I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 391 - Chapter 391 – After Tonight, The World Will Revere Me As Emperor

Chapter 391 - Chapter 391 – After Tonight, The World Will Revere Me As Emperor


Zhou Xuanji was expressionless as he looked at Shangguan Jiusu.

For him, who was in a baby form, to look at someone like that, it was quite shocking.

Shangguan Jiusu drew his sword and took three steps back as he gulped and asked hesitantly, “Just… what kind of monster are you?”

He felt some regret; he should not have taken in this baby without thinking about it.

Shangguan Jiusu trembled, becoming more and more afraid as he thought.

“I am your opportunity,” Zhou Xuanji said calmly. This boy was quite poor but still took him in; this meant that he had a kind heart.

He was willing to help this boy, and to him, it would be quite easy.

He could not go back to Skyfall before he became a Great Emperor in order to avoid bringing trouble to Skyfall.

Spirit Sovereign Yan wanted to slaughter the human race, but he had to find a new leading race for the world. Otherwise, if Fate was broken, all of his ambitions would fall flat.

“Opportunity?” Shangguan Jiusu felt quite stunned, and his anxiousness and fear gradually disappeared.

He greatly desired to become strong!

Back then, when he had been full of mettle, who had dared not to give him face? His lover had also been incredibly meek and sweet to him.

But now…

The more he thought, the sadder and angrier he became. He gritted his teeth as he asked, “What do I need to pay?”

He had read many stories about evil demons bewitching people and helping them become stronger; however, those people would often lose their humanity.

“It’s very simple,” Zhou Xuanji said, causing Shangguan Jiusu to feel as if his heart was in his throat.

“Call me ‘grandpa’ three times.”

Hearing this, cold sweat trickled down Shangguan Jiusu’s body, and he trembled.



He stared, looking utterly confused, wondering if he had heard incorrectly.

Zhou Xuanji gave a mysterious smile and said, “You use the sword?”

Shangguan Jiusu came back to his senses, and he said in resentment, “The Sword Emperor is my goal, so I naturally use the sword. It’s a pity that the Sword Emperor has fallen; if I can become stronger, I will definitely take revenge for the Sword Emperor.”

He would never believe that this demon-like baby in front of him was Zhou Xuanji.

The entire world had seen Zhou Xuanji’s death with their own eyes.

Zhou Xuanji coldly harrumphed, “What’s so good about the Sword Emperor; he still died in the end!”

Shangguan Jiusu became infuriated and said in a low voice, “The Sword Emperor did not die a humiliating death; he fought a great battle against so many members of the former generations, and he can be placed at the peak of history. What do you understand?”

The Sword Emperor was like his religion, and he would not allow anyone to humiliate him.

Zhou Xuanji laughed, feeling quite pleased.

However, in Shangguan Jiusu’s eyes, it was a mocking laugh.

He felt angry but did not dare to express it.

On Skyfall, all of Emperor Sword Court sank into sorrow.

At the summit, Jiang Xue, Zhou Xiaoxuan, Xiao Jinghong, and the others became incredibly overjoyed.

“Is this true? Master isn’t dead?” Chongming Demon Monarch asked excitedly, his muscles trembling.

Xian Xianghua nodded and said, “Do you remember that black light before he died? This matter must not spread, or else the consequences will be unimaginable.”

Everyone immediately nodded excitedly.

Jiang Xue and Zhou Xiaoxuan hugged each other, sobbing in joy.

Xian Xianghua raised her eyebrows and said, “Do you understand how powerful this technique is now?”

Zhou Xiaoxuan nodded and said excitedly, “I also want to learn it!”

The little black snake also called out, “I also…”

Before it could finish, it was kicked away by Zhou Xiaoxuan.

“Even Emperor Sword Court’s disciples cannot know about this. Calm them down; now that an age of chaos has descended, unity is very important,” Xian Xianghua said. Now that Zhou Xuanji was not here, she had to protect his foundation.

Jiang Xue nodded and said, “The disciples will not scatter; they are filled with flames of fury right now.”

After saying this, she felt quite proud, and the others were the same.

Emperor Sword Court’s disciples had bones of steel!

Half a year quickly passed.

