I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 377 - Chapter 377 – 15 Leaders

Chapter 377 - Chapter 377 – 15 Leaders


Five days after the Heavenly Palace made that announcement, the leaders of the Seven Empires and Eight Sanctums gathered together to discuss this matter.

They were gathered within a hall in the Canghai Ziggurat.

The Canghai Ziggurat was a neutral Sanctum and very rarely participated in conflicts, and they also had a trustworthy reputation.

Yang Xindi drummed his fingers on the table as he spoke first, “The Heavenly Palace is killing two birds with one stone with this tactic. Not only do they seem completely justified in killing people, but they also have caused divisions between us and the top experts of our age. Once the Sword Emperor, Xian Xianghua, and the others die, even if our human race can continue to exist, we will struggle at death’s door and will have to live like slaves.”

His intention was clear: They could not allow the Heavenly Palace to do as it wished.

Zeng Junlou followed by saying, “That’s right, we should ally with the Sword Emperor and others and counterattack against the Heavenly Palace.”

The other leaders all felt roughly the same way.

Zhou Xuanji had saved the human race more than once; how could they sacrifice him?

What’s more, if he died, the human race would lose its greatest battle power.

Yang Di sat in the corner and did not say anything.

He was now the Emperor of the Hunyuan Empire and the most powerful person present.

Hearing everyone else praise Zhou Xuanji, he felt quite dissatisfied.

He was the real number one in the world!

However, he did not act out of anger; it was clear as to who the biggest threat right now was.

“I feel we should ally with overseas factions; the human race should unify together,” Li Yinyu said. After saying this, everyone else fell quiet.


They could all tell how powerful the overseas factions were, but they had not made this explicit and continued to live in the fantasies that the Northern Wilderness reigned supreme.

Now that Li Yinyu had brought up the overseas factions, they felt even more pressure.


Sun Hill, within Fate Emperor River.

The surging Fate rose up from the bottom of Fate Emperor River and entered Zhou Xuanji’s body, making his body and mind feel quite comfortable.

He could clearly sense his cultivation quickly increasing, and this feeling was difficult to describe.

At the same time, his comprehension towards World Overlord grew more and more.

Fate Emperor River was a physical manifestation of Heaven and Earth Fate, and the spirit qi that he absorbed came from the depths of the earth, making it incredibly pure spirit qi.

The profoundness of World Overlord was that it could control Heaven and Earth Power and cause one to become the overlord of the world. It was quite similar to the current situation.

Dong! Dong! Dong…

His heartbeats could suddenly be heard, incredibly powerful and vigorous, like a mighty bell. Even Fate Emperor River was unable to cover it up.

By the side of the river, Xian Xianghua and Founding Emperor Chi Wei also heard this sound.

“Just how powerful is his body?” Founding Emperor Chi Wei said out of amazement. It was the first time he had heard such a terrifying heartbeat before.

It was like a massive demon of ancient times that had lived for countless years.

Xian Xianghua thought to herself. This kind of heartbeat was not something that could be developed through only cultivation.

It seemed that this boy was not simple at all and had many secrets.

Perhaps it was the effect of the World Buddha Art.

However, no matter what it was, she felt quite happy.

She liked how deep and unfathomable Zhou Xuanji was. If she could see through him, where would the anticipation and excitement be?

Time continued to pass.

It had already been ten days since Zhou Xuanji had entered Fate Emperor River.

There were still no signs of how close he was to becoming a Great Emperor.

He could only do his best to become stronger.

As for whether or not he could become a Great Emperor, that was up to the will of the heavens.

The abnormalities in Fate Emperor River also caught the attention of many people skilled in divination.

There were still many of Yang Di’s lackeys in Sun Hill, and this information was not only spread to Yang Di but across the world.

In less than half a month, the whole world knew that Zhou Xuanji was attempting to become a Great Emperor in Fate Emperor River.

Back when Yang Di had discovered Fate Emperor River, various factions had already found its location. However, because their strength was insufficient, they could only sit and look at the gold mountain.

Even though the Heaven Palace was doing all kinds of evil, the conflict within the human race did not stop.

Those who had power but were unable to obtain Fate Emperor River could only use other methods.

