I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 393 - The Human Race Will Revere Me As Emperor; The Northern Wilderness Will Revere Me As Chief

Chapter 393 - The Human Race Will Revere Me As Emperor; The Northern Wilderness Will Revere Me As Chief


All of the Heavenly Palace’s experts looked at this golden figure, wondering what kind of person he was.

Most of the Northern Wilderness’ Great Emperors were very powerful; 10,000 years ago, the Hegemon Sword Emperor had swept across the lands, and even the Heavenly Palace did not dare to easily offend him.

Before, when Shi Shenzong had ascended, the Heavenly Palace had thought about forcefully keeping him; after all, Shi Shenzong had not become a Great Emperor and was not protected by Heavenly Law Fate. However, they had never thought that the Hegemon Sword Emperor would come and demand for him.

“Your Majesty, now that such a genius has appeared in the Northern Wilderness, I am willing to personally go and convince him to join us after destroying Spirit Sovereign Yan,” Xuanyuan Shenhao said resolutely as he once again cupped his fists, seeming incredibly confident.

Sage Yutian said in a low voice, “Go, then.”

Xuanyuan Shenhao did not reveal any expressions of joy, and he only calmly nodded.

This was not just the case in the Heavenly Palace.

In the Underworld, Magistrate Cui and the Impermanences could also sense the heavenly might from Zhou Xuanji becoming a Great Emperor.

Within the Magistrate Palace, Magistrate Cui put down his brush and looked outside as he muttered, “Someone is becoming a Great Emperor in the Northern Wilderness so soon.”

Becoming a Great Emperor could allow one to obtain Heavenly Law Fate, causing them to shock the world and startle gods.

He understood that in the Northern Wilderness, the human race’s bloodline was impure, and it was impossible for a human to become a Great Emperor.

Could it be that another race was going to rise up?

After all, it was a World Epoch.

He thought of Zhou Xuanji and his eyes flashed as he muttered, “Boy, don’t you die, or you’ll have let me down.”

He had invested so many Great Spirit Pills in Zhou Xuanji, and he did not want them to go to waste.

Within the Heavenly Law Fate, Zhou Xuanji was still undergoing the process of becoming a Great Emperor.

He had been observing the Heavenly Palace, but an extremely strong power forced his divine sense back to the mortal realm so that he could no longer observe.

He did not think too much, and he thought that it was the heavenly law that did not allow him.


Something in the depths of his soul suddenly exploded, and a strange power coursed through his muscles and bones before gathering in his heart.

Dong! Dong! Dong…

His war drum-like heartbeat once again sounded out, sounding incredibly vigorous and causing his blood to boil.

Heavenly Law Great Emperor, high above mortals, having equal standing with immortal gods.

He could pass through Yin and Yang and traverse the Five Elements.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has become a Heavenly Law Great Emperor. Gacha started!”

“Ding, Congratulations Sword Owner has obtained [Celestial Shaking] Dream-Devouring Heavenly Lord Sword!”

The Sword Spirit’s voice suddenly sounded out, causing Zhou Xuanji to feel delighted.

Another Celestial Shaking grade sword!

Celestial Shaking grade swords were very powerful; just relying on the Sun-Devouring Tiangou Sword, no Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal was his match in a one on one battle.

Now that he had obtained another Celestial Shaking grade sword, how could he not be happy?

In the past three years, he had obtained five Amethyst grade swords—that’s right, all of them were Amethyst grade.

They were the Shouting Sword, Perseverance Sword, Dragon Death Sword, Clamorous Sword, and Flying Goose Sword.

The new sword’s information appeared in front of his eyes:

Sword Name: Dream-Devouring Heavenly Lord Sword

Grade: Celestial Shaking

Description: This sword contains the power of the Heavenly Lord and can devour dreamlands and exterminate demons. Once this sword is unleashed, demons will howl, and it must be used cautiously.

The description was not very detailed, but it already seemed quite extraordinary.

Zhou Xuanji could not help but look forward to even higher grade swords.

Ordinary Ore, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Amethyst, Glorious Gold, Heavenly Soul, Intimidating Spirit, Celestial Shaking, God Slaying, Armageddon!

Could God Slaying swords really slay gods?

Could Armageddon swords really cause Armageddon with a single strike?

He felt great anticipation.

At that moment, the massive eyes in the night sky suddenly widened, and a halo of light descended from the sky and landed on Zhou Xuanji’s body.

The surrounding 1,000 meters were turned into flat land, and Shangguan Jiusu and some other commoners fainted.