Zhou Xuanji’s fall caused the human race to face a period of darkness, and the various Kingdoms began to lose control, while the Empires could barely keep control of their territories. Because the Eight Sanctums had suffered great blows, they were unable to help.

Within the Bahan Empire, inside a small town.

Shangguan Jiusu’s mouth twitched as he looked at the child in front of him swinging a sword.

Only half a year had passed, but Zhou Xuanji looked like he was two or three years old. He held the Bookcutter Sword in his hand, sending out vigorous wind.

Ever since Zhou Xuanji had started to stay with him, Shangguan Jiusu slept on a grass mat in the courtyard.

After showing the Vibrant Raindrops Sword once, Zhou Xuanji put the sword away and asked, “Do you remember it?”

Shangguan Jiusu said ashamedly, “I only remember half.”


Zhou Xuanji felt quite startled; he had only shown it once, and yet this fellow had remembered half. After all, this was an Earth grade sword technique.

It seemed that this boy’s talent was not bad at all.

He showed the Vibrant Raindrops Sword again, before having Shangguan Jiusu practice by himself.

After starting to follow Zhou Xuanji, Shangguan Jiusu did not continue to go to the lecture hall.

It was not that he did not want to go but that the lecture hall had long since grown disdainful of him, and they had found a chance to kick him out.

The woman in the red dress had not come again either.

Because of this, Shangguan Jiusu had been sad for a while and often cried late at night. He did not dare to go to the woman’s residence to find her because he did not have the face to do so.

He was not the genius he used to be.

“Practice well. If I’m satisfied, I’ll help you restore your Inner Pellet,” Zhou Xuanji said before turning to the room.

After being reborn, Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation quickly restored itself, but if he diligently cultivated, he could quicken this process.

In the following period of time, Zhou Xuanji continued to grow. His height quickly grew, and even Shangguan Jiusu, who interacted with him every day, could notice changes.

He felt that Zhou Xuanji would grow quite a bit taller every day.

Half a year later, Zhou Xuanji looked like he was six or seven years old.

By now, the Donghan Empire had been slaughtered by the heavenly law army. Blood formed rivers, shocking the Northern Wilderness.

Facing Spirit Sovereign Yan’s ruthlessness, the human race had no answer.

Zhou Xuanji could only endure and wait.

Another year passed, and Zhou Xuanji was 76 years old, but he looked 12.

In Shangguan Jiusu’s eyes, he was a monster.

The Great Shang Empire had also been destroyed, and of the seven Empires, only five remained.

The third year after being reborn, Zhou Xuanji became an adult.

Shangguan Jiusu’s Inner Pellet had already been healed by the Holy Light Redemption Sword, and he had practiced the Vibrant Raindrops Sword to Great Accomplishment.

Late at night, Zhou Xuanji came to the courtyard. Not too far away, Shangguan Jiusu was cultivating on his grass mat.

Zhou Xuanji deeply breathed in, looked up at the night sky, and sent magic energy into his right arm.

He had recovered his full cultivation, and his body was also just as tough as it was before.

In fact, he felt that he was even stronger than before, but he felt that it was enough.

Tonight, he would become a Great Emperor!


Thunder rumbled and black clouds gathered, causing Shangguan Jiusu to open his eyes in surprise.

He looked at Zhou Xuanji in confusion and asked, “What are you doing?”

He did not know why, but he felt that Zhou Xuanji’s figure was somewhat familiar.

Ever since Zhou Xuanji had looked 12 or so, he had started to wear a mask, so Shangguan Jiusu could not figure out his true identity.

He did not pay any attention to Shangguan Jiusu, and he looked at the thunderclouds as he muttered, “After tonight, the world will revere me as Emperor. Spirit Sovereign Yan, you will die a horrible death.”

His words caused Shangguan Jiusu’s eyes to widen.

Spirit Sovereign Yan! The evil god of the Upper Realm, the mortal realm’s greatest enemy.

He wanted to kill Spirit Sovereign Yan?

Shangguan Jiusu rubbed his eyes and looked over closely, and he suddenly found that Zhou Xuanji’s figure indeed seemed incredibly familiar.

“Just who is he?” Shangguan Jiusu wondered, looking incredibly curious. At that moment, the thunderclouds suddenly separated and a pair of brilliant eyes appeared, even bigger than the moon.