I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 386 - Chapter 386 Powerless to Reverse the Situation, Why Don’t We Work Together

Chapter 386 - Chapter 386 Powerless to Reverse the Situation, Why Don’t We Work Together


Zhou Xuanji rushed toward Juedi Cliff. The closer he was to his destination, the more uneasy he felt.

He mastered World Overlord and could sense the world.

The crisis of the world was becoming more and more intense.

With his speed, he could reach Juedi Cliff in half a day.

He could have used the world’s power to reach there in an instant, but it had too great a cost and could set him up for great danger.

“Today, I will use heaven’s power to revive all the powerful cultivators in all history and create a new era in the Northern Wilderness Region. The Fate of the human race is completed. If you want to live, you can become slaves. The new world leader is going to be born, and each race can compete for it. If you can find me and prove your power, you will all have an opportunity to become the new world leader.”

Spirit Sovereign Yan’s voice reverberated across the Northern Wilderness Region and even overseas.

Zhou Xuanji frowned. Such a devious scheme!

This was to lure the races overseas to swarm into the Northern Wilderness Region.

Such an evil intention!

Zhou Xuanji sped up again.

But Spirit Sovereign Yan was not done speaking yet.

“I have awakened Wanghou, followed by Emperor Xia, Liu Wuji, Hegemon Sword Emperor, Wang Xiaofei, Shi Shenzong, Great Emperor Wuwang, Buddha Ghost Emperor, and other powerful cultivators who were qualified to become Great Emperors in all of history. I shall awaken them with heaven’s power, and they shall fight for me. Great Emperor Heartless tried to stop me but was suppressed. I advise all living in the word, you cannot rebel against the will of the divine. The only thing you can do is to walk along with it.”

These words shocked the world.

All Great Emperor Candidates will be awakened?

How could it be!

The world’s first reaction was disbelief. But when they remembered that the deities could do whatever they wanted, they were terrified.

Even Great Emperor Heartless, who was invincible in the world 90,000 years ago, could not defeat him, so who in this world could?

Liu Wuji, who wreaked havoc in the Northern Wilderness Region previously, was going to be revived again.

Could the Sword Emperor fight off so many powerful cultivators alone?

Instantly, chaos ensued everywhere. The world-threatening crisis drove people insane.

Zhou Xuanji was shocked in his heart. He did not expect Spirit Sovereign Yan to have already created Wanghou’s Heavenly Law Puppet.

No one could confirm how powerful Wanghou was.

But in terms of his reign over a generation, Wanghou was surely ranked in the top ten in all history.

Even Daoya Old Man showed reverence to Wanghou. He claimed that Wanghou was the most domineering ancestor in the human race. He was merely born into a different time because if he was not born in the same era as Emperor Xia, he would have a similar status as the Emperor.

Of course, it was meaningless to dwell too much into the past.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Ancient God Sword and summoned the nine souls as he continued ahead.

He told them about Spirit Sovereign Yan.

Emperor Zhao cursed, “This brat is trying to play with fire!”

All the powerful cultivators had their own pride. How enraged would those powerful cultivators who were still alive be when they learned about the Heavenly Law Puppets?

The higher the cultivator, the more they cared about their face.

“Heavenly Hall? Such a faction produced many sly people indeed.”

“Fortunately, it was merely the Northern Wilderness Region. Tsk tsk.”

“What do you mean by ‘fortunate’? Wanghou, Emperor Xia, Liu Wuj, Great Emperor Wuwang, and Buddha Ghost Emperor. If these 5 were to work together, who can stop them?”

“Not only them, but there might also be even more ancient humans.”

“Devil Emperor Dugu is also helping the Heavenly Hall’s brat. This is really bad.”

The souls began discussing. They were not all from the Northern Wilderness Region, but they understood how threatening this crisis was.

Countless years had passed, and the Northern Wilderness Region had produced too many legendary characters.

If these people were to form an army, it would be enough to trample over all the mortal world.

Sovereign Xuan, who had been silent, said, “The Heavenly Law Stone has a limit. Borrowing the power of the Heavenly Law requires great cost. You might still be in time.”

