I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 373 - Chapter 373 – Great Emperor Heartless vs Spirit Sovereign Yan

Chapter 373 - Chapter 373 – Great Emperor Heartless vs Spirit Sovereign Yan


Before he could receive power from Heaven, Heavenly General Zhenwu’s head was slashed off, ending his life.

His body was incredibly powerful, but it was a pity that it still could not defend against the sharpness of a Celestial Shaking grade legendary sword.

His Astral Spirit was unable to even escape.

In order to prevent anything unexpected from happening, Zhou Xuanji used the Six-path Sword Shadow and once again unleashed Soul-eater Slash, turning Heavenly General Zhenwu’s corpse into ash.

This process was incredibly quick and Zhou Xiaoxuan only saw a blur. Before she had made sense of what was happening, Heavenly General Zhenwu was no longer there.

Zhou Xuanji noticed her expression and looked down as he said with a laugh, “Don’t worry; with your father here, no one can harm you.”

After saying this, he walked slowly towards the other Heavenly Guards.

At this point in the battle, there were 17 Heavenly Guards left. They were so scared that their bodies trembled and quickly retreated.

Zhou Xuanji gave a clear laugh and said, “Tell Spirit Sovereign Yan that if anyone dares to come to Skyfall again, the one to die will be him!”

The Heavenly Guards did not dare to say anything in return and quickly left.

Following this, the great battle concluded.

Zhou Xuanji was not injured at all, and he had revealed his great might, showing everyone how powerful he was.

He put away all of his legendary swords and brought Zhou Xiaoxuan down.

All of the disciples all shouted the Sword Emperor’s name.

So powerful!

They had never seen such a powerful person before.

This was especially so for the new disciples—they were all incredibly excited, and they wanted to rush over to Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji looked around and found that the number of disciples had greatly increased. It seemed that Emperor Sword Court had not stopped developing while he was away, and he felt quite pleased seeing this.

“After this battle, I want to encourage you all to work hard and cultivate. The Way of the Sword can slay immortals and slaughter gods. I hope one day you all will be able to protect me.” Zhou Xuanji’s voice sounded throughout Skyfall, and hearing this, all of the disciples’ blood boiled.

I hope one day you all will be able to protect me!

That sentence was filed with charisma, and even the Odd Job Disciples felt a desire to even die for Zhou Xuanji.

If anyone else had said this, they would not care at all. However, Zhou Xuanji had shown just how powerful he was!

How could those who protected him be weak?

Zhou Xuanji brought Zhou Xiaoxuan over to Jiang Xue, and he gave a gentle smile as he said, “I’m sorry for making you wait for 13 years. Let’s talk after going up.”

As he spoke, he stretched out his right arm and brought Jiang Xue into his embrace.

Zhou Xuanji turned into a ray of sword light with his wife and daughter in his arms, rushing up through the clouds. Xiao Jinghong, Lin Changge, and the others followed behind him.

Above the clouds, everyone gathered in a stone pavilion. Before anyone could ask about it, Zhou Xuanji started to talk about his experiences over the past few years.

After he finished speaking, everyone looked at each other and exclaimed in surprise.

“So the Netherworld really does exist.”

“Master is so amazing; he even became friends with Magistrate Cui. In the future if we go down to the Netherworld, won’t we have an ally?”

“Hahaha, does that mean we don’t need to fear death?”

“You’re thinking too much, at most you’ll just get a good reincarnation.”

“Master really is the number one in the world now. You’re only 73 years old, not even 100.”

After bringing up Zhou Xuanji’s age, everyone could not help but shake their heads and sigh in amazement.

What a big blow to their egos!

Zhou Xiaoxuan stood behind Zhou Xuanji, feeling incredibly proud.

She also wanted to break through to Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal before she turned 100!

“In the next period of time, have the disciples stay within Skyfall as much as possible. However, don’t ban them completely—after all, heroes emerge in times of chaos, and everyone needs to take responsibility for themselves,” Zhou Xuanji said. Xiao Jinghong nodded—as Zhou Xuanji’s only disciple, he led all of the disciples. The others were in charge of other departments, such as the Xuanji Sword Library and Ten-thousand Swords House.

Following this, he had the others tell him about Emperor Sword Court over the past few years.

