I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 385 - Chapter 385 Divine And Mighty Was No One But Wanghou

Chapter 385 - Chapter 385 Divine And Mighty Was No One But Wanghou


“How many Heavenly Law Puppets are there specifically?” Zhou Xuanji asked deeply. He cursed in his heart about the endless waves of crisis.

Can’t you just let me rest a while?

I’m only 74 years old!

How can I endure so much stress?

Daoseeker sighed in reply, “I can’t give you an answer. I suggest that you should hide overseas and ascend as soon as possible to expose this to the Upper Realm. Spirit Sovereign Yan’s action will draw great anger from all the powerful cultivators ascended from the Northern Wilderness Region. At that time, they will not leave us to die.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned tightly. If he found out that someone created a Heavenly Law Puppets of himself, he would feel frustrated too.

However, he was still far from ascending.

Moreover, after he ascended, he might die in the Heavenly Hall’s hands even before he met those powerful cultivators.

When the Northern Wilderness Region’s cultivators ascended, the first to welcome them was the Heavenly Hall.

If the Northern Wilderness Region was a kingdom, then the Heavenly Hall was the empire controlling them.

“Spirit Sovereign Yan must be in Juedi Cliff now. You better take a detour on your way back. I will head overseas to seek hope for humanity’s survival,” Daoseeker said seriously with a pale face.

“Remember, don’t confront Spirit Sovereign Yan. You are powerful, indeed, but he has many powerful cultivators who reigned over their own generations. Don’t send yourself to death.”

After those final words, Daoseeker left urgently.

Zhou Xuanji stayed back in contemplation and remembered the historical records.

Emperor Xia led the human race to become the world’s overlord.

The most powerful human was Liu Wuji.

He was the nobility who could shake the mountains and rivers over ten thousand miles with a punch and almost wiped out the entire demon race.

The Unparalleled Demon Emperor, Great Emperor Wuwang, who once enslaved the entire human race.

Hold on!

Too many legendary characters. Just thinking about them gave him a headache.

He shook his head and returned to Emperor Sword Court. He gathered all his trusted companions to the forefront and told them about this softly.

“What? Seriously?”

Beixiao Wangjian’s eyes were wide-open as he cried out in surprise, as though he had seen a ghost.

The next second, he quickly covered his mouth. He did not want the disciples to hear this.

Daoya Old Man’s face was pale like ash.

“Oh no… It’s really the end…” He mumbled.

The others were frightened too.

Zhou Xuanji was powerful indeed. But to those Heavenly Law Puppets, he was merely a junior.

Humans always had a kind of reverence for their ancestors, especially those that had great legends about them.

Moreover, they were not going to face just one ancestor but all their ancestors.

Even someone as proud as Xian Xianghua remained silent.

“Should we tell the world about this and gather everyone’s power to deal with this?”

Huang Lianxin asked hesitantly. Such a crisis should not be on Emperor Sword Court’s shoulders alone, much less Zhou Xuanji’s.

They had no hope to win.

Jiang Xue shook her head and said, “Both humans and demons suffered a great loss. The Eighth Tribulation Scattered Immortal Heavenly Guards were enough to destroy the whole world, much less Spirit Sovereign Yan and his Heavenly Law Puppets.”

Without exaggeration, Zhou Xuanji’s power far exceeded anyone in the world. If not for him, the humans in the Northern Wilderness Region would have already been destroyed.

Zhou Xiaoxuan held tightly to Zhou Xuanji’s arms and said, “Father, don’t be reckless.”

She was no longer a child and could understand the seriousness of this matter.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and did not speak much.

He was determined not to back off from this fight.

Not only for himself to become a Great Emperor, but also to protect those around him.

The longer he dragged, the more Heavenly Law Puppets there would be.

“Why don’t I ascend now and spread this news to the Upper Realm?”

Xian Xianghua muttered. It was rare for her to ask for reinforcements, but this was different from the past. The enemy was unprecedentedly powerful. Just as Daoseeker had said, there would be no hope of winning other than this method.