Emperor Hanlan said next, “You are a Great Emperor Candidate. This can be a serendipity for you. But the trouble is bigger than the opportunity.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and continued to inquire about which powerful cultivator he should take note.

At Juedi Cliff.

Baihao Yixin was nailed to a rock stele. All his limbs were penetrated by nails, while his neck and waist were constricted with metal chains that immobilized him.

Blood could still be seen at the corner of his mouth. Looking at the 15 shadows in front of him, he had an extremely bitter expression.

“Hey, brat Dugu,” he turned and looked at Devil Emperor Dugu, who was cultivating, and said, “Are you really going to assist such an insignificant guy?”

In the Upper Realm, Spirit Sovereign Yan was considered insignificant indeed.

Having heard that, Spirit Sovereign Yan ignored Baihao Yixin automatically.

Devil Emperor Dugu opened his eyes, looked at Baihao Yixin, and replied, “Things are accomplished with hard work. Don’t underestimate any insignificant people. Great Emperor Heartless, since you descended into the mortal world, how many times have you been forced to explode by people you deemed insignificant?”

Baihao Yixin heard him, and his expression looked as though he had eaten a fly.

He wanted to rebut but did not know what to say.


Another lightning struck down and transformed into another Heavenly Law Puppet.

Baihao Yixin glanced over and was greatly shocked.

Liu Wuji!

The Heavenly Law Puppet had the power of the original person before he ascended. This meant that this Liu Wuji was far superior to just Liu Wuji’s body.

This was because he had all the divine ability and battle experience of Liu Wuji before his ascension.

Seeing that Liu Wuji had come, Spirit Sovereign Yan smiled.

Devil Emperor Dugu glanced at Liu Wuji and was in deep thought.

They did not notice that Wanghou tilted his head a little as though he was looking at Liu Wuji.

All the Heavenly Law Puppets stood motionlessly. Even though they were emanating a powerful aura, they were still like dummies.

“Oi, brat. You are confident that these Heavenly Law Puppets will submit to you?”

Baihao Yixin asked Spirit Sovereign Yan suddenly. Spirit Sovereign Yan had already told him about the Heavenly Law Stone’s existence to loop him in.

Although Great Emperor Heartless looked miserable now, Spirit Sovereign Yan knew how powerful he was in the Upper Realm.

“That’s for sure. With the Heavenly Law Stone in my hands, they must listen to me.”

Spirit Sovereign Yan said arrogantly. Having heard that, Baihao Yixin squinted his eyes.

At this moment, Spirit Sovereign Yan smiled proudly and said, “Are you praying for a way?”

He suddenly put the Heavenly Law Stone into his mouth, and next, he was beaming with a rainbow-colored radiance. He became the Heavenly Law Stone.

Baihao Yixin almost cursed out aloud.

So sly!

Devil Emperor Dugu felt speechless too.


An air-piercing sound came. The three turned to look and saw Zhou Xuanji coming on his sword with a great impetus.

Baihao Yixin saw him and was surprised immediately.

“Brat Zhou, come and save This Emperor quickly. I owe you a favor!” He cried out.

Spirit Sovereign Yan said mockingly, “You are Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji?”

Sixteen Heavenly Law Puppets turned to look at Zhou Xuanji. Each one’s aura exploded and shook the clouds and mountains in a radius of a hundred miles.

Zhou Xuanji stopped a hundred meters away from them.

He quickly recognized Liu Wuji’s Heavenly Law Puppet.

He was overwhelmingly powerful!

Although he had mastered World Overlord, he sensed danger.

Devil Emperor Dugu looked up at him and said, “Zhou Xuanji, give up. No matter how powerful you are, you cannot reverse this. Why don’t we work together instead?”

Spirit Sovereign Yan did not speak. He was envious of Zhou Xuanji’s talent and righteousness.

Such a genius must be eliminated.

However, he had to give Devil Emperor Dugu some face.

“If I give up, will you spare the humans in the Northern Wilderness Region?”

Zhou Xuanji asked calmly. He was curious why Spirit Sovereign Yan must eliminate humanity if he wanted to rebel against the Heavenly Hall.