I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 371 - Chapter 371 The Heavenly Guards Wreaked Havoc. The Catastrophe Befell.

Chapter 371 - Chapter 371 The Heavenly Guards Wreaked Havoc. The Catastrophe Befell.


At Skyfall.

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Lin Changge, and the others gathered in a stone pavilion. Each of them looked grim.

They did not look any different from thirteen years ago. Even Jiang Xue, who gave birth to a child, looked like a young girl still.

“This means that our master is still alive, doesn’t it?”

Huang Lianxin broke the silence and smiled. Her words made everyone roll their eyes.

In their hearts, they always believed that Zhou Xuanji was alive.

Daoya Old Man sighed, “Seems like the Heavenly Hall hates Zhou Xuanji so much because of that Tian.”

Jiang Xue frowned and said, “If Xuanji is in the Northern Wilderness Region already, why isn’t he back yet. Could he have encountered trouble? ”

The one she cared most about was always Zhou Xuanji. Even Zhou Xiaoxuan could not replace him.

Lin Changge said, “Why don’t I go around to gather some information. If he’s in the inner region, news about him would have already spread. It’s most likely along the sea. ”

Even though Zhou Xuanji had disappeared, he had never left.

These people believed firmly that Zhou Xuanji would return.

Daoya Old Man waved his hand and smiled, saying, “I have a feeling. He and Xiaoxuan will be returning soon.”

Jiang Xue was pleasantly surprised and inquired further, “They are together?”

Daoya Old Man only smiled but did not speak a word.

After that, they began to talk about the recent movements of Emperor Sword Court.

The Heavenly Hall wanted to kill Zhou Xuanji, so the disciples could not leave Skyfall freely. It would be too dangerous.

In the royal garden of the Hunyuan Empire.

Yang Di was practicing his calligraphy. A man dressed in black clothes appeared behind him suddenly.

“Great Emperor, the Heavenly Hall descended. What should we do?” The man asked with a deep voice. When he spoke about this matter, his voice trembled.

The descent of the Heavenly Hall would cause an unprecedented impact on the Northern Wilderness Region.

Yang Di remained calm as he wrote down the name of Spirit Sovereign Yan and said, “Find out Spirit Sovereign Yan’s location, as well as the other Heavenly Guards. ”

The Heavenly Hall’s killing list did not have his name, but Spirit Sovereign Yan would surely affect his plan.

So, he had already taken Spirit Sovereign Yan as his enemy.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The man in black accepted the mission and departed.

Yang Di looked up to the sky and mumbled, “The Upper Realm. What kind of a realm is that?”

His cultivation and age were already enough for ascension. Still, he wanted to remain in the mortal world to become more powerful.

A metamorphosis would happen during ascension. The more powerful one was in the mortal world, the more powerful he would grow after the transformation.

One will become ten, two will become 20. One’s power would grow ten times after ascension.

After the descent of the Heavenly Hall, the Northern Wilderness Region was in chaos. The Heavenly Guards were all at Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal and were capable of forcing the mortals to build temples and offering altars to worship the Heavenly Hall. There was some killing, but the Heavenly Guards did not massacre freely. The humans in the Northern Wilderness Region had not crumbled entirely but were badly oppressed.

Under the commands of the gods, more people began to seek Zhou Xuanji, Baihao Yixin, and a dozen other powerful cultivators’ lives.

In the name list given by Spirit Sovereign Yan, Zhou Xuanji did not know most of the names. However, those that caught the Heavenly Hall’s attention must not be ordinary.

Ten days later.

Zhou Xuanji and his daughter left human territory and entered demon territory, toward Skyfall.

Along the way, Zhou Xuanji taught Zhou Xiaoxuan sword techniques.

He taught Zhou Xiaoxuan the Sky Dominating Divine Sword, telling her that it was the legacy of an ancient Sword Emperor. She accepted it pleasantly and talked about the ancient Sword Emperors ceaselessly.

This day, Zhou Xuanji encountered some people.

They were Baihao Yixin and Feng Gule.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji, Baihao Yixin’s face turned green instantly.

Feng Gule had an awkward expression as well.

