I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 369 - Chapter 369 My Good Daughter, Look Carefully

Chapter 369 - Chapter 369 My Good Daughter, Look Carefully


“Hmm? Fourth Tribulation Scattered Immortal? Not bad!” The golden-armored man chuckled mockingly. He still did not take Zhou Xuanji seriously.

The man continued to fly toward Zhou Xuanji and his daughter. But he stopped suddenly and said in astonishment, “So many swords and such cultivation. Could you be the Sword Emperor, Zhou Xuanji? ”

Zhou Xiaoxuan looked at Zhou Xuanji’s back, stunned. Her white clothing danced in the wind.

“Father…” She mumbled.

The blood on Zhou Xuanji’s body faded away quickly. His face was like a brilliant jade, and he said with a smile, “Heavenly Clan of Xuanyuan, right? You really think you can make the Northern Wilderness Region your puppet?”

This was the first time acting tough in front of his daughter. It was exciting.

He must make this fight a clean and handsome victory and show his might and domination!

“Zhou Xuanji, you are on my clan’s kill list. Remember the name of the one who killed you is Xuanyuan Huangchen!”

The golden-armored man grew excited instantly and charged at Zhou Xuanji with his halberd without hesitation.

Zhou Xuanji was even faster. He activated the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, and a massive golden buddha rose, illuminating the earth with its holy radiance.

He entered into the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s body, and a thousand golden armors grew from its back.


The halberd landed on the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha but did not even cause a sliver of damage.

Zhou Xiaoxuan looked up