I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 372 - Chapter 372 – Power of A Mortal

Chapter 372 - Chapter 372 – Power of A Mortal


“Wait for him to reincarnate? When will we have to wait until? You want to trick me? You can all go die first,” Heavenly General Zhenwu said with a cold expression. After speaking, he swept down with his spear and caught Daoya Old Man off-guard. He was split in half in the air, and blood splattered out, falling onto the ground.

Seeing this, the hundreds of thousands of disciples’ eyes became red.

Xu Yang leapt up and raised his sword as he roared, “Emperor Sword Court disciples, what are you waiting for? Rather than just waiting to die, it’s better to die fighting! Don’t forget the motto of our sect!”

Daoya Old Man was Zhou Xuanji’s senior and one of the people with the greatest standing and reputation on Skyfall. For these people to kill him like this, they were stepping on Emperor Sword Court’s dignity.

“Using the sword to support the world, using the sword to save the people!”

The hundreds of thousands of disciples drew their swords and roared together as they leapt into the air and started to get into formation.

Lin Changge, Ning Zifeng, Xiao Jinghong, and the others also charged out. The Four Mountain-Guarding Kings roared as they returned to their true forms, and Fenyu Dragon King flew out from behind. Its body quickly grew, and the scene was incredibly majestic.

The Heavenly Guards did not care at all; since these mortals dared to resist, they would just die more painfully.

Jiang Xue gripped her magic staff and deeply breathed in, her gaze becoming resolute.

Since Xuanji was not here, she had to protect Skyfall well.

Zhou Xuanji had fought such invincible-looking enemies many times before.

“Arrange the formation, kill the enemies!” Jiang Xue raised her magic staff and shouted out. Raging flames surrounded her body, turning into fiery dragons. Wind wild blew and turned into tornadoes above her head, and countless orbs of water appeared in the air, gathering together to form a massive spear of water.

The second generation disciples used the Sealing Dream Sword Formation, and the third generation disciples used the Hundred Star Sky-Covering Formation.

“Not worthy of even a single blow!” Heavenly General Zhenwu said as he shook his head. He had wanted to see if Zhou Xuanji had any powerful disciples, but they were like this.


The sound of the air being torn suddenly sounded out, tearing through all of the other sounds. A stabbing sound could be heard as God Ghost Howl sank into Heavenly General Zhenwu’s chest.

The heavens and earth fell silent, and all of the Heavenly Guards turned and looked over, seeing Zhou Xuanji flying on a sword with his daughter in his arms.

Zhou Xiaoxuan looked incredibly excited and shouted, “So cool… so cool…”

Ranged Sword Propelling!

She had learned this too but felt that it was a mediocre sword technique that relied on accuracy too much.

After seeing Zhou Xuanji use Ranged Sword Propelling, she immediately wanted to pick it up again.

“I’m not dead yet. Who dares to harass Emperor Sword Court; have you grown tired of living?”

Zhou Xuanji’s laughter sounded throughout the sky, sending the Emperor Sword Court’s disciples into an uproar.

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and the others all felt incredibly emotional.

He had finally returned.

Seeing the scene of Zhou Xuanji coming back with Zhou Xiaoxuan in his arms, tears poured down Jiang Xue’s face, a look of happiness on her face.

Her Xuanji had returned, and he had brought back their daughter too.


At that moment, howls sounded out from the God Ghost Howl, and Heavenly General Zhenwu’s expression became unsightly. He splayed out his arms and forced out the sword from his chest.

He turned and looked at Zhou Xuanji as he said coldly, “You’ve come at the right time. I’ll kill you first and have your disciples watch how you die, then have them die while in despair!”


He raised his spear and charged at Zhou Xuanji, and the tens of Heavenly Guards also rushed at Zhou Xuanji.

They knew that Xuanyuan Huangchen seemed to have died at Zhou Xuanji’s hands, so they did not dare to be careless.

Zhou Xuanji directly took out the Sun-Devouring Tiangou Sword.

As the Celestial Shaking grade power flowed into his body, his aura became stronger and his Tri-Sun Flame Qi Robe fluttered while Zhou Xiaoxuan in his arms stared with wide eyes.