“No, the Heavenly Hall wants you dead too. Aren’t you sending yourself into their hands?”

Zhou Xuanji rejected her immediately, before looking at everyone.

He said intently, “Everyone, more crises are coming to the Northern Wilderness Region. You don’t have much time left, so do your best to cultivate. Go back to Skyfall and focus on your cultivation, while I will head over to Juedi Cliff. If I can’t defeat them, I will retreat. I’m powerful enough that no one can stop me if I run.”

“Or, maybe Spirit Sovereign Yan has yet to create too many Heavenly Law Puppets. We still have a chance.”

The group heard him, and everyone was silent. They wanted to stop him, but no one was in the position to do so.

Zhou Xiaoxuan grew anxious. She wanted to say something, but Zhou Xuanji covered her mouth.

“Take care of this girl,” he looked at Jiang Xue and said with a smile, “Don’t let her run away again. I don’t want to think about rescuing her when I’m fighting the enemy.”

Zhou Xiaoxuan stopped struggling as her ears turned red out of embarrassment.

Jiang Xue nodded and smiled in reply, “I believe in you.”

She believed that Zhou Xuanji would do more than just come back alive.

Zhou Xuanji immediately left in a stream of sword light.

Lin Changge clenched his fists and cursed, “It’s my fault. Because I’m too weak, my master always has to fight alone.”

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Ning Zifeng, Han Shenbo, Chongming Demon Monarch, and the others looked sad.

The little black snake laid on Ah Big’s head and said as he spat his forked-tongue, “Seems like I should start putting in some hard work too.”

Daoya Old Man sighed but did not speak a word.

He looked with determination at the direction of Zhou Xuanji’s departure.

At Juedi Cliff.

Devil Emperor Dugu sat by the cliffside and was cultivating.

Spirit Sovereign Yan stood on a large boulder nearby. He raised a piece of stone with a rainbow radiance, and thunderclouds gathered and veiled over the land.

Five shadows surrounded the large boulder with different stature, and each was emanating a horrifying aura.


A bolt of heavenly lightning struck down, which turned into a shadow that landed beside the large boulder and stood silently.

These were all Heavenly Law Puppets.

Spirit Sovereign Yan looked at the Heavenly Law Puppets that were just created and praised them, saying, “Finally, a Great Emperor. Wanghou, I did not expect for you to serve me today.”


Devil Emperor Dugu could not help but turn to see. He looked a little surprised.

Wanghou’s shadow was greatly domineering. Although it was silent and motionless, there was still an aura of arrogance and invincibility from him.

“Endless wind and waves from the ancient flow, divine and mighty was no one but Wanghou.”

Devil Emperor Dugu mumbled to himself as he looked at Wanghou with a burning passion. He always wanted to spar with a Great Emperor, such as Wanghou.

But it was a pity that Wanghou remained the star even after he ascended, and Devil Emperor Dugu fell even before he could be qualified to fight him.

Spirit Sovereign Yan laughed heartily.

At this moment, an air-piercing sound came.

Baihao Yixin, who wore silver armor, charged over with his long spear.

“Spirit Sovereign Yan!” he cried out coldly with a grave and stern face, “This Emperor finally found you! Today, only one of us remains alive!”

After witnessing the power of Zhou Xuanji, he felt that Spirit Sovereign Yan was surely weaker than Zhou Xuanji.

He must wipe away his own shame before Zhou Xuanji did it.

Spirit Sovereign Yan glanced at him and smiled disdainfully.

Another lightning struck and turned into a Heavenly Law Puppet.

Baihao Yixin stopped at the same time as he looked at the 7 Heavenly Law Puppets, frowning.

Soon, his sight was locked on to Wanghou, and his expression changed drastically.

Even when Wanghou was merely a shadow, he could never forget him.

When Wanghou ascended, he was just beginning to grow in reputation. At that time, everyone in the world respected Wanghou’s domineeringness.

And he was one of them.

He instantly thought about many things and had a bad feeling. Without a second word, he raised his arms and cried out furiously, “Die!”

Spirit Sovereign Yan’s expression changed. This move again?