I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 394 - Chapter 394 – Won’t Live Past Today

Chapter 394 - Chapter 394 – Won’t Live Past Today


“So what if he became a Great Emperor; my heavenly law army will definitely rip you to shreds!” Spirit Sovereign Yan said as he gnashed his teeth.

No wonder there was not a complete soul within Zhou Xuanji’s corpse three years ago.

He had been completely fooled!

The more Spirit Sovereign Yan thought about it, the angrier he became.

The threat of the Heavenly Palace was descending, and Zhou Xuanji that cockroach had become a Great Emperor, making him feel incredibly annoyed.

He looked up at the clouds roiling in the sky and muttered, “Looks like I have to create you.”

He raised his right hand and continued to create Heavenly Law Puppets.

At the bottom of the mountain, Wanghou’s body suddenly trembled. The other Heavenly Law Puppets became like blocks of wood, not moving at all, making him seem quite eye-catching.

Spirit Sovereign Yan was filled with fury and he wanted to create even more powerful Heavenly Law Puppets, and he did not notice the abnormalities in Wanghou.

After three years his absolute control of the Heavenly Law Puppets had blinded his heart.

Elsewhere at Juedi Cliff, Baihao Yixin stood up and paced about, continuously cursing out.

All kinds of crude words came out of his mouth, and they could be summarised in one word.


He was already surprised that Zhou Xuanji had not died, and he had never thought that that fellow would become a Great Emperor.

Becoming a Great Emperor was incredibly difficult, and this was even more so given that the current human race’s bloodline was not pure. It was essentially impossible for someone to become a Great Emperor.

What gives?

He couldn’t accept this!

He mysteriously felt that Zhou Xuanji was the Child of Fate. He was not even 80 years old, and he had already become a Great Emperor?

The more he thought, the angrier he became, and he began to feel envious.

In the end, all of his countless emotions could only turn into a single sigh.

‘Perhaps he can really defeat Spirit Sovereign Yan?’ Baihao Yixin thought. He did not want to continue to shamefully be imprisoned by Spirit Sovereign Yan.

Shangguan Jiusu woke up; he had dreamed of something fantastic.

He dreamed that he had met the Sword Emperor he worshipped, and the Sword Emperor had taken him as a disciple and taught him sword techniques. He could see the glory of the Sword Emperor every day, making him feel blessed.

He reluctantly opened his eyes and his vision was filled by the blue sky and not the familiar shed he was used to.

He suddenly remembered his memories from before he had fainted, and he quickly sat up and jumped to his feet.

“Where am I?” He hazily looked around and found that he was in a forest.

Not too far away, there were the corpses of six demon wolves.

He looked at the command medallion in his hand, on which was carved the character for ‘Emperor.’ There was also a slip of paper that contained a single sentence.

“You can enter Emperor Sword Court using this medallion.”

Shangguan Jiusu felt as if he had been struck by lightning, and he stood there in shock.

After a while, he muttered, “Could he be…”

His eyes widened and his breathing became ragged, as if he was incredibly excited.

Within the Hunyuan Empire’s Royal City, Yang Di stood at the top of the palace and looked out, remaining silent for a long time.

Zhou Xuanji becoming a Great Emperor had given his heart a big blow.

He fell into bewilderment that he had never felt before.

He had always believed that he was the strongest in the world. Before Zhou Xuanji had died, that battle of his had caused him to doubt himself; fortunately, Zhou Xuanji had died.

However, he did not expect Zhou Xuanji to return in just three short years in a blaze of glory.

He deeply breathed in and looked at Juedi Cliff, his gaze becoming resolute.

Despite once being first in the world, he had never fought with Spirit Sovereign Yan before, even after the Hunyuan Empire had complained to him.

This time, he decided to cut off any paths of retreat for himself.

“I’ll either die or become a Great Emperor,” Yang Di muttered as he turned into a ray of golden light and leapt up, disappearing over the horizon.

As the Northern Wilderness was reveling in shock towards Zhou Xuanji becoming a Great Emperor, some unwelcome guests arrived from overseas.

A woman with red hair walked out from the sea and walked towards the beach.

She wore a white dress and was completely drenched, perfectly showing the outline of her body. Her facial features were beautiful and cold, and her gaze was calm.

“This is the Northern Wilderness? The place where he was born? It’s not much,” She muttered as she slightly frowned.

