himself just then and had lost.

And yet, this person had killed 100 Heavenly Law Puppets in 10 steps!

“How is this possible… how can the mortal realm have such a powerful existence. Could he be a true god who has descended to the mortal realm?” He gulped, as massive waves crashed in his heart.

If he had his full cultivation, he would also be able to do this easily.

However, this was the mortal realm!

Heavenly law would suppress cultivation!

“You brat, don’t get too full of yourself!” Spirit Sovereign Yan furiously shouted, and 300 Heavenly Law Puppets blocked in front of him.

In the distance, Baihao Yixin hid behind a hill and nervously looked ahead.

“This is too absurd…” He thought to himself in trepidation, unable to believe his eyes.

Zhou Xuanji’s expression did not change, and he leisurely walked towards the foot of the mountain.

He had a sword in each hand and his white clothes blew in the wind. His eyes contained a calmness and absolute confidence, as if he looked down on his enemy’s arrogance.

The Sun-Devouring Tiangou Sword and Dream-Devouring Heavenly Lord Sword were both Celestial Shaking swords, and after being filled with the power of the heavens and earth, no Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal could defend against them.

After becoming a Great Emperor, he seemed to have a new body. His speed and reactions were far superior to before, and adding on his Sword Souls’ sharp attacks, instantly killing Heavenly Law Puppets was not a big deal.

18 Heavenly Law Puppets simultaneously appeared around Zhou Xuanji, unleashing divine abilities and preparing to exterminate him.

He smirked, looking incredibly condescending.

Countless sword images appeared in the air, ripping the 18 Heavenly Law Puppets to pieces, and they turned to dust.

Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow!

The Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow’s Sword Soul had an incredibly big area of effect, but its damage was just as terrifying!

The Nine Emperors of the Way of the Sword flew over, and countless traces of sword qi pressed down from all directions as the mountain beneath Zhou Xuanji directly crumbled.

However, Zhou Xuanji’s footsteps did not hesitate at all.

He continued to walk step by step in the air, and his nine Sword Souls flashed, blocking the Nine Emperors’ sword qi. At the same, they shot out with an even more domineering aura.

Instant kill!

The Nine Emperors of the Way of the Sword scattered!

Heavenly Law Puppets charged over one after another, and exploded one after another, looking like fireworks and creating a grand scene.

Zhou Xuanji’s clothes danced in the wild wind, and he continued to elegantly walk forwards. He still had not raised the two swords in his hands, and his sharp eyes did not even blink, locking onto Spirit Sovereign Yan.

“How is this possible… how can he be so powerful…” Spirit Sovereign Yan’s expression darkened as his body slightly trembled; he now felt some fear in his heart.

Xuanyuan Shenhao’s expression was complicated, and his mind was blank.

If this person was already so powerful in the mortal realm, if he went to the Upper Realm…

He did not dare to think about it.

Zhou Xuanji…

He remembered this name. This scene would be something that he would never forget for the rest of his life.

In the east, in front of a steep cliff, there was a figure also silently spectating the battle.

It was Yang Di.

Yang Di’s face was ashen and his fists inside his sleeves were tightly gripped.

The man in the woven rush raincoat appeared next to him and sighed as he said, “This boy has already rushed to the sky; he is a different level of existence to you now.”

The heart-stabbing words caused Yang Di’s body to tremble.

“Can you really become this powerful after becoming a Great Emperor…” He muttered, his voice filled with unacceptance.

How could he defeat a Zhou Xuanji like this?

The man in the woven rush raincoat shook his head, wanting to say that even if he became a Great Emperor, he could not become so powerful. After all, that fellow was a First Class Great Emperor.

The number of First Class Great Emperors in the human race since the beginning of time could be counted on a single hand.

Moreover, even if he was a First Class Great Emperor, he should not have battle power like this.

“Zhou Xuanji, just what kind of god are you?” Spirit Sovereign Yan gnashed his teeth as he furiously roared. His expression was savage and furious to the extreme.

He could not believe that a mortal could have power like this.

Even if Zhou Xuanji had become a Great Emperor, he could not become this powerful!

Could he be the reincarnation of some powerful being from the Upper Realm?

Even though Baihao Yixin was so wretched in the mortal realm, in the Upper Realm, there were existences far more powerful than him.

Could he really be the reincarnation of a true god…

Thinking to there, the terror in his heart became even denser.

“My name is Zhou Xuanji, the one and only Sword Emperor,” Zhou Xuanji said as he coldly laughed. The killing intent in his tone caused the heavens and earth to seem to freeze.

After 100 steps, the 300 Heavenly Law Puppets had all been destroyed.

The Tianxia Map madly provided him with magic energy, and the power of the heavens and earth surrounded his body, creating a wind that could be seen by the naked eye.

The nine Sword Souls continued to proudly stand behind him, looking domineering and divine.

Spirit Sovereign Yan was completely angered and sent Emperor Xia to lead 50 Heavenly Law Puppets to attack. Because of this, Xuanyuan Shenhao was able to escape from danger and wretchedly fell to the ground.

Emperor Xia raised his right arm, and a bright sun appeared on his palm. It became 3,000 meters wide, and he waved his right hand as the bright sun gave off a massive aura and slammed towards Zhou Xuanji.

Sword light flashed, and the bright sun was obliterated, following which Emperor Xia was also destroyed.

He could not withstand even a single blow!

Zhou Xuanji condescendingly laughed and came closer and closer to Spirit Sovereign Yan.

He was not in a hurry to kill Spirit Sovereign Yan; he wanted to make Spirit Sovereign Yan experience extreme helplessness and terror before he died.

“Why is it like this… Why…” Spirit Sovereign Yan was in a complete panic. Even Emperor Xia was not a match for Zhou Xuanji, and he did not have many more Heavenly Law Puppets he could rely on.