I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 378 - Chapter 378 – Stealing The Human Race’s Fate

Chapter 378 - Chapter 378 – Stealing The Human Race’s Fate


After inwardly rejoicing, Zhou Xuanji began to observe the Violet Demon Monarch Heart within him.

The Violet Demon Monarch Heart had already fused together with his heart, and there was no difference between them. However, he had never been able to see through the Violet Demon Monarch Heart.

At the moment, the Violet Demon Monarch Heart was currently absorbing Fate from Fate Emperor River; it was truly mysterious.

“What is its background? And what is the history of Violet Demon Palace?” Zhou Xuanji felt quite curious, and he wanted to take out the Ancient God Sword and ask the powerful beings.

However, he could not take out his legendary swords, as the Sword Spirit had stopped him before.

According to the Sword Spirit, if the swords were refined by the Heaven and Earth Fate, Zhou Xuanji would forever remain within the control of the heavenly law. For his current purposes, there were only benefits and no harm in becoming someone acknowledged by heavenly law, but one day, it would become a disadvantage.

After all, his goal was to surpass the heavenly law!

Zhou Xuanji could not understand it, so he did not continue to think about it. He allowed the Violet Demon Monarch Heart to absorb Fate, while he continued to cultivate World Overlord.

His cultivation was already very close to Fifth Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

Spirit qi madly flowed into his body, and with the help of the Tianxia Map, his cultivation rose explosively.

If he stayed here for one year, even if he could not become a Great Emperor, he would be able to greatly strengthen himself.

Three months later, his 74th birthday arrived.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached 74 years old. Gacha started!”

“Ding, Congratulations Sword Owner has obtained [Amethyst] Myriad Chaos Breath Sword, [Intimidating Spirit] Vajra Heart-Guarding Sword, [Gold] Evil Yellow Sword!”

Following this, the information of the three swords appeared before his eyes:

Sword Name: Myriad Chaos Breath Sword

Grade: Amethyst

Description: An excellent sword among wind swords that can cause gales to blow chaotically. It is incredibly sharp and can tear through everything!

Sword Name: Vajra Heart-Guarding Sword

Grade: Intimidating Spirit

Description: The sword of a vajra god that can guard one’s heart and soul, and it gives one incomparable faith.

Sword Name: Evil Yellow Sword

Grade: Gold

Description: Legends say that there were seven colored swords in the Evil Abyss. Each color represents one kind of desire and yellow represents hope. When all seven color swords are gathered, they will fuse to form an ancient demonic sword!

After obtaining an Intimidating Spirit sword, Zhou Xuanji felt quite happy, and he also felt somewhat interested in the Evil Yellow Sword.

He currently had the Evil Violet Sword, Evil Yellow Sword, Evil Green Sword, and Evil Crimson Sword. He only lacked three colors to fuse together that mysterious ancient demonic sword, and he wondered how powerful it would be.

The seven swords were only Gold Grade, so there was not much hope of fusing together a sword that surpassed Intimidating Spirit grade.

However, he still looked forward to fusing the sword; what if he was pleasantly surprised?

After this, he put aside the distracting thoughts and continued to focus on cultivating.

At the same time, an ocean of people had arrived at Sun Hill; countless people were searching for the location of Fate Emperor River.

Standing on a mountain and looking out, there were cultivators and demons everywhere in the surrounding 1,000 kilometers, and battles would frequently erupt.

Fate Emperor River was thousands of meters underground, and it was impossible for ordinary cultivators to find it.

However, there were also some experts who snuck underground to search for it.


Xian Xianghua snapped another person’s neck and destroyed their soul before tossing their corpse to the side.

Beside her was a pile of dozens of corpses, looking like a burial mound.

Founding Emperor Chi Wei gnashed his teeth and said, “If we go on this, we will be more and more so at a disadvantage.”

Xian Xianghua did not say anything in response; she had already done everything she needed to, and now they just had to defend at all costs.

Founding Emperor Chi Wei said nervously, “Do you want me to go up and spread some fake information to lure people away?”

Xian Xianghua glanced at him and lightly nodded.

He looked as if he had a massive burden relieved from him, and he quickly left.

Soon, he rose up to the surface, and flying in the air above the forest, he swept his gaze around and could not help but feel shocked.

