I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 380 - Chapter 380 Mortal, Do You Want To Become A Great Emperor?

Chapter 380 - Chapter 380 Mortal, Do You Want To Become A Great Emperor?


World Overlord!

Zhou Xuanji finally mastered it. Instantly, he felt the sublimation of his soul.

His mind suddenly ejected from his body and left Fate Emperor River.

He saw Xian Xianghua, Baihao Yixin, and Feng Gule.

His mind continued to ascend. Leaving the ground, he saw countless humans and demons gathered in the mountains.

He saw Founding Emperor Chiwei surrounded by the Heavenly Guards and being played miserably like a dog.

As his mind flew past them, Zhou Xuanji saw a majestic vista of mountains and rivers.

The land seemed to be shrinking in his sight.

He saw the boundless blue sea.

He saw seas of clouds with the sun and the moon.

The world shrunk within his sight until he reached the highest peak of the sky and looked down upon the entire world.

“This is the level of World Overlord…”

Zhou Xuanji mumbled to himself. He had the confidence to hold everything in control.

This might be how the gods looked at the mortal world.

Other than this, he felt that there was an invisible force surrounding him that was under his control.

He closed his eyes and began to enlighten himself.

He ignored what he saw just now, and his mind did not notice how much danger he was in. Everything flashed past him as his mind was filled with the majesty of the heavens and the earth.

The power of the heavens and the earth became his power.

Simultaneously, inside Fate Emperor River, his body began to absorb Fate and spiritual Qi rapidly.

The purple Taichi diagram between his brows glowed with faint radiance, lighting up all of Fate Emperor River with a purple ambiance.

“This is…”

Xian Xianghua opened her eyes wide. She was a little shocked.

Baihao Yixin’s jaw dropped as he mumbled, “Impossible… Impossible…”

Currently, all mortals who jumped into Fate Emperor River should be dead for sure!

Unless Zhou Xuanji came from 20,000 years ago!

Hold on!

Beads of cold sweat covered his forehead.

Thinking back about Zhou Xuanji’s devilish past, could he really be from 20,000 years ago?

From what he knew, no one was more devilish than Zhou Xuanji.

He reached the cultivation of a Fourth Tribulation Scattered Immortal before 80 years old. He even killed Liu Wuji…

Even past powerhouses were incomparable with Zhou Xuanji at this age.

“I see… I see…”

Baihao Yixin was covered in a cold sweat and felt rather scared.

Fortunately, he did not become Zhou Xuanji’s enemy.

Feng Gule noticed the changes in his expression and felt regret.

If he had known this, he would have risked it all to snatch Zhou Xuanji from Daoseeker.


The more he thought about it, the angrier he got!

Each of the three had their own thoughts as they gazed intently atFate Emperor River.


The cave wall above them collapsed suddenly, and the three quickly evaded.

The entire subterranean space began crumbling. The soil and rocks compressed together as they dropped and fell down with an earth-shaking force, pressurizing the entire place.

Fate Emperor River, however, was not affected by the impact of the collapse.

Anything that touched it turned into ashes straightaway.

See from the ground level, a Heavenly Guard with twin axs stood loftily in the air and looked down. The ground within a hundred miles crumbled as though there was a sinkhole underneath the ground. The forest and the ground sunk, along with numerous cultivators and demons.

Their shrieks turned Sun Hill into hell.

Not far away, the Founding Emperor Chi Wei, who had lost all his limbs, was immobilized by metal chains. Blood dripped from his body as he was watched by two Heavenly Guards.

Seeing the destructive power of the twin-axd Heavenly Guard, fear could be seen on his face. Despair filled his eyes.

Too powerful…

Nearly invincible.

‘It’s the end…’ He sighed bitterly in his heart, ‘It’s the end for humanity…’

Many cultivators and demons stood in the air afar. Their bodies turned stiff as they watched what happened in horror.

What kind of power is this?

They felt helpless. How could mere mortals stand against the Heavenly Guards who were so powerful?

Fate Emperor River?

They lost their courage to fight for it.

“Do all of you see this? This is the power of the gods. Submit to us obediently, and that’s your chance to survive,” the twin-axd Heavenly Guard laughed wildly. His name was Yang Lu, and he was the most powerful person under Spirit Sovereign Yan’s command. He was an Eighth Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

The Eighth Tribulation Scattered Immortal!

The most powerful person ever to exist in the Northern Wilderness Region was not that powerful.

Even when Liu Wuji ascended, he was only a Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

Yang Lu was different from normal Heavenly Guards and had an influential background in the Upper Realm. He served Spirit Sovereign Yan because of his admiration for Ji Xian. He had the same ambition as Spirit Sovereign Yan: to revive Ji Xian and reclaim his peak power.

He suddenly understood why so many powerful cultivators chose to descend into the mortal world. It just felt so good to wreak havoc on the weak!

His wild laughter veiled over the miserable shrieks from beneath him.

Soon, a gigantic pit that was thousands of meters deep and a hundred miles wide appeared, revealing Fate Emperor River at the bottom of the pit. It was like a rushing river of mist, coming from on end of the ground and disappearing into the other end, but the soil was not moist at all.

Yang Lu locked his sight on the Fate of Emperor River and smiled mockingly.

Founding Emperor Chi Wei’s face was pale as ashes.

He did not see Xian Xianghua and thought that she had already fled.

“Your Sword Emperor is right there. Take a good look at how I kill him!”

Yang Lu raised his battle-ax and laughed loudly.

No one responded to him because they were all trembling in fear and despair.


At this moment, a domineering cry was heard. Everyone turned around and saw Jiang Wudi coming with an army of disciples from the Jiang Clan.

Armies of cultivators were coming from the other directions as well.

They were from Great Zhou, Great Shang, Great Chen, Chiwei, Hunyuan, Donghan, Bahan. It was an alliance army from the seven empires.

The Eight Sanctums, Dongyuan Monastery, Merciful Melody Cliff, Crimson Bank Valley, Canghai Ziggurat, Mountain Abyss Ziggurat, Frost River Valley, Deep Abyss Manor, and Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain came as well.

There were other forces, and the number of cultivators that came was beyond counting.

5 million?


It was likely to be ten million. It was the combination of the majority of the humans in the Northern Wilderness Region.

All the cultivators were looking at the Heavenly Guards furiously, intending to shred them into pieces.

“A bunch of worms. You think you can win with just numbers?”

Yang Lu laughed with disdain. As he spoke, he swung his ax toward the human army. A domineering wave of ax Qi descended like a crescent, bombarding Fate Emperor River. This scene turned everyone’s eyes in anger.

Zhou Xuanji was their greatest hope. If he was dead, how would humanity fight the Heavenly Hall?

“You are looking for death!”

Jiang Wudi took the lead and charged toward Yang Lu. The other top cultivators joined him and intended to surround Yang Lu.

At the same time.

Inside Fate Emperor River.

Zhou Xuanji’s mind returned to his body. He felt something knock into him, but he did not pay much attention because it did not bother him.

After learning the power of the heavens and the earth, his cultivation rose rapidly.

Within a short while, he broke through to Sixth Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

His magic energy expanded tremendously, and his soul advanced further in sublimation. And Zhou Xuanji was immersed in such an experience and could not break away from it.

Having received such unprecedentedly great power, he wanted to roar. But because he was still inside Fate Emperor River, he could not open his mouth yet.

“Mortal, do you want to become a Great Emperor?”

At this moment, a majestic voice exploded in his mind. The shock jolted him back to full consciousness.

Who was speaking?

He opened his eyes and thought in astonishment.