I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 376 - Chapter 376 – Entering Fate Emperor River

Chapter 376 - Chapter 376 – Entering Fate Emperor River


The two of them followed the mountain path for many kilometers, and soon, the two of them heard the sound of water flowing.

They flew through the tunnel and landed on the ground.

This was a sparse underground area, and there were all kinds of crystals on the walls. There were also man-made lamps that lit up this area.

In front of them was a river that was about 15 meters wide. The water was very steady and flowed out from the darkness and to the darkness on the other end.

Upon close inspection, they found that the water was quite strange; it looked like dense fog, but the sound of flowing water was unmistakable.

“Is this Fate Emperor River?” Zhou Xuanji asked out of curiosity. The spirit qi in the surroundings was very dense, and it was comparable to the summit of Skyfall.

Founding Emperor Chi Wei said in amazement, “This is the first time I’ve seen Fate Emperor River. It’s said that Fate Emperor River flows in a cycle and will not evaporate.”

He then paused as he said, “Anyone who wants to become a Great Emperor only needs to jump into Fate Emperor River. However, if your body is too weak, your body will be torn apart by the flow of Fate. Do you have confidence?”

Zhou Xuanji frowned and asked, “Does becoming a Great Emperor not require the acknowledgement of the heavenly law?”

He had confidence in himself, but he did not know much about Fate Emperor River and did not dare to act recklessly.

“It does, but one can also prove oneself through strength.”

At that moment, a familiar woman’s voice sounded out, and Zhou Xuanji and Founding Emperor Chi Wei looked over.

A ball of demonic qi flew out from the tunnel, and after the demonic qi dissipated, Xian Xianghua, dressed in her purple dress, strolled over.

There was a softness in her gaze as she smiled and looked at Zhou Xuanji. Her gaze was incredibly flirtatious, like it wanted to melt him.

“Why are you here?” Zhou Xuanji asked out of curiosity. After 13 years had passed, this old demonic woman was just as flirtatious. However, her aura had become even stronger.

In fact, she did not feel weaker than Shi Shenzong.

It seemed that during the time he had not been here, Xian Xianghua had not slacked off either.

Founding Emperor Chi Wei’s expression fell, and a look of wariness appeared in his eyes.

Xian Xianghua!

She had once been number one in the world and was indisputably the number one person in the demonic path; how could he not know her?

“I’m naturally here for the Fate Emperor River,” Xian Xianghua smiled as she walked over to Zhou Xuanji. She then looked at Founding Emperor Chi Wei and said in a ridiculing tone, “Hoh, little old man, you’re not dead yet.”

Founding Emperor Chi Wei felt quite awkward, not knowing how to respond.

Back then, he had lost to Xian Xianghua.

Before Yang Di had appeared, Xian Xianghua had been an invincible entity who had defeated people from all over the world. Based on her strength, personality, and faction, she was very similar to a novel character called Dragon Proud Sky, so Zhou Xuanji often called her Dragon Proud Hua.

“Back to the main topic, after the Heavenly Palace descended, I guessed that they would try to take Fate Emperor River, so I came to observe. You came at just the right time—with your current strength, you’re completely qualified to enter the river. As long as you can become a Great Emperor, Spirit Sovereign Yan will not be able to do anything to you,” Xian Xianghua said with a blazing gaze. The man in front of her was not just her love but her pride as well.

He had strength that exceeded Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal before he was even 100 years old; Yang Di was far inferior to him.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Do you want to go in as well?”

Xian Xianghua shook her head as she said, “If you didn’t come, I would naturally go in and try it out. However, since you’ve come, I’ll guard you. Moreover, your chances of success are greater than mine. After you become a Great Emperor, you can help me.”

Zhou Xuanji looked at her and said seriously, “Don’t try to trick me; each age can only have one Great Emperor.”

If there were two Great Emperors, they would be fated to fight; the two of them would not be able to mutually exist.

Xian Xianghua lifted up his chin as she smiled and asked, “Then you can protect me in the future. How about that?”

Zhou Xuanji fell silent.