“The spirit qi is mediocre and the Fate here is quite chaotic, more so than any other mortal realm. Interesting, but I must find your corpse.”

She raised her hands, which turned into countless blood-red bats, flying in different directions.

After she left, this part of the sea became blood-red, turning into a sea of blood, looking incredibly horrifying and startling.

Far away, at Juedi Cliff, Spirit Sovereign Yan suddenly opened his eyes. He tightly frowned and muttered, “Just what sort of person entered the Northern Wilderness; their aura is so strange and their fate can’t be tracked. It shouldn’t be the Heavenly Palace; this isn’t like them.”

The Heavenly Palace was incredibly overbearing, and whenever they came to the mortal realm under their control, they always did so in a high-profile and fearless way.

He looked at the Heavenly Law Puppets below, and a proud smile appeared on his face.

500 Heavenly Law Puppets, all of them on the level of Great Emperor Candidates!

This was especially so for the two at the front.

The early Emperor of the human race, Emperor Xia!

The peerless sovereign of the demon race, Great Emperor Wuwang!

The two of them stood at the front of the heavenly law army, giving off extraordinary might.

Looking at them, Spirit Sovereign Yan felt great confidence.

No matter who came, they would die!


A pillar of light descended from the sky, breaking through the rolling thunderclouds and landing on the summit of a mountain a few hundred metres away. The mountain shook, and dust rose into the air, and cracks spread down the mountain.

“You must be Spirit Sovereign Yan! I am Xuanyuan Shenhao. Either I can kill you, or you can end your own life here.” A cold voice sounded out of the pillar of light, and a might that seemed to equal the heavens traveled through Juedi Cliff.

In the distance, Baihao Yixin opened his eyes and said in surprise, “Who would have thought a Second Class Great Emperor of the Heavenly Palace would come.”

Xuanyuan Shenhao was a famous genius and divine weapon of the Heavenly Palace.

He came from another mortal realm and inherited the Xuanyuan Clan’s bloodline. He had been invincible for 20,000 years and had ascended after becoming a Great Emperor, and he was greatly beloved by Sage Yutian.

Spirit Sovereign Yan’s expression was somewhat uncomfortable.

As a vassal Spirit Sovereign of the Xuanyuan Clan, to him, Xuanyuan Shenhao was like the heavens, an incredibly high and untouchable existence.

He had never thought that the Heavenly Palace would send such a peerless genius to come down to kill him.

However, he did not panic.

He stood up and loudly laughed, “Xuanyuan Shenhao? Do you really not see the situation you’re in?”

500 Heavenly Law Puppets rushed to the sky, surrounding Xuanyuan Shenhao.

The pillar of light scattered, revealing Xuanyuan Shenhao’s body. He held a long halberd, standing proudly in the air.

He swept his gaze over the Heavenly Law Puppets, and his eyebrows furrowed.

So many Great Emperors!

The weakest were Great Emperor Candidates!

Before he could speak again, the heavenly law army started to attack.

Half the incense stick of time later, Spirit Sovereign Yan stood at the top of a mountain, a condescending smile on his face.

At the bottom of the mountain, Xuanyuan Shenhao half-knelt on the ground. His armor was covered with blood, and his surroundings were filled with Heavenly Law Puppets. Emperor Xia stood behind him, grabbing onto his hair.

Xuanyuan Shenhao gnashed his teeth, his eyes icy cold, filled with killing intent.

“You didn’t expect this did you, Xuanyuan Shenhao?” Spirit Sovereign Yan said as he gave a mocking laugh. Great Emperor Wuwang stood behind him, protecting him, in order to prevent any sneak attacks.

Xuanyuan Shenhao said coldly, “You bug, you’ve borrowed the power of heavenly law. You want to overthrow the Heavenly Palace with just this many puppets?”

If it wasn’t for the fact that he had descended to the mortal realm and his cultivation was sealed, how could he lose?

“Hahaha, you won’t be able to see the day I overthrow the Heavenly Palace,” Spirit Sovereign Yan said as he condescendingly laughed, feeling incredibly joyful.

So what if he was a Second Class Great Emperor or a peerless genius? He was still kneeling in front of him!

“You won’t be able to even live past today,” an icy cold voice sounded throughout the heavens, as if there were countless people simultaneously shouting, causing Spirit Sovereign Yan to look around in shock.