I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 370 - Chapter 370 Spirit Sovereign Yan. Heaven’s Will.

Chapter 370 - Chapter 370 Spirit Sovereign Yan. Heaven’s Will.


Zhou Xuanji left the battlefield with Zhou Xiaoxuan swiftly, but those spectators did not leave. They were in great awe that could not be calmed shortly.

Half an hour later.

The father and daughter landed beside a river. Zhou Xuanji put his daughter down before doing some stretching.

“Do you still dare to leave home like this again?” He said with a smile.

These words made Zhou Xiaoxuan blush in embarrassment.

She turned her head around and snorted gently, “If I didn’t leave home, how can I force you out?”

Although she was surprised by Zhou Xuanji’s appearance, it was not enough for her to jump into Zhou Xuanji’s arms straight away.

After the battle, her emotions were complex.

Ever since she was born, she had never seen Zhou Xuanji before. This sudden reunion made her a little awkward because she did not know what attitude she should have when facing him.

Thinking about it, her eyes began tearing up. She had an urge to cry.

Zhou Xuanji saw this and sat down.

“Why don’t I tell you a story?” He said with a smile.

Zhou Xiaoxuan heard him and sat by his side.

“Okay,” she snorted.

Her mother always mentioned that Zhou Xuanji always told stories to comfort her when they were young.

“A long time ago, the deities were residing in the Heavenly Court, and the lord of the Heavenly Court was the Jade Emperor. He was the leader and the lord of all the deities. His daughter, the Third Sacred Mother, took an interest in the ordinary realm and descended to it without permission…”

Zhou Xuanji began telling the story with a sorrowful expression.

“The Third Sacred Mother was bewitched by the humans and gave birth to a son, Liu Chenxiang. The Jade Emperor was greatly sorrowful when he found out about this and summoned the Third Sacred Mother back, but his daughter did not obey and rebelled. Her older brother, Yang Jian, was so angry that he came to personally capture her. However, that human was very vicious. He killed himself straight away and passed his dying will to his son, Liu Chenxian, to avenge him. This caused the Jade Emperor’s family to split.

“After that, the Yang Clan suppressed the Third Sacred Mother under Hua Mountain. After Liu Chenxiang grew up and received the legacy of a great demon, who had the title of Saint Who Equalled Heaven. Liu Chenxiang led the demons to lay siege to the Heavenly Court, and the Heavenly Court was in great chaos.

“The Heavenly Court relied on its foundation to suppress Liu Chenxiang. But Yang Jian was reluctant to let his nephew die, so he pretended to be defeated by Liu Chenxiang and allowed him to escape. In the end, the deities found out about this and were greatly enraged. From then on, Yang Jian was no longer a god of battle and rarely returned to the Heavenly Court. The Jade Emperor grew depressed as the days went by. It was only until the Saint Who Equalled Heaven charged into the Heavenly Court that the father and son were reunited.”

At this point, Zhou Xuanji sighed faintly. No one knew whether he sighed for the Jade Emperor, Yang Jian, or the Third Sacred Mother.

He muttered an apology to the Third Sacred Mother and Liu Chenxiang in his heart. It was all for educating his child.

Zhou Xiaoxuan clapped her hands and said indignantly, “So it was all the schemes of the Saint Who Equalled Heaven! ”

Zhou Xuanji almost fainted at her response. Her train of thought was really ingenious.

“The moral of this story is to not leave home against your parents’ will! ” He said helplessly.

Zhou Xiaoxuan curled her lip in disdain.

She crossed her arms before her chest and snorted, “Where have you been all these years? Some said that you were in hell. Was it true? ”

Compared to the story, she was more interested in Zhou Xuanji’s past.

Since she was young, she had a competitive heart.

The man did not look much older than her, but he was the most powerful person in the world.

Zhou Xuanji shrugged his shoulder and replied with a smile, “Yeahh, I fell into the netherworld…”

He told her about his experience in the netherworld. Although Zhou Xiaoxuan was only thirteen years old, she could already think on her own. It was time for her to know how vast this world was.

His words amazed Zhou Xiaoxuan. There really was a netherworld.

Even the Magistrate and Impermanences in the legends were real.

Zhou Xiaoxuan got excited and forgot about the embarrassment and awkwardness of their first reunion. Her questions came unceasingly.

