I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 389 - Chapter 389 – Resolved To The Death

Chapter 389 - Chapter 389 – Resolved To The Death


“Who would have thought that the Heavenly Law Stone could be used in such a way. It’s a pity, no one in the mortal realm can win,” Liu Wuji’s voice then sounded out, his voice filled with frustration.

If Zhou Xuanji died, they would not be able to survive either.

However, to them, death was not very scary. After all, in their current states, they were worse off than being dead.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they all had their own obsessions, how could they become sword souls of the Ancient God Soul?

Zhou Xuanji continuously switched between World Reincarnation and World Overlord, and his hands and the dozens of legendary swords did not stop for even a moment.

If he stopped for even one-tenth of a second, the cost would be death.

Wargod Siling descended from the sky and smashed down his leg towards Zhou Xuanji. The Thunderclap Sword blocked his kick, but it was forced downwards and slammed onto Zhou Xuanji’s shoulder.

The great power caused Zhou Xuanji’s legs to bend, and he almost fell down.

His body blurred and turned into a silver sword that shot towards Wargod Siling.

Seeing this scene, everyone in the world was sent into an uproar.

The Sword Emperor’s sword transformation!

The sword cultivators were incredibly excited; they all knew of a famous line that Zhou Xuanji had said: the person was the sword and the sword was the person.

Before, they had thought that he meant for one’s heart to be connected to the sword.

They had never thought that people could also turn into swords!

“Do your best, Sword Emperor!”

“Kill them all!”

“Where is that? Let’s go and support the Sword Emperor!”

“The human race will never be slaves; we can’t let the Sword Emperor fight by himself!”

“The Sword Emperor is mighty!”

The entire human race started to shout and cheer for Zhou Xuanji, even if he could not hear them.

Skyfall was also in great chaos; all of the disciples wanted to go and support Zhou Xuanji, but they were stopped by Daoya Old Man and the others.

With their strength, even if they went, it would be no use.

At the summit, Daoya Old Man suddenly stepped forwards and turned to everyone as he said, “All of you look after Emperor Sword Court; don’t let the disciples leave. I’m going to a place with no one else around to support Xuanji’s Fate.”

No one doubted him or stopped him.

Elsewhere, Zhou Xuanji, who had turned into a silver sword, wanted to chase after Spirit Sovereign Yan, but because of the obstruction from the Heavenly Law Puppets, he was unable to get near Spirit Sovereign Yan.

Even if he tried to attack from a distance, the sword qi would be blocked by the Heavenly Law Puppets.

“Despicable, is it really impossible…”

Zhou Xuanji turned back into his human form and gnashed his teeth.

He could not die. He still had too many attachments; how could he die here?

“This is what overwhelming power looks like.”

“How can human fate defy heavenly will?”

“Interesting methods. Ai, This Sovereign is really going to fall.”

“I wanted to revive, but it’s a pity. Boy, don’t worry, we’ll die together with you.”

“Being killed by an ant, I can’t accept it.”

The remnant souls chattered in Zhou Xuanji’s ears, as if all of them were saying their last words, causing Zhou Xuanji’s heart to sink.

“You still have hope!” A roar sounded out, causing Zhou Xuanji to come back to his senses.

The one who spoke was Emperor Hanlan.

“Don’t think about killing that bug called Spirit Sovereign Yan. Hurry up and kill another nine Great Emperor Candidates and be reborn using the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique. When you’re reborn, you can directly become a Great Emperor and return in glory,” Emperor Hanlan said in a low voice, his voice filled with domineeringness.

His words caused the other remnant souls to feel quite surprised, and they all asked what the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique was.

Zhou Xuanji was also quite shocked; how did Emperor Hanlan know that he had cultivated the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique?

He did not think too much and found a target before madly attacking.

When his target was a Heavenly Law Puppet, things were much easier.

Wargod Siling, Wanghou, the Nine Emperors of the Way of the Sword, and Liu Wuji were all very powerful. After all, they had all become Great Emperors before they had ascended. Zhou Xuanji could not deal with them, but the other Great Emperor Candidates were nothing to him.

Soon, he had killed five Great Emperor Candidates.

