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Chapter 384 - Chapter 384 Heavenly Law Puppet. The Greatest Crisis In All History.

Chapter 384 - Chapter 384 Heavenly Law Puppet. The Greatest Crisis In All History.


“Fury? Why should I be furious?”

Devil Emperor Dugu glanced at Spirit Sovereign Yan and asked indifferently.

Seeing his attitude, Spirit Sovereign Yan was not angry either.

“You want revenge, but you still need a long time to recover your cultivation. However, I have a way.”

Spirit Sovereign Yan chuckled. Devil Emperor Dugu came up to him swiftly, leaving a trail of the residual image behind.

They were less than half a meter away, but Spirit Sovereign Yan showed no fear for Devil Emperor Dugu at all.

Devil Emperor Dugu was not that powerful now.

“Speak,” Devil Emperor Dugu stared into his eyes and said faintly.

With excitement on his face, Spirit Sovereign Yan said, “I have received a piece of Heavenly Law Stone that can use the Heavenly Law to create an invincible army!”

Heavenly Law Stone!

Devil Emperor Dugu asked with squinted eyes, “What is the Heavenly Law Stone? Is it related to the World Stone?”

Spirit Sovereign Yan replied, “The two work together harmoniously. One contains the power of the Heavenly Law, while the other contains the power of the heavens and the earth. Each is a wondrous stone since the creation of the world.”

After that, he revealed his plan.

Devil Emperor Dugu frowned deeply after he heard the plan.

“You are playing with fire,” he said, staring at Spirit Sovereign Yan.

Spirit Sovereign Yan understood what he meant but replied without care, “What are you afraid of? Those powerhouses are either dead or trapped in their cultivation and can not descend to the mortal world. As long as we reign over the Northern Wilderness Region for ourselves, we can escape from the Heavenly Hall’s control. This time, we can continue to grow on our own. We might even develop the Northern Wilderness Region into a great world.”

“At that time, you and I will be the lords of all things, and even the True God cannot stand up against us easily.”

He got more excited as he spoke. Even his body began to tremble.

Devil Emperor Dugu was still frowning.

Spirit Sovereign Yan changed his tone and said, “I’m still searching for my son. He was the disciple of Grandmaster Aoshi, but he was exiled into the mortal world. If you can help me find him, I will ask him to become your disciple.”

He was trying to loop Devil Emperor Dugu in.

“Oh?” Devil Emperor Dugu said astonishedly, “Grandmaster Aoshi?”

Mentioning Ji Xian, Spirit Sovereign Yan had a sense of pride on his face.

He began telling the life story of Ji Xian.

Sun Hill.

Zhou Xuanji and the others stood before Fate Emperor River and began thinking about dealing with it.

Founding Emperor Chi Wei was covered with bandages. Even a Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal could not regrow his limbs because he did not know such spells or divine abilities.

He was not like Daoya Old Man, who had mastered all kinds of life-saving divine abilities and spells despite being weak in battle.

“Let’s bury it here. Bringing Fate Emperor River to Skyfall will draw much more trouble. Moreover, Fate Emperor River will not dissipate unless the Northern Wilderness Region is destroyed,” Xian Xianghua said. Fate Emperor River could testify a Great Emperor. Although it sounded powerful, it was useless for most people.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “Then let’s fill this pit up and let Fate Emperor River return underground.”

He no longer needed Fate Emperor River.

He already had the mark of Heavenly Law in his soul. As long as he defeated ten Great Emperor Candidates, he could become a Great Emperor.

The others had no objections. For them, becoming a Great Emperor was too far for them to even think about.

The group flew out of the pit and began filling it up with their spells.

Xiao Jinghong flew to Zhou Xuanji’s side and asked softly, “Revered Teacher, Jiang Wudi sustained severe injuries and was dying. Shall we save him? Not only him, but Canghai Ziggurat Lord Li Yinyu, Mountain Abyss Ziggurat Lord Zeng Junlou, and the other leaders of the Sanctums are also still alive.”

Zhou Xuanji replied calmly, “Save them, of course.”

He no longer treated the Eight Sanctums and Seven Empires as rivals.

These factions held the power of the human race, so they must be preserved.

Xiao Jinghong left immediately and passed down the orders.

At the same time, news about the Battle in Sun Hill spread out.

