I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 374 - Chapter 374 – Target: Spirit Sovereign Yan

Chapter 374 - Chapter 374 – Target: Spirit Sovereign Yan


Hearing Baihao Yixin’s arrogant words, Spirit Sovereign Yan coldly harrumphed.

“You’re no longer the all-powerful Great Emperor Heartless of back then. Because of your selfish desires, you were deceived by someone and gave up your cultivation to reincarnate into the mortal world; you are truly foolish. Today, I will have you experience pain that you’ve never suffered before. I will have you be defeated by an existence that you used to look down on and make you wish you were dead!” Spirit Sovereign Yan said coldly. As he spoke, he raised his sword and walked towards Baihao Yixin.

His aura rapidly increased, shaking this snowy land.

Feng Kule was so scared that he quickly retreated three steps and gulped.

He said anxiously, “If you’re going to… remember to remind me!”

Thinking about Baihao Yixin’s history, he did not feel any confidence in him at all.

Sigh, why did he have to follow a Great Emperor like this? It was too dangerous.

Baihao Yixin did not reply to him and continued to look at Spirit Sovereign Yan disdainfully.

A spear with a silver dragon aura wrapped around it appeared in his hand, and he proudly laughed as he said, “Watch carefully, you brat!”

He raised the spear and shot at Spirit Sovereign Yan, advancing courageously with unstoppable momentum!

After returning to Skyfall, Zhou Xuanji spent five days teaching the disciples before spending time with his wife and daughter.

After teaching Zhou Xiaoxuan, he found that this girl’s talent in the Way of the Sword was incredibly powerful and was not inferior to Lin Changge’s at all. Of course, compared to the two Ten Thousand Year Princes, she was still a bit lacking.

Chen Bantian and Meng Tianlang had become close friends. They had gone out to train together three months ago and still had not yet returned.

Zhou Xuanji heard that Chen Bantian had reached the Spirit Refinement stage, while Meng Tianlang was beginning to break through to the Great Realization stage.

Putting aside Zhou Xuanji, their cultivation speed was completely incomprehensible.

The Emperor Sword Court’s strength was also growing every day. Even though they had not gained any new Great Tribulation Scattered Immortals, it could already rank within the top ten factions. At this rate, within 100 years, they would have at least three Great Tribulation Scattered Immortals.

Apart from the fact that spirit qi was incredibly dense on Skyfall, there was also the Colorful Celestial Tree.

This tree took 100 years to bear fruit, and the fruits that fell down would disappear within ten years. As such, they had to be used and could not be stored for a long time.

Before he had left, Zhou Xuanji had listed the Colorful Celestial Fruits as a first class reward. Disciples could do missions to earn Contribution Points, which could be used to exchange for sword techniques, medicinal pills, swords, valuable materials, etc.

In the blink of an eye, one month passed.

The Heavenly Guards did not return to try to capture Zhou Xuanji, and he enjoyed this blissful time of peace.

On that day, Lin Changge came back with some intelligence. He stood in front of Zhou Xuanji with a strange expression.

Zhou Xuanji watched Zhou Xiaoxuan, who was training nearby, and asked, “What is it?”

Lin Changge said, “Great Emperor Heartless self-destructed again, and his opponent was Spirit Sovereign Yan. His self-destruction reduced the surrounding 100 kilometers of icy mountains into flatlands and caused a massive avalanche. The cities and towns on the human race’s border were affected, and there are countless dead and injured.”

As he talked about this, his expression became stranger and stranger.

As a Great Emperor, apart from self-destructing, was he really incapable of anything else?

Zhou Xuanji laughed; this old fellow was quite daring, self-destructing whenever he met someone. Even if Spirit Sovereign Yan did not die, he would be furious.

He asked, “Have there been any movements from Spirit Sovereign Yan lately? Was he heavily injured?”

If that was the case, this would be a good opportunity to attack Spirit Sovereign Yan.

Lin Changge nodded and said, “Because of this, all of the Heavenly Guards have been called back to North Overlook Ridge.”

Zhou Xuanji immediately got up and gathered everyone, telling them of his plans.

No one had any objects; the current Zhou Xuanji was sufficiently powerful, to the point that they could not gauge his strength. As such, they could only support him.