Zhou Xuanji answered everything he knew, and she was in awe.

Seeing that the girl was so excited, Zhou Xuanji was pleased too.

He had to admit that although the girl was young, she already had a face of beauty. He must not let her leave home alone in the future unless she really had the power to venture the world.

So the father and daughter just sat by the river and chatted.

Waves of dust pervaded the air, and the grassland beneath had turned into a wasteland. Two silhouettes were levitating in the air, and both were wearing the same golden armor.

“Xuanyuan Huangchen is dead. He was a Fifth Tribulation Scattered Immortal, and he died the moment he came down… No wonder the Heavenly Hall wanted us, the Heavenly Guards, to invade the Northern Wilderness Region,” the muscular man among them sighed, and the other Heavenly Guard nodded.

The other Heavenly Guard had messy long hair with a pair of sharp horns on his head.

He said with knitted brows, “A powerful sword Qi pervades this area. There is only one possibility, and that is the Sword Emperor, Zhou Xuanji. He did not die. He came back from the netherworld.”

Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji!

This person’s name had already become well-known in the Upper Realm.

Shi Shenzong claimed that he was the greatest genius and a lifetime rival of his.

The Hegemon Sword Emperor said that Zhou Xuanji was his brother. It was with the help of Zhou Xuanji that he finally received great insight.

The Sky-sundering Sword Emperor believed that Zhou Xuanji was the reincarnation of a powerhouse. His background must be complicated.

The Heavenly Guards army had Zhou Xuanji on the top of their must-kill list.

Because of Xuanyuan Zhou, the Heavenly Hall and Zhou Xuanji had an unresolvable grudge. Moreover, Zhou Xuanji had the Tianxia Map in his possession.

At this moment, a cry resounded throughout the Northern Wilderness Region.

“I am Spirit Sovereign Yan, the great god of the Heavenly Hall. The Northern Wilderness Region neglected heaven’s will and has infuriated heaven. From today onwards, the deities and immortals shall guide everyone in the Northern Wilderness Region. The Heavenly Guards will establish Heavenly Steles in all places, and you, mortals, are required to worship the steles. Anyone who does not obey shall be punished by death!”

The voice was extremely majestic and was filled with heaven’s might, which generated reverence in the hearts of the people.

The world was shocked!

The gods descended, and the will of heaven was to enslave the mortals?

Zhou Xuanji and Zhou Xiaoxuan, who were by the riverside, heard the words of the Spirit Sovereign Yan. They had different expressions.

Zhou Xuanji frowned at the thought of Spirit Sovereign Yan’s cultivation. Just by his voice, he seemed very powerful, even more powerful than Liu Wuji.

Zhou Xiaoxuan was frightened instead. For mortals, the deities were lofty and undefeatable. How could she not be afraid?

“The following names are wanted dead by heaven. Everyone who provides information or helps to kill them will receive grace from heaven. Their cultivation and fate will be boosted greatly, and they can even be listed into the ranks of the immortals. They are Zhou Xuanji, Baihao Yixin, Feng Gule, Xian Xianghua…”

The Spirit Sovereign Yan’s voice came again, more imposingly.

Zhou Xiaoxuan got up out of fear and urged, “Dad, run. The gods want to kill you!”

Zhou Xuanji got up slowly and touched her hair.

“Dad’s not afraid. Who will kill who, the result is still not determined,” Zhou Xuanji said with a smile.


It was a pleasant surprise that the Heavenly Hall wanted to kill him the moment they descended!

If so, then he shall show no hospitality to them!

He turned around and walked toward Skyfall.

“Follow me,” he said.

Zhou Xiaoxuan was stunned a little before catching up quickly.

At the same time, the world was shocked. A huge commotion exploded in all the empires and kingdoms.

“What does he mean? Why must they kill the Sword Emperor?”

“Yeah! If not for the Sword Emperor, Liu Wuji would have killed all of us already!”

“Why do the gods seem like devils, forcing us to give offerings and wanting us to help to kill others.”

“The gods are immoral! The ancient wisdom is right. Never trust gods, never trust heaven.”

“Bullshit. They must be some devils pretending to be gods.”

“But since they come from the Upper Realm, they must be really powerful. Who can defeat them?”