By now, he had the resolution to fight to the death. If he could kill an extra one, he would benefit by an extra one; if he could kill an extra two, he would benefit by an extra two!

Seeing that Zhou Xuanji had changed his target, Spirit Sovereign Yan shook his head and shouted, “It’s useless. From ancient times to now, just how many geniuses have there been? How can you finish killing them?”


Another Heavenly Law Puppet descended with a powerful aura; it surpassed Fifth Tribulation Scattered Immortals.

Zhou Xuanji continued to focus on fighting.

The sixth!

The seventh!

The eighth!

Adding on those from the start, he had already killed nine Great Emperor Candidates.

His ferocious battling consumed great amounts of strength and magic energy, and the amount of magic energy that the Tianxia Map could provide started to decline.

Soon, he had killed his tenth Great Emperor Candidate.

He did not stop.

Since he was going to die, he would go all out and kill!

The more he could kill, the more powerful he would be after becoming a Great Emperor!

Baihao Yixin climbed up from the rubble and coughed a few times, his head and face covered with dirt.

He looked up and found that Zhou Xuanji was still battling, making him feel immensely respectful.

“This boy was born in the wrong era,” he sighed. If Zhou Xuanji had lived tens of thousands of years earlier, perhaps he would have already ascended to the Upper Realm and shaken it.

This was fate.

The more absurd an existence, the more unfortunate their fate was.

Devil Emperor Dugu suddenly appeared beside Spirit Sovereign Yan and said, “Can you truly not spare him?”

Spirit Sovereign Yan was inwardly surprised; what fast speed.

Hadn’t this fellow just been reborn?

He said in a low voice, “It’s not that I’m not giving him an opportunity; you saw it yourself!”

He had already allowed the world to spectate this battle; if he allowed Zhou Xuanji to live, wouldn’t he be giving the human race hope?

Zhou Xuanji had to die!

Devil Emperor Dugu’s expression became dark as he tightly frowned.

Spirit Sovereign Yan could not help but become wary.

By now, Zhou Xuanji began to show signs of weariness. As the Nine Emperors of the Way of the Sword attacked, in just a moment, tens of gashes appeared on his body, and the Tri-Sun Flame Qi Robe became tattered.

“As expected from the Nine Emperors of the Way of the Sword; they’re truly powerful,” Zhou Xuanji inwardly marveled. He understood that he was already completely spent.

However, he did not stop.

He continued to kill.

By the time he had killed his eighteenth Great Emperor Candidate, he finally could not hold up anymore. Wargod Siling punched through his abdomen, causing blood to splash through the air.

He threw his head back and furiously bellowed as all of his swords disappeared. Following this, a black blur shot out from within his body, shooting up into the clouds before disappearing.

Spirit Sovereign Yan frowned but did not say anything, and Devil Emperor Dugu was the same.

They had not sensed the aura of an Astral Spirit, so they did not think too much.

Zhou Xuanji’s lifeforce had not completely disappeared yet.

He turned and looked at Spirit Sovereign Yan, and his gaze was cold as he said, “Heavenly law and reincarnation… those who do evil… will definitely cause their own deaths…”

After speaking, his life ended.

The world fell silent.

Jiang Xue directly fainted, and Zhou Xiaoxuan hugged her as she loudly wailed.

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, Huang Lianxin, Han Shenbo, Chongming Demon Monarch, Lin Changge, and the others’ eyes all became red.

They were filled with anger and sorrow, and almost lost their reason.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji’s death, the demon race did not feel happy.

If even Zhou Xuanji could not stop Spirit Sovereign Yan, even if the demon race could become the new leading role of the world, they would just be puppets.

They would still become the slaves of Spirit Sovereign Yan.

“Ai.” Baihao Yixin felt immense stuffiness within his heart. His countless thoughts and words could only be expressed as a sigh.

Wargod Siling held Zhou Xuanji’s corpse and brought it over to Spirit Sovereign Yan.

Spirit Sovereign Yan examined it and only became at ease after he confirmed that Zhou Xuanji had died.

However, what was strange was that Zhou Xuanji’s soul had already dissipated and only left behind a trace of a remnant soul, which did not contain any memories.