“You should still be careful; don’t become careless just because you’ve become strong,” Jiang Xue reminded him. However, she trusted that Zhou Xuanji would not become blinded by pride.

If he was blinded by pride, he would have long since died. From when he had made a name for himself when he was young to now, Zhou Xuanji had been more careful than anyone else. According to Zhou Xuanji, he was paranoid and would always stab his enemies dozens of times even after they had died.

“Father, bring me with you!” Zhou Xiaoxuan said excitedly. She very much liked Zhou Xuanji bringing her to the battlefield; she could feel just how powerful he was, like a vast and ancient ocean.

Zhou Xuanji glared at her and said, “Do you want to harm your father? With your pitiful cultivation, you should just stay at Skyfall and properly cultivate!”

After speaking, he turned into a ray of sword light and disappeared over the horizon.

Zhou Xiaoxuan pouted, looking quite wronged.

Jiang Xue patted her head and smiled as she said, “Your father is right.”

Everyone started to laugh and tease her, making her so angry that she drew her sword and chased them around.

After leaving Skyfall, Zhou Xuanji stood on the Windcutter Sword as he quickly sped towards the north.

He took out the bronze dagger and sent his spirit energy into it, summoning Daoseeker.

Soon, Daoseeker’s image appeared.

“Did you want to hear about Spirit Sovereign Yan’s injuries?” Daoseeker asked, causing Zhou Xuanji to raise his eyebrows. Hoh, this old fellow had pretty good foresight.

Before Zhou Xuanji could speak, Daoseeker continued, “Spirit Sovereign Yan was indeed injured, but he still has power that surpasses that of Liu Wuji’s. Moreover, it has already been one month, and he has greatly recovered. He also has hundreds of Heavenly Guards by his side; all of them are Great Tribulation Scattered Immortals, and it will be very difficult for you to kill him no matter how strong you are.”

Zhou Xuanji gave a smile that did not seem like a smile as he said, “You want me to back down?”

Daoseeker shook his head and said, “Go to Juedi Cliff. There’s a very powerful existence hiding there; you’ve already established a connection.”

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes narrowed, and he immediately thought of Dugu.

Dugu was very likely the peerless genius of 50,000 years ago, Devil Emperor Dugu.

However, why would his soul be at Juedi Cliff? Hadn’t he ascended?

Could it be that he had reincarnated to the mortal world like Baihao Yixin?

“Even if I find him, given his condition, how long will it take for him to recover his cultivation?” Zhou Xuanji asked. His flying speed did not decrease and he did not change direction either.

Daoseeker remained silent.

This was indeed a problem. Dugu was currently only a remnant soul at the moment. Even if he brought him out, he would not be of much use.

“I’m also wondering about something else—if I kill Spirit Sovereign Yan, will the Heavenly Palace send an even more powerful existence to act?” Zhou Xuanji continued to ask. After fighting a small one he had to fight a big one. After fighting a big one he had to fight an old one; was there an end to this?

Before, when he read novels, he felt that the enemy factions were all idiots, sending weaklings one after another. However, when he faced the same thing, he felt that it was quite troublesome: these ‘weaklings’ were all very powerful!

“No, they won’t. Spirit Sovereign Yan is already the most powerful existence that the heavenly law of the mortal realm can accept. If they send even more powerful existences, the heavenly law will not accept this and the Heavenly Palace will be punished by heavenly might. They would not do something so foolish,” Daoseeker replied, and Zhou Xuanji let out a sigh of relief.

Since this was the case, that Spirit Sovereign Yan was dead without a doubt!

Following this, the two of them talked a bit more. Daoseeker mentioned Xian Xianghua,and told Zhou Xuanji that it was nearly time for her to ascend.

She had lived for over 10,000 years and her cultivation was quite high; it was difficult for the mortal realm to continue keeping her.

Zhou Xuanji felt somewhat worried about her; the Heavenly Palace was after her, and if she ascended, she would not have a good time in the Upper Realm.

Two days later, Zhou Xuanji crossed Great Zhou and Great Chen and arrived at the Chiwei Empire.

The Chiwei Empire had always kept a low profile, and it was not very eye-catching out of the seven Empires. However, it was said that there was an old ancestor in the Chiwei Empire who had lived for over 10,000 years and had unfathomable strength.