Millions were injured or dead. The Eight Sanctums and Seven Empires lost greatly. The prowess of an Eighth Tribulation Scattered Immortal awed everyone.

When the world heard about how Zhou Xuanji came out from Fate Emperor River and saved Xian Xianghua powerfully by eliminating the Eighth Tribulation Scattered Immortal, everyone’s blood boiled.

This was like the heroic stories in dramas. The plot twists were flavorful and exciting.

Zhou Xuanji had fortified his position as the top cultivator in the world again. At the same time, the world hated Xian Xianghua less.

At least, Xian Xianghua was fighting for the Northern Wilderness Region too.

Within a few days, the world turned their eyes against Yang Di.

Why did the former top cultivator and the current Emperor of the Hunyuan Empire not participate in the battle?

Instantly, the world was in great commotion.

“The Sword Emperor proved himself again!”

“Those who went to stop the Sword Emperor from becoming a Great Emperor deserve death!”

“Zhou Xuanji is too powerful. He’s going to surpass all the predecessors!”

“I didn’t expect the Sword’s Way to be this powerful.”

“When is Spirit Sovereign Yan going to die?”

“Yang Di isn’t fit to be mentioned alongside Zhou Xuanji!”

Half a month later, Zhou Xuanji returned to Skyfall with all his disciples. He escorted Founding Emperor Chi Wei back, but he could not care for the other factions. It was good enough for him to help with their recovery. If he were to send each of them back to their place, it would be too troublesome.

Hundreds of thousands of disciples traveled as they practiced their sword techniques. The scene was extremely impressive.

They were greatly motivated by Zhou Xuanji and trained their sword techniques hard even without Zhou Xuanji’s instructions.

They wanted to become as powerful as their Grand-Teacher, using their swords to eliminate the enemies from the Upper Realm.

This day, while Zhou Xuanji was teaching his daughter, Daoseeker’s voice came to his ears.

“I have important matters to discuss with you.”

Zhou Xuanji heard him and disappeared on the spot after giving some instructions to his daughter.

The others did not feel strange but continued ahead.

Dozens of Miles away.

Zhou Xuanji stood on a cliff with Daoseeker. Beneath them, mountains chained together and were veiled by mists. It looked mysterious and scenic like the celestial realm.

“Something bad happened. Spirit Sovereign Yan revived Devil Emperor Dugu,” Daoseeker said deeply. He felt pressured when he mentioned Devil Emperor Dugu.

He had lived for so long. Although he did not witness the power of Liu Wuji, he had witnessed the unrivaled state of Devil Emperor Dugu and could never forget it.

Zhou Xuanji was not anxious. He knew about Devil Emperor Dugu since a long time ago.

If not for Devil Emperor Dugu’s help, he could not have obtained the Tianxia Map.

He had some good feelings towards Devil Emperor Dugu. Of course, if the Devil Emperor were to take him as an enemy, he would fight him without hesitation.

Moreover, Devil Emperor Dugu could be a help for him.

This guy was not a Great Emperor Candidate.

He was a true Great Emperor.

“Other than this, Spirit Sovereign Yan obtained a Heavenly Law Stone. He’s preparing to create an army of all the powerhouses puppets in the Northern Wilderness Region with the power of Heavenly Law. ”

“This is the most horrifying crisis in all of history. There is no chance of defeating them,” Daoseeker continued to say. His face grew bitter, and fear could be seen in his eyes.

All powerhouses in all history of the Northern Wilderness Region!

Not only the humans but also powerhouses from other races.

If Liu Wuji, Emperor Xia, Devil Emperor Dugu, Great Emperor Heartless, Nine Emperors of the Sword’s Way, and so on were to work together, who could stop them?

His scalp went numb just by the thought of it.

“What are Heavenly Law Puppets?” Zhou Xuanji asked with a frown.

Daoseeker explained. Each generation of powerful cultivators in the Northern Wilderness Region worked hard to become a Great Emperor. So they all had the mark of Heavenly Dao. Spirit Sovereign Yan’s creation of the Heavenly Law Puppets could be seen as cloning. Each of them would have their original selves’ cultivation and power before they left the Northern Wilderness Region.

Then Zhou Xuanji finally understood.

His expression turned peculiar.

He was still worrying that there were no Great Emperor Candidates to defeat.

However, the number of Great Emperor Candidate and Great Emperors exceeded what he needed.