From when they had met, it had always been Xian Xianghua protecting him. Even after he became stronger and had become second in the world, then first, he had never protected her before. She had always been proud and aloof, always acting alone.

Whenever something happened to him, she would always hurry over as quickly as she could; whenever she found an opportunity, she would always immediately tell Zhou Xuanji.

She had treated him with great kindness, making his heart feel quite heavy.

“No, you should go in. After all, you’re about to ascend,” Zhou Xuanji said as he sighed. Whenever he thought of Xian Xianghua ascending, his heart would feel somewhat uncomfortable.

Who knew when they would be able to meet again?

Xian Xianghua pushed him and laughed as she said, “If I became a Great Emperor and ascended, that would bring even more trouble to me. Stop wasting time; after you become a Great Emperor and ascend, you can protect me. If you ascend without becoming a Great Emperor, it will be difficult for you to make progress in the Upper Realm.”

After saying this, she started pushing him, wanting to push him into the river.

Zhou Xuanji could not change Xian Xianghua’s mind, so he could only jump into Fate Emperor River.

Founding Emperor Chi Wei, who had been watching by the side, sighed in amazement as he said, “Who would have thought Sect Lord Xian would have such a loving side.”

If he was Xian Xianghua, would he give this opportunity to his beloved?

He was not sure that he could.

Xian Xianghua glanced at him condescendingly and said, “Even if I don’t use Fate Emperor River, I can become a Great Emperor; what do you know?”

Founding Emperor Chi Wei could only chuckle.

After entering Fate Emperor River, Zhou Xuanji’s vision became murky. He could not see his surroundings clearly, nor could he send his divine sense through it. A terrifying impact also began to scour and cleanse his body.

He immediately activated Golden Invincibility, and divine lightning surrounded his body, resisting the impact.

“Is this Fate? It’s formless and colorless, but when it’s gathered together, it has such force.” Zhou Xuanji felt quite amazed and started to use the World Buddha Art.

He did not know how to use Fate Emperor River to become a Great Emperor and neither did others.

Those who knew had long since ascended, and they did not leave behind any guidance.

Soon, he felt that under the impact of Fate, his body was gradually becoming stronger.

This feeling…

He suddenly thought of World Overlord; perhaps he could use this opportunity to finish cultivating World Overlord.

Zhou Xuanji sat down in Fate Emperor River and started to cultivate.

On a tall mountain on the boundary of Sun Hill, Daoseeker stood at the precipice of the summit and looked towards where Fate Emperor River was. His expression was complicated as he muttered, “It’s too early. This path is not as wonderful as the common people think.”

A black shadow came out of his shoulder, turning into a horrific face that sinisterly laughed, “You made a mistake in your divinations, eh? You never thought that he would reach Fourth Tribulation Scattered Immortal cultivation so quickly, and his strength surpasses that of a Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal. You even more so didn’t expect him to enter Fate Emperor River ahead of time, right?”

Daoseeker sighed and did not reply.

Everything was fate, as well as variables.

“The human race’s great mansion is on the verge of collapse. He won’t be able to turn the situation around alone. Moreover, even if he enters Fate Emperor River, how difficult is becoming a Great Emperor? Countless geniuses have died at the bottom of the river, and even if he succeeds, if he forces things, inauspicious fate will be attracted to him. In the end, he won’t be able to save the human race; you should look for another method,” the black shadow said. Daoseeker understood what it was saying, but what other methods were there?

A few days after Zhou Xuanji entered the Fate Emperor River, a piece of news quickly spread throughout the world.

The Heavenly Guards had captured 10,000 from each of the Sanctums and Empires and announced that they would capture people every month and execute them at the Ice Palace until everyone on their kill list had died.

Once this news was spread, the world fell into terror.

If they captured 150,000 people every month, over one million people would die every year. As time went on, Spirit Sovereign Yan would become more and more impatient, and more and more people would die.

However, the people that the Heavenly Guards were after were all very powerful; who would just willingly die?

The Northern Wilderness quickly fell into chaos.