I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 383 - Chapter 383 The Devil Emperor Was Reborn

Chapter 383 - Chapter 383 The Devil Emperor Was Reborn


“You… how can it be…”

Yang Lu stared at Zhou Xuanji furiously. A sense of great fear could be seen hiding in his eyes.

He sensed Zhou Xuanji’s sword Qi, but it was too fast.

It was so fast that he could neither dodge nor deflect it.

He was at least two stages of cultivation higher than Zhou Xuanji.

How did this happen?

He could not understand.

He wanted to regain control of his body but realized that he could not. He could not even eject his astral soul because his soul was inside his body. Only part of his consciousness was in his head.

“What are you doing?”

He cried out fearfully. He finally sensed the imminence of death.

Zhou Xuanji pressed down on his shoulder and laughed coldly, “I want to kill you. You can beg for mercy. Depending on your performance, I will decide whether to kill you or not.”

These were Yang Lu’s words, and Zhou Xuanji returned them to him now to humiliate him.

The Heavenly Guards who were watching afar were covered in cold sweat.

They did not dare to attack because they could not see how Zhou Xuanji had done it. They could only feel chills down their spine.

Yang Lu was greatly enraged, but he could clearly sense that his life was trickling off.

“I’m sorry… please spare my life…” He said with gritted teeth. After he spoke, he suddenly felt giddy.

He had never been humiliated like this before.

Once this spread to the Upper Realm, how could he continue living?


Zhou Xuanji did not stop but continued to absorb Yang Lu’s magic energy. An Eighth Tribulation Scattered Immortal was powerful enough to further advance his cultivation.

Yang Lu grew anxious and could no longer care about his own dignity and face.

“I beg you, leave me alive!”

“I’m begging you. Just treat me like a dog, don’t kill me…”

“I’m willing to become your slave, please let me go…”

“Ahh! What can I do to get your forgiveness?”

Yang Lu’s face was filled with fear and despair as he shrieked as loudly as he could.

Seeing his miserable state, no one had any sympathy. They felt very pleasant.

Those cultivators who were now dead had also begged for mercy before, but did Yang Lu let them go?

This guy deserved death!

A more painful death!

Soon, Zhou Xuanji sucked Yang Lu’s magic energy dry and shattered his soul.

An Eighth Tribulation Scattered Immortal was killed without even retaliation.

He turned to look at the other 29 Heavenly Guards.

Those Heavenly Guards were struck with fear. They really wanted to flee but did not know how to account for this after they got back.

Spirit Sovereign Yan was much more ruthless than Yang Lu and showed no mercy to his subordinates.

Zhou Xuanji took away Yang Lu’s storage rings before he ambled toward the Heavenly Guards.

“My father is mighty!”

Zhou Xiaoxuan cried out excitingly. When she felt despair and anger for Xian Xianghua, her father appeared again and destroyed his enemies with absolute power. At this moment, her eyes were sparkling like stars.

Jiang Xue was moved too, but she did not cry out like Zhou Xiaoxuan.

In her heart, Zhou Xuanji could always turn bad things around.

Hundreds of thousands of Emperor Sword Court’s disciples began reciting the pledge of Emperor Sword Court.

“Help the world with the sword. Save all lives in the world with the sword!”

Their eyes were filled with tears, and their blood vessels expanded.

How many times had Zhou Xuanji saved the Northern Wilderness Region?

Their Grand-Teacher was invincible. He was their unfailing faith.

Zhou Xuanji pointed his sword toward the 29 Heavenly Guards and asked, “Where is Spirit Sovereign Yan?”

After mastering World Overlord, he had gained control over the power of the heavens and the earth.

He would no longer face any obstructions fighting in the Northern Wilderness Region.

The slash just now was not blocked by any space, nor was it obstructed by spirit Qi. It landed right on Yang Lu and was too fast for words to describe.

Next, his target was Spirit Sovereign Yan.

What’s worth mentioning was that although Yang Lu was powerful, he was not a Great Emperor Candidate.

Great Emperor Candidates were not determined by power but the acknowledgment of the Heavenly Law.

Zhou Xuanji had received Heavenly Law’s instruction and knew the path to becoming a Great Emperor. But he could still not understand the special significance of a Heavenly Law Great Emperor.

“We don’t know…” A Heavenly Guard replied carefully. With so many Heavenly Guard around, if Zhou Xuanji wanted to kill them, they had the confidence to escape. After all, no matter how powerful Zhou Xuanji was, he could not kill all of them simultaneously.

All humans liked to think they were the fortunate ones. The other sentient beings were so too, including people from the Upper Realm.

Zhou Xuanji smiled, and a murderous aura came from his eyes.

The expressions of the Heavenly Guarsd changed drastically. Each using their own divine abilities and escaped toward different directions.

Zhou Xuanji did not pursue them. As long as they were in the Northern Wilderness Region, they could not escape.

He could use the power of the world to track their location.

He came quickly to Xian Xianghua’s back with the Holy Light Redemption Sword and cut her shoulder lightly with it to help her heal.

This scene scared many people, but soon they realized that Zhou Xuanji did not kill Xian Xianghua. Her body was covered, which was very interesting.

“Hear my orders, disciples of Emperor Sword Court, clean up the battlefield. Check if there are casualties and bury the dead.”

Zhou Xuanji instructed loudly as he healed Xian Xianghua.

All the disciples obeyed his orders immediately. Jiang Xue and the others flew toward Zhou Xuanji instead. They had too much to ask him.

Far away.

Baihao Yixin and Feng Gule stood in the forest. Both were in silence.

Feng Gule’s forehead was covered with beads of cold sweat. His bloodshot eyes stared wide open.

He could not understand what just happened.

“Is he a Great Emperor now?” He asked carefully.

Other than becoming a Great Emperor, what else could explain Zhou Xuanji’s power?

That was an Eighth Tribulation Scattered Immortal!

The most powerful human could not reach that stage before he ascended.

Baihao Yixin had a complicated expression in his eyes and said faintly, “He’s not, but he can be seen as a Great Emperor Candidate. He should have gained insight into another powerful force.”

Facing such a Zhou Xuanji, he felt pressured.

How powerful would this brat become if he becamea Great Emperor?

At Juedi Cliff.

Spirit Sovereign Yan sat on a large boulder and stared fixedly in front. A ball of demonic Qi formed into a human shape at the side of the cliff.

His expression changed greatly as he frowned.

“Yang Lu is dead. That can’t be. Could it be because of Fate Emperor River?”

He mumbled to himself. He was a little confused but did not lose his composure.

He was much more powerful than Yang Lu, so much so that he could crush Yang Lu with one hand. Or else, why would such an arrogant person like Yang Lu submit to him?

At this moment, the demonic Qi dispersed, and a person landed by the cliffside.

It was Dugu.

He should be called Devil Emperor Dugu.

Devil Emperor Dugu had a tall stature with demonic Qi surrounding and veiling his body. His face was pale, and his white hair touched the ground. His bloodshot eyes had black pupils.

“It feels really good to be reborn,” he exclaimed as he stretched his neck.

His eyes were beaming with radiance.

50 thousand years ago, he reigned over the world unrivaled. He became a Great Emperor and ascended.

But he fell during a great war in the Upper Realm, and his soul hid within Juedi Cliff. After all these years, his ambitions were almost ground to nothing.

However, his ambition revived the moment he was revived.

A wave of who-else-but-me kind of mighty aura exploded from his body. The shockwaves caused the rock on the cliff to shake violently.

Spirit Sovereign Yan got up and clapped, laughing, “The mighty Devil Emperor is finally revived. It’s time to let the immortal and mortal realm taste your fury.”