“So powerful… this power…” She muttered in a daze as she stared at Zhou Xuanji’s face.

Zhou Xuanji did not put her down and instead put one arm around her waist as he fought with one hand.

At the same time, he condensed five Sword Souls: Sky Dominating Sword, Soul-eater Slash, Tempest Slash, Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps, Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha!

The five Sword Souls danced with different lights, shining on his body and making him look like a god.

This was the first time he had used the Sun-Devouring Tiangou Sword with his full power.

Back when he had fought Liu Wuji, that fellow was too weak, and he had fallen before he could use his full power.

Zhou Xuanji quickly swung his sword, and the Sword Souls shot out incredibly quickly.

In the blink of an eye, six Heavenly Guards were turned to ash!

Heavenly General Zhenwu was greatly shocked and quickly came behind Zhou Xuanji, gripping his spear with both hands as he ferociously stabbed forwards.

A world-destroying wind wrapped around the spear and blasted out. The wind annihilated the clouds around it, wanting to rip apart Zhou Xuanji and Zhou Xiaoxuan’s bodies and souls.

Zhou Xuanji flipped his sword and swung out, sending out another Sword Soul towards Heavenly General Zhenwu. Countless rays of sword light flashed out as sword qi swept out, blasting into Heavenly General Zhenwu and causing him to cough up blood and fly backwards.

The Sword Soul of Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow!

It was as if millions of swords had simultaneously slammed into Heavenly General Zhenwu, causing his qi and blood to roil and making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

After flying back hundreds of kilometers, he kicked off against a tall mountain and used this momentum to rush at Zhou Xuanji.

The tall mountain was shattered into pieces, and dust billowed into the air.

Zhou Xuanji stared at him and smirked incredibly condescendingly.

Seeing this, Zhou Xiaoxuan’s heart rate sped up.

This boldness…

Despite facing a Heavenly General, he was still just as confident and domineering.

She was filled with pride; this was her father.

The number one in the world, completely matchless!

All of the legendary swords came out and hovered around Zhou Xuanji, each one releasing its own might.

All kinds of deafening sounds gathered together, as if they wanted to blast apart the heavens and earth, and seeing this, all of Emperor Sword Court’s disciples felt dumbfounded.

In front of Zhou Xuanji, the Heavenly Guards looked incredibly weak, and he no longer seemed as overwhelmingly powerful.

Zhou Xuanji continued to use the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow, and millions of sword images appeared, forming massive mountains and rivers that gave off a boundless aura. Those were mountains and rivers of primordial chaos, and it was as if his spirit energy was vast and unlimited.

“Heavenly General? I’ll show you the power of mortals!” Zhou Xuanji loudly laughed as all of his swords shot out, and the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow also attacked.

The legendary swords and sword images shot out in different directions, and the Heavenly Guards were so scared that they began to run away. Some rushed further up into the sky and others descended to the ground, but they were still unable to avoid those terrifying attacks.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

The ground shook as many trees were obliterated. Sand and dust billowed into the air, and Emperor Sword Court’s side retreated further into Skyfall.

Heavenly Guards were killed one after another, and their pained howls continuously sounded out.

“So powerful…” Zhao Congjian gripped his fists as he looked at this majestic sword technique. He immediately wanted to learn it.

It was a sword technique even more domineering than the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha!

The others were just as shaken, but they were more so curious about Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation.

It was too powerful!

It was not power that a mortal should have!

“Zhou Xuanji! What kind of divine weapon are you using?” Heavenly General Zhenwu asked furiously as he swung his spear with both hands, continuously blocking the unending sword images.

Zhou Xuanji kept one arm around his daughter as he rose up, and he looked down at him as he said, “The Sun-Devouring Tiangou Sword; it is especially for killing pigs and dogs.”

“You…” Heavenly General Zhenwu was so angry that he almost exploded; this fellow dared to humiliate him.

He gritted his teeth and raised his spear as he furiously shouted, “Heaven please bestow on me heavenly might…”

Zhou Xuanji raised an eyebrow and used Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps, moving towards him incredibly quickly.


Heavenly General Zhenwu’s head flew into the air, and blood sprayed out from his neck.