“What a coincidence. ”

Zhou Xuanji waved hello with a smile. Zhou Xiaoxuan hid behind him instead and was sizing the other two people curiously.

These two did not seem like ordinary people.

Baihao Yixin grumbled, “No wonder the Heavenly Hall wants This Emperor dead. I really encountered you.”

Whenever he encountered Zhou Xuanji, he would be extremely unlucky.

Liu Wuji’s threat was just over, and now the Heavenly Hall, a more powerful threat, had appeared.

He really wanted to die all of a sudden.

Feng Gule was quite shocked that Zhou Xuanji had returned from the netherworld.

“Should we work together?”

Zhou Xuanji asked with a smile. He did not have any ill feelings toward Great Emperor Heartless.

With this guy around, and he could ask him to weaken Spirit Sovereign Yan with his suicide explosion.

“I’m unlucky whenever This Emperor sees you, humph!”

Baihao Yixin snorted coldly before he circled around Zhou Xuanji to leave. Feng Gule glanced at Zhou Xuanji and followed closely behind.

“Who are they? ” Zhou Xiaoxuan asked curiously.

“One of them is a great diviner, ” Zhou Xuanji said intently, “And the other is Great Emperor Heartless from 90,000 years ago.”


He realized that Baihao Yixin had grown more powerful. It seemed that this guy had not wasted the past 13 years.

“Great Emperor Heartless?”

Zhou Xiaoxuan asked with eyes wide open. She heard Great Emperor Heartless’s legends and did not expect such a person to still be alive.

She suddenly had a sense of reverence toward the world.

She was naive indeed in always thinking about becoming reputed across the world like Zhou Xuanji.

Under the blue sky, Skyfall was surrounded by a few dozen Heavenly Guards. All disciples of Emperor Sword Court readied themselves for battle on the mountain.

Seeing those mightily domineering Heavenly Guards, all the disciples were greatly anxious.

“How high are these Heavenly Guards’ cultivation? They seemed very powerful, more powerful than even Martial Uncle Ning.”

“It’s the end. We can’t defeat them.”

“Our Grand-Teacher is not here. What should we do?”

“They are here to kill our Grand-Teacher for sure.”

“They are all from the Upper Realm. Even if the Grand-Teacher is here, he might not defeat them!”

It was their first time encountering the immortals from the Upper Realm, so all the disciples were very nervous. Even Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and the others were so too.

Daoya Old Man flew up into the air. He cupped his fist, asking, “Respected deities, may I inquire about your purpose of visiting us?”

These words pleased the Heavenly Guards.

They were not real deities, but for the mortals, they were gods.

The leading Heavenly Guard stepped forward and said, “I’m Heavenly General Zhenwu. I’m leading an expedition against Zhou Xuanji. Tell me where Zhou Xuanji is.”

With their cultivation, they could see that Zhou Xuanji was not at Skyfall.

However, the Northern Wilderness Region was too vast. It would be very troublesome to search for Zhou Xuanji, so they wanted to look for him through Emperor Sword Court.

Having heard that, Daoya Old Man smiled bitterly, “Ever since his battle with Liu Wuji 13 years ago, he fell into the netherworld and did not appear again. We don’t know where he is too.”

The underworld?

Heavenly General Zhenwu asked with a frown, “How can a mere mortal enter the netherworld?”

Daoya Old Man spoke truthfully. In these 13 years, he divined Liu Wuji frequently and was successful only once every ten times. He divined that Liu Wuji was in the netherworld and was ambushing Zhou Xuanji.

This was his first time mentioning this. He had not even revealed this to Jiang Xue and the others before.

Hearing his words, Heavenly General Zhenwu frowned even deeper. “You mean Zhou Xuanji is already dead?” He asked.

Daoya Old Man did not reply but looked sorrowful on his face.

“If so, then you all shall die too!”

Heavenly General Zhenwu bellowed. After that, he raised the long spear in hand and was prepared to strike.


Daoya Old Man grew anxious and cried out immediately, “He might be coming back. We can become your hostages.”

He was not afraid to die, but the hundreds of thousands of people on Skyfall should not die because of this.