I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 392 - Chapter 392 – First Class Great Emperor

Chapter 392 - Chapter 392 – First Class Great Emperor


The massive eyes in the night sky looked incredibly divine, and everyone in the town could see them.

“What is that?”

“Is Spirit Sovereign Yan here to kill us?”

“No, they’re not moving!”

“What terrifying eyes; I feel as if they can see through me.”

“What’s going on?”

Everyone in the town felt incredibly shocked, and their cries sounded out as panic started to spread.

In the courtyard, Shangguan Jiusu looked just as dumbfounded.

He was the closest to Zhou Xuanji, so what he sensed was the most profound.

He could sense a heavenly might that was incredibly difficult to describe. It caused his hair to stand on end, and he wanted to kneel down to worship.

He once again looked at Zhou Xuanji and found that golden light started to appear around his body, and soon, only his outline could be seen.

He had already defeated ten Great Emperor Candidates, so he did not need to go through a tribulation. He could directly accept Fate and become a Great Emperor.

A massive amount of Fate flowed into his body, refining his soul and causing it to go through changes.

“This feeling…” Zhou Xuanji looked down at his hands and muttered to himself.

His tone revealed an excitement that was incredibly difficult to suppress.

He could clearly sense that he was becoming stronger.

The Tianxia Map’s image appeared above his head, flickering in and out of existence.

Zhou Xuanji looked up at the massive eyes in the sky, wondering where they came from.

Was it heavenly law?

Within the Hunyuan Empire’s Imperial City, within the imperial study, Yang Di, who was writing, suddenly looked up at the night sky outside the window.

He tightly frowned and muttered, “This heavenly might…”

He stood up and walked outside.

The man in the woven rush raincoat appeared next to him and said in a low voice, “Someone is becoming a Great Emperor!”

Hearing this, Yang Di’s pupils constricted.

Great Emperor?

He instinctively thought of Spirit Sovereign Yan and his heavenly law army, and he calmed down.

Indeed, there were many Great Emperors who had revived in the current age.

The man in the woven rush raincoat pinched his fingers together as he divined, and he suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood as he staggered backwards and crashed against a wall.

“How is this possible… First Class Great Emperor, apex talent!” He cried out, looking terrified, causing Yang Di to frown.

Across the sea, within massive waves, Daoseeker stood on a small boat.

He suddenly looked backwards, towards the direction of the Northern Wilderness.

“Someone is becoming a Great Emperor? Could it be those Heavenly Law Puppets…” Daoseeker’s expression became grim. Three years ago, when he had heard that Zhou Xuanji had died, he had nearly fainted.

He had invested great hopes in Zhou Xuanji, and he had never thought that all of it would come to nothing.

Now that someone else was becoming a Great Emperor, he felt immense despair.

Could it be that there really was no way of avoiding this tribulation?

At that moment, a shooting star streaked across the night sky, falling to the horizon.

Daoseeker did not notice it, and he was caught up in his worries.

At Juedi Cliff, Spirit Sovereign Yan was sitting at the summit, sensing the power of the heavenly law. He looked down, and the mountain was covered with Heavenly Law Puppets. There were around 300 of them, and they were all Great Emperor Candidates or Great Emperors.

All of them shined with light, as if they were gods who had descended.

Suddenly, all of the Heavenly Law Puppets turned and looked in the direction of the Bahan Empire.

Spirit Sovereign Yan also opened his eyes and said in surprise, “This heavenly might…”

He, who had the Heavenly Law Stone, was greatly sensitive to the Northern Wilderness’ heavenly might.

At that moment, he felt an extremely terrifying heavenly might descend to the mortal realm; it was stronger than any of his Heavenly Law Puppets.

He noticed the abnormalities in the 300 or so Heavenly Law Puppets, and he could not help but frown.

He got up and prepared to fly towards the Bahan Empire. However, he thought of something else and sat back down.

“Even though that heavenly might is powerful, it is not enough to threaten me. I need to first think of a way to deal with the Heavenly Palace,” Spirit Sovereign Yan muttered to himself, his eyes giving off killing intent.

After he had killed the other Heavenly Guards, the Heavenly Palace had sensed that something was wrong.