“Is this… Fate?” Zhou Xuanji thought to himself in shock. He could sense his Fate suddenly become doubly as strong.

However, this was only just the beginning.

Rings of divine light continuously landed, fusing into his body.

There were nine rings in total, causing his Fate to reach its peak.

Even the entirety of the human race’s Fate combined could not compare to his. Of course, the main reason was that the human race was reaching its end.

Mysteriously and inexplicably, he comprehended the true essence.

Heavenly Law Great Emperors were split into nine Ranks. Ninth Class was the lowest and First Class was the highest.

Great Emperors had Emperor’s Might that could suppress mortals, and the higher Class they were, the more powerful their Emperor’s Might would be.

A First Class Great Emperor could suppress Great Emperors of all other Classes!

Emperor’s Might was the symbolic divine ability of Great Emperors. The Heavenly Law Puppets were not the originals, so they did not have Emperor’s Might. Otherwise, facing so many of them, Zhou Xuanji would not have been able to kill so many Great Emperor Candidates.

The powerful light gradually faded, and Zhou Xuanji’s body was revealed; his mask had already turned into dust.

His eyes shined with a violet light, seeming devilish and giving off an oppressive aura. The violet Taichi diagram on his forehead had gone through some changes—there were nine thin inscriptions on its borders, looking like nine small swords that pointed outwards.

He floated in the air, the surface of his body giving off faint silver light. Under the night sky, he looked like a high and mighty god.

He looked up and activated his Emperor’s Might.

“Today, I, Zhou Xuanji, the Sword Emperor, have become a Great Emperor. The human race will revere me as emperor and the Northern Wilderness will revere me as chief.

“Spirit Sovereign Yan, you’re dead.”

His voice sounded throughout the Northern Wilderness and overseas, causing countless beings to feel stunned.

The world was sent into an uproar!

The Sword Emperor had not died and had become a Great Emperor?

How was this possible?!

Under the night sky, within massive waves, Daoseeker’s eyes widened, and his body trembled as unprecedented joy swelled up in his heart.

He muttered, “He actually became a Great Emperor… How is this possible… How is this possible…”

He tilted his head back and loudly laughed. Despite thunder booming and lightning flashing, his excitement could not be reduced.

At the same time, it was not just him who was so excited.

The entire human race began to clamour.

Countless commoners got up from their beds, and countless cultivators got up from cultivating.

The Sword Emperor had not died and had instead become a Great Emperor!

The demise of the Donghan Empire and Great Shang Empire had caused the human race to fall into despair, but Zhou Xuanji revealing his domineeringness gave the human race hope.

“The Sword Emperor has become a Great Emperor! Hahaha, am I dreaming?”

“I knew it! It’s impossible for him to die!”

“He’s the number one in the world, the strongest in the human race! How could he possibly die?”

“Who gives a damn about Liu Wuji? From tonight onwards, Zhou Xuanji is the strongest in the history of the human race!”

“Did I hear correctly? Is this true?”

“The heavens have eyes! They are not determined to kill our human race!”

Countless people wept with joy, and even those overseas were discussing this matter.

Ever since Spirit Sovereign Yan had descended, lives of the humans overseas had also become harder. They were attacked by various races, and they were in much more despair than the humans of the Northern Wilderness.

Who would have thought that the number one person in the human race would become a Great Emperor!

At Skyfall, Jiang Xue, Daoya Old Man, Zhou Xiaoxuan, Xian Xianghua, and the others felt incredibly delighted, while the lower portions of the mountain were filled with cheers; even the clouds could not cover them.

“Mother! Father became a Great Emperor!” Zhou Xiaoxuan shouted excitedly, as if it was her who had become a Great Emperor.

Xiao Jinghong gripped his sword and had a look of worship on his face as he said, “No one can compare to Revered Teacher’s talent.”

Zhou Xuanji had become a Great Emperor three years after being reborn!

Even Xian Xianghua was awed.

She had been reborn so many times, so why had she not become a Great Emperor?

Although she sighed, she was more so proud of Zhou Xuanji.

After all, this was the man she had fallen for.

Daoya Old Man stroked his beard and said in amazement, “Xuan’Er, if your spirit were to know about this, just how happy would you be? You definitely did not expect your son to attain such great accomplishments.”

While the humans of the world were rejoicing, Juedi Cliff was incredibly silent.

Spirit Sovereign Yan sat at the peak of the mountain, his fists clenched and veins bulging on his forehead.

It was as if flames were going to spew out of his eyes.

How come that boy was not dead?!