Soon, the human race was shaken.

“Becoming a Great Emperor? The Sword Emperor has already reached such a height?”

“Even the strongest of the human race fell at his feet; why can’t he become a Great Emperor?”

“The seniors all said that our generation cannot compare to previous generations; I don’t think that’s the case.”

“That’s right, Zhou Xuanji will definitely stun the river of history!”

“If he succeeds at becoming a Great Emperor, won’t he be able to chase away the Heavenly Palace? Who leaked this information? They should be put to death!”

To most mortals, Zhou Xuanji becoming a Great Emperor was not a bad thing. After all, they were too far away from becoming a Great Emperor, and given what was at stake, they all hoped that Zhou Xuanji would be able to defeat Spirit Sovereign Yan.

The world was becoming more and more complicated, and the future of the human race was becoming more difficult to predict.

The news soon spread to Spirit Sovereign Yan.

Hearing that Zhou Xuanji was trying to become a Great Emperor, Spirit Sovereign Yan’s first reaction was one of condescension.

“He completely overestimates himself! In this age, no one can become a Great Emperor because the human race’s bloodline is impure; it’s impossible to become a Great Emperor!” Spirit Sovereign Yan sat on the throne as he laughed disdainfully, and the Heavenly Guards all smirked as well.

He immediately ordered 30 Heavenly Guards to move out.

It was not to stop Zhou Xuanji but to take this opportunity to hunt down other people on the kill list.

In his eyes, Zhou Xuanji was definitely going to die. Since he had entered Fate Emperor River, he would not be coming out alive.

However, the human race’s other experts did not know this and it was quite likely that they would try to stop Zhou Xuanji so they could earn the right to become a Great Emperor themselves. This would be a good opportunity to capture them all in one fell swoop.

After the 30 Heavenly Guards set out, Spirit Sovereign Yan got up and laughed as he said, “I should go and visit an old friend.”

After saying this, he disappeared from where he was.

The remaining Heavenly Guards looked at each other and left as well.

A world-shaking battle was currently brewing.

One month later, Xian Xianghua and Founding Emperor Chi Wei’s expressions started to become somewhat grim.

“Fortunately I took action, or else things would become difficult,” Founding Emperor Chi Wei said as he sighed. After Zhou Xuanji had entered the river, he had killed everyone at Sun Hill, and he had never thought that the information would still be leaked.

Xian Xianghua frowned and said, “We can’t keep going on like this. They will soon discover this place. I don’t know if one can be disturbed while becoming a Great Emperor, but it’s best that we make preparations to fight to win or die.”

Hearing this, Founding Emperor Chi Wei’s expression became quite unsightly.

Now, they were going to have to face the heroes of the world, as well as be wary of the Heavenly Palace. The pressure was too great to the point that he almost could not breathe.

For the old monsters who had lived a long time, the longer they lived, the more they feared death.

Founding Emperor Chi Wei suddenly felt some regret, but thinking about his ancestor speaking to him in a dream, his expression became resolute.

“I’ll send a message to the Chiwei Empire and ask them to send reinforcements,” Founding Emperor Chi Wei said as he gritted his teeth. If Zhou Xuanji failed to become a Great Emperor, the human race would definitely perish. Rather than waiting to die, it was better to fight to the death.

Xian Xianghua nodded. She also cast magical techniques and sent out messages as well.

At that moment, within Fate Emperor River, Zhou Xuanji was experiencing unprecedented pain.

He felt as if he was in a pot of boiling oil and that his body was boiling, but his skin was unharmed; it was incredibly strange.

“So painful…” Zhou Xuanji gritted his teeth, understanding the truly difficult part had come.

If he could cultivate World Overlord, he would not fear Spirit Sovereign Yan.

If he could become a Great Emperor, he would have even less reason to fear Spirit Sovereign Yan.

“If it wasn’t for the Violet Demon Monarch Heart, I might have already died,” Zhou Xuanji thought to himself in shock. He could feel boundless energy coming from the Violet Demon Monarch Heart, nourishing his bones and muscles.

Even with his powerful body, he was unable to withstand the impact of Fate Emperor River. If it was anyone else, they would have died beyond a doubt.