Half a year ago, the Heavenly Palace had sent an emissary, but he had been killed by Spirit Sovereign Yan’s heavenly law army. He understood that the Heavenly Palace would begin to send even more powerful existences down.

However, the Northern Wilderness was a mortal realm, and after those from the Upper Realm came down, their cultivations would be suppressed to Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

As long as they did not surpass Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal, he had the confidence that his heavenly law army was invincible.

So in order to defend against the Heavenly Palace sending too many experts, he decided to continue to create Heavenly Law Puppets.

Creating Heavenly Law Puppets had a price: After Spirit Sovereign Yan came to the mortal realm, he no longer had inexhaustible longevity. Every time he created a Heavenly Law Puppet, it would cost him some of his lifespan.

If he went on like this, he would die sooner or later.

This would be the case unless he ascended back to the Heavenly Palace or became the ruler of the mortal realm and controlled the Fate of the heavens and earth.

In the entire mortal realm, all existences at the Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal level could sense the heavenly might from Zhou Xuanji becoming a Great Emperor. It was incredibly vast and boundless, making all creatures feel reverence.

Zhou Xuanji was bathed in the heavenly law Fate, and his cultivation directly broke through to Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

Mysteriously and inexorably, he felt that the heavens and earth within his senses were so small.

He looked up, and his gaze pierced through the night sky as he saw another world.

That world was filled with a celestial fog and there were many palaces and towers. There were many immortal birds spiraling in the air, as well as fairies flying about. All of them looked incredibly beautiful and had extraordinary airs.

If his guess was correct, that would be the Heavenly Palace.

At that moment, within a massive hall of the Heavenly Palace, hundreds of people dressed in elegant clothes and giving off impressive airs were gathered. The men looked mighty and domineering, and the women looked beautiful and noble.

It was bright inside the hall, and silver pillars supported the massive pillar. They were impressive and exquisite, looking like heavenly pillars.

The person sitting in the main seat was a man dressed in a prestigious silver Emperor’s robe. He wore a crown socketed with pearls and jades, and he had dignified facial features. Even though his posture was slightly lazy, he gave off the domineeringness of controlling the world.

He was the Heavenly Palace’s Master, Sage Yutian.

“Spirit Sovereign Yan has rebelled and controls the Heavenly Law Stone. Which of you will volunteer to descend to eliminate him?” Sage Yutian said slowly, his expression calm, not taking Spirit Sovereign Yan seriously at all.

That was indeed the case; they had just finished discussing other important matters, and if it wasn’t for the fact that a Spirit Sovereign had brought this up, Sage Yutian most likely would not have known about it.

“This subordinate is willing to go down to the mortal realm. This fellow is our Xuanyuan family’s dog and dares to rebel; he’s grown tired of living!” A man dressed in qilin silver armour stepped out. A crimson halo of light hovered behind him, and with his silver hair, he gave off a sense of sharpness.

As he stepped out, everyone present started to discuss among themselves.

“Wow, who would have thought Xuanyuan Shenhao would decide to go down.”

“With his strength, doing such a thing is complete overkill.”

“Why does Spirit Sovereign Yan have the Heavenly Law Stone though? This needs to be investigated.”

“Spirit Sovereign Yan courted disaster; back in the day his son Ji Xian offended the Crown Prince, and now he has caused trouble. What an idiot.”

“The Northern Wilderness is in a World Epoch; perhaps the Xuanyuan clan has other motives.”

Hearing the discussions around him, Xuanyuan Shenhao’s expression did not change as he calmly looked at Sage Yutian, waiting for orders.


At that moment, a gust of powerful wind rose up from the ground, causing everyone to look down.

The ground became transparent, and they saw that within the stormy night, there was a golden figure; it was impossible to tell his or her features.

Sage Yutian frowned and said in a low voice, “Great Emperor? Someone in the current Northern Wilderness is able to become a Great Emperor?”

Because the Northern Wilderness was attached to the Heavenly Palace, whenever an expert who became a Great Emperor appeared, they would always immediately sense it and try to rope them in.

However, the vast majority of Great Emperors did not choose to join the Heavenly Palace, and they instead made their way in the world by themselves. The Heavenly Palace could not forcefully control new Great Emperors, or they would suffer the wrath of Heaven.