He had guessed that many people would come, but he had never thought that such an incredible number of people would be here.

“Do you all not want to live? You’re not going to fight the Heavenly Palace and only know how to fight against those on the same side!” Founding Emperor Chi Wei furiously cursed inwardly, but he could understand them.

If he was 5,000 years younger, perhaps he would be like these people and go crazy for an opportunity to become a Great Emperor.

After all, there were many historical records that those who went into Fate Emperor River could become a Great Emperor. Even if this was not true, it was enough to make people crazy.

He immediately flew high into the air and mustered his magic energy as he shouted, “I have discovered the location of Zhou Xuanji and Fate Emperor River. Quickly come with me! Fate Emperor River is about to go dry!”

His voice boomed like thunder, causing countless people and demons to turn and look at him.

Even the 30 Heavenly Guards hiding in the forest looked over. Founding Emperor Chi Wei turned and flew off, and seeing this, everyone else did not have time to think and quickly followed after him.

“Fate Emperor River is about to go dry?”

“That fellow looks so familiar!”

“Isn’t he the Founding Emperor of the Chiwei Empire?”

“He’s still alive!”

“Fudge! Is Zhou Xuanji able to absorb it so quickly?”

Raucous voices filled the heavens and earth, and Founding Emperor Chi Wei looked incredibly anxious. The trick was in the expression, and it was difficult to tell if what he was saying was true or false.

Countless cultivators and demons flew behind Founding Emperor Chi Wei, creating a majestic scene. However, many people still remained in this area to search.

In the distance on a cliff, Feng Kule, who had lost his left arm, looked at this scene and gulped.

Baihao Yixin stood to the side and shook his head as he sighed, “So crazy, the common people are all idiots, and so is Zhou Xuanji.”

Feng Kule felt quite confused and asked, “Why is that?”

There was a trace of displeasure in his eyes; he always felt that he would be scammed to death by Baihao Yixin.


Every time, he would claim confidently that he was invincible, but he would always be beaten like a dog and self-destruct at the end. The last time, he had even blasted off one of Feng Kule’s arms, making him feel quite hateful.

“20,000 years ago, there was a savage person who stole the human race’s Fate and held supremacy as Emperor. This caused later generations to suffer bad karma, and their bloodlines were no longer as pure. They will never receive the acknowledgement of heavenly law. This means that it is impossible for the people of the human race to become Great Emperors, which is why the human race’s destiny is almost over,” Baihao Yixin said.

He then paused as he sighed and said, “In actuality, many geniuses have been born in the past 20,000 years, and they were not any weaker than Great Emperors in the past. However, it’s a pity that they cannot stand up against the will of the heavens. In the end, they turned into dust and vanished from the world.”

Feng Kule frowned and asked, “Then how did the Hegemon Sword Emperor become a Great Emperor?”

Baihao Yixin gave a mysterious smile and said, “You’ll have to ask him yourself.”

Feng Kule almost coughed up blood; if he could ask the Hegemon Sword Emperor, why would he bother asking Baihao Yixin?

He did his best to try to calm himself down.

Facing Baihao Yixin, no matter how disgruntled he felt, he did not dare to reveal it.

“That’s right, who was that savage person you mentioned? Feng Kule asked out of curiosity. To be able to steal the human race’s Fate, they would definitely be an extraordinary figure.

Baihao Yixin shook his head and did not reply.

Feng Kule almost jumped up and slapped him.

At that moment, Baihao Yixin suddenly laughed and said, “This Emperor has found Fate Emperor River!”

After speaking, his body blurred and he drilled into the ground, and Feng Kule hurriedly followed behind him.

Underground, Xian Xianghua stood next to the river and looked down. She could not see Zhou Xuanji’s figure, and she did not know what his situation was like.

She suddenly turned and blasted out with a palm strike.


Baihao Yixin was slammed into a wall by the wind from Xian Xianghua’s palm strike, and Feng Kule, who had just arrived, jumped in shock.

My invincible Great Emperor, are you about to die again?

He turned and looked over, and his pupils constricted as he asked in a low voice, “Xian Xianghua, why are you here?”

After asking this, he felt like slapping himself.

After following Baihao Yixin for so long, he had also become an idiot.

This old demonic woman was definitely here to protect Zhou Xuanji.