The Emperor Sword Court now had over one million disciples. There were 360,000 third generation disciples and 700,000 or so Odd Job Disciples.

They had also lost three people from the second generation disciples; they had died while going out on missions.

As everyone chatted, Daoya Old Man walked over with a pale face.

Zhou Xiaoxuan rushed over and hugged him as she giggled and said, “Old fellow, I’ve come back!”

Seeing her, Daoya Old Man gave a kind smile and said, “Stinking brat, do you dare to go out by yourself in the future?”

Neither of them paid much attention to etiquette when they spoke, but both of them enjoyed this.

The reason why Zhou Xuanji’s daughter was called Xiaoxuan was because of Zhou Xuanji’s mother, Lady Zhaoxuan.

When Lady Zhaoxuan was younger, she was just like Zhou Xiaoxuan and showed him no respect at all, but they had a very good relationship.

After the two of them laughed and noisily talked for a while, Daoya Old Man walked over to Zhou Xuanji’s side and sat down. He sighed as he said, “You stinking boy, why couldn’t you come back earlier? If I have to use my divine ability one more time, I might really die.”

Undying Regeneration had a great cost and used up his lifespan.

Even though he was only a few thousand years old, he looked much more ancient that Xian Xianghua, who had lived for over 10,000 years. It was like he already had one foot in the coffin.

Zhou Xuanji shrugged and said, “When the time comes, bring up my name with Magistrate Cui, and he’ll have you reincarnate into a prosperous family. You’ll be able to live a pleasurable and easy life.”

Daoya Old Man glared at him, feeling quite depressed.

Following this, Zhou Xuanji had Beixiao Wangjian go and prepare some food and wine. Today, they would have a great celebration.

In the Northern Wilderness, on an icy mountain near the north, the Heavenly Palace had set up a temporary ice palace.

Spirit Sovereign Yan sat on the main seat. He was nearly 30 meters tall and wore thick and heavy armor. He was bare to the waist and had exaggerated-looking muscles. His facial features looked quite intimidating, and his eyes gave off an immense oppressive aura. He held a massive sword in his right hand, and the tip stabbed into the ground.

He looked at the Heavenly Guard kneeling below and said, “Zhou Xuanji killed Heavenly General Zhenwu and 20 Heavenly Guards?”

Heavenly General Zhenwu’s cultivation was at Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal, and even the weakest of the Heavenly Guards had First Tribulation Scattered Immortal cultivation. And yet, they could not beat Zhou Xuanji by himself?

His immediate reaction was disbelief.

How could there be such a powerful existence in the mortal realm?

Moreover, Zhou Xuanji was not even 100 years old. Even if he was the reincarnation of some powerful being, he could not be so ridiculously powerful.

The Heavenly Guard gritted his teeth and replied, “Yes!”

Thinking of the battle from before, he could not help but tremble.

Too powerful!

He mustered up his courage and said, “Honored sir, your cultivation has been sealed for a long time and it is best not to be careless. That fellow has power that surpasses that of mortals!”

Spirit Sovereign Yan frowned and coldly harrumphed, “As long as he does not surpass Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal, he won’t be able to kill Us!”

Hearing this, the Heavenly Guard did not say any more.

“Spirit Sovereign Yan, is it? You want to kill This Emperor? You really don’t know your place. Get the hell out so that I can kill you!”

Baihao Yixin’s furious cursing sounded out from outside, causing the Heavenly Guard to stand up.

Spirit Sovereign Yan’s frown became even deeper as he muttered, “Great Emperor Heartless…”

In the Upper Realm, Great Emperor Heartless had been a grand figure, and he was a figure he had looked up to.

However, this fellow had reincarnated and had great difficulty even dealing with Xuanyuan Zhou.

Spirit Sovereign Yan got up and walked out of the ice palace with his sword.

Baihao Yixin and Feng Kule were standing in the snowstorm, one looking incredibly proud and confident, the other looking worried and anxious.

Seeing Spirit Sovereign Yan, Feng Kule gulped and said, “Great Emperor, must you really do this?”

Baihao Yixin condescendingly laughed and said loudly, “You don’t know, but back when this Emperor was in the Upper Realm, even their Heavenly Palace’s Master had to treat me with respect. He’s just a Spirit Sovereign; who does he think he is? If it was before, This Emperor would be able to swat a group of little kids like him with a single palm strike.”