I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 381 - Chapter 381 Great Emperor Candidates

Chapter 381 - Chapter 381 Great Emperor Candidates


“Mortal, do you want to become a Great Emperor?”

That majestic voice came again. Zhou Xuanji could not find where the voice came from, and he frowned.

This voice reminded him of Xuanyuan Zhou.

The tone was calm, but it was emanating a divine majesty. Even he had a sense of reverence for the speaker.

Compared to Xuanyuan Zhou, this voice was more like Tian.

Or, he might be Tian.

The question came a third time. “I want to!” Zhou Xuanji said in his heart.

He did not jump into Fate Emperor River to play around!


A great implosion resounded in Zhou Xuanji’s mind. Next, a massive wave of memories entered his mind.

His body trembled and caused Fate Emperor River to fluctuate violently.

The people outside did not notice the abnormality of Fate Emperor River. They thought that it was caused by Yang Lu’s attack.

At this moment, the top cultivators in the world surrounded Yang Lu.

Ten million cultivators surrounded 29 Heavenly Guards. They cast all sorts of spells from all directions at the Heavenly Guards. The undulating sounds of explosions resounded as the impact shook the earth and scattered the clouds.

The scale of the battle expanded across the heavens and the earth. It was magnificent.

The Heavenly Guards were extremely powerful. Dozens of people were killed every second as corpses rained down from the sky.

Blood flowed into the bottom of the pit like a river.

The Heavenly Guards guarding Founding Emperor Chi Wei left him, and he almost fell to his death.

He laid at the bottom of the pit as he tilted his head to look at Fate Emperor River.

He suddenly realized that something was off about Fate Emperor River.

The fluctuation remained, as though something was about to burst from Fate Emperor River.

“Could it be…”

His heart beat rapidly, and he looked with expectation.

At this moment.

Xian Xianghua appeared beside the Fate Emperor River. She stood proudly, and her violet skirt danced in the wind. Looking up at the invincible Yang Lu, she frowned.

Baihao Yixin and Feng Gule, on the other hand, came to the edge of the pit. They stood in the forest to observe the battle above.

Feng Gule swallowed his saliva. Millions of cultivators surrounded a few dozen people. It was his first time seeing such a scene.

“These sons of bitches are really quite impressive.”

Baihao Yixin hugged his arms and snorted coldly. His voice was filled with disdain.

Back then, he could kill however many Heavenly Guards stood against him.

He did not get into action immediately because he was waiting for Spirit Sovereign Yan.

Yang Lu swung his twin axes. A wave of fiery flame spread out in all directions and immediately burned six Great Realization cultivators to death.

His flame was no ordinary flame, which was beyond the resistance of mortal bodies.

With a shifting shadow, he came up to Jiang Wudi and hacked toward him.

Instantly, Jiang Wudi sensed a mortal danger. He tilted his body instinctively, but his right arm was still chopped off.

“Your reaction is quite fast. But it’s a pity you will still die!”

Yang Lu laughed mockingly. He turned around with a kick that penetrated Jiang Wudi’s chest. The impact sent Jiang Wudi flying off toward the horizon.

Too powerful!

The world’s third cultivation could not even retaliate against him!

The other top cultivators were aghast.

How could they defeat Yang Lu?

Looking at the battlefields around them, the other Heavenly Guards were like tigers amid sheep. They wreaked havoc and massacred them without fear.

If this continued, the human alliance would be defeated for sure.

And then, everyone will die!


Thunderclouds gathered out of a sudden. Yang Lu raised his right army as countless lightning bolts landed on his battle-axe like massive dragons intertwining and struggling. Everyone began to back off at the sight of this.

A horrifying pressurizing aura pervaded the heavens and the earth. Even those who were engaged in combat with him stopped.

The Heavenly Guards were all shocked and quickly drew their distance from Yang Lu.

Their behavior made the humans even more anxious.

Uneasiness, despair, and fear began spreading in the human alliance.

Under the lightning’s radiance, Yang Lu’s sinister face looked like an evil demon that was about to destroy the world. It was terrifying.

“Mortals, do you want to witness the true power of the gods? When I swing my axe, all of you will die,” he laughed wildly. The black clouds covered the sky, transforming the entire place into hell.

The cultivators heard him and backed off immediately.

Even Li Yinyu, Xitan Changshi, and the others did not dare to go close to him.


Yang Xindi gritted his teeth. Yang Lu’s prowess made him both angry and afraid.

He felt despair in his heart.

Facing the Upper Realm, how could mere mortals resist?

“Hahaha! Accept your death! Continue your fear in the netherworld!”

Yang Lu laughed wildly. Just when he finished speaking, he swung his axe.

A bolt of world-destroying lightning struck onto the ground. The entire sky was illuminated by the bolt of lightning. Everyone was inundated by the flash, as though they were killed by the might of heaven.

“Let’s go!”

Baihao Yixin picked up Feng Gule and escaped immediately.

Inside Fate Emperor River.

Zhou Xuanji was in a mystical state. He could not sense anything outside of Fate Emperor River.

Even though Fate Emperor River fluctuated greatly, he was not affected.

A long while later.

He opened his eyes slowly, and a purple Taichi diagram appeared in each of his eyes. It looked devilish and mystical.

He frowned in great astonishment.

The Heavenly Law revealed to him the path to be attested as a Great Emperor.

He needed to defeat ten powerful cultivators that were qualified to become a Great Emperor. Only after defeating ten of them could he be attested as a Great Emperor successfully. The more Great Emperor Candidates he defeated, the more powerful he would become after becoming a Great Emperor.

However, in the current world, how many Great Emperor Candidates were there?

Yang Di was one.

Did Spirit Sovereign Yan, who was from the Upper Realm, count?

Baihao Yixin had already become a Great Emperor. He must be one of them.

Even so, he could not find ten!

He was greatly frustrated and felt that the Heavenly Law was fooling him.

“Auntie Xian!”

At this moment, a scream filled with grief and anger came from above. Zhou Xuanji looked up immediately in shock.

He recognized the owner of the scream instantly.

Zhou Xiaoxuan!

The thunderclouds billowed and veiled the world in darkness—countless dead bodies laid inside the gigantic pit. There were dead bodies even in the forests at the edges. Broken limbs and heads were everywhere.

With the heavenly lightning covering his body, Yang Lu was like a lightning god looking down at the world.

29 Heavenly Guards gathered beside him, each smiling mockingly.

They saw Xian Xianghua half-knelt beside Fate Emperor River covered in blood. Her hair was messed up, and her violet skirt was burnt. The veil on her face was lost, and a murderous aura was emanating from her cold but beautiful face.

She stared fixedly at Yang Lu and his Heavenly Guards. Her eyes were filled with rage, hatred, murderous intent, and completely devoid of fear or despair.

Faraway, Daoya Old Man held tightly onto Zhou Xiaoxuan’s arms and stopped her from breaking free.

Jiang Xue, Lin Changge, Ning Zifeng, Xiao Jinghong, and the others led a few hundred thousand disciples and surrounded the thirty Heavenly Guards.

Their expression looked grim. Everywhere they looked, they could see dead bodies. The pungent smell of blood pervaded the entire place.

“Oh? Another group of worms who want to die.”

Yang Lu mocked coldly. He did not take Emperor Sword Court seriously at all.

He looked down at Xian Xianghua with disdain and laughed proudly, “Bitch, I see that you are quite pretty. Why don’t you become my bedroom pet? As long as you are a good dog, I will let you live.”

The other Heavenly Guards laughed as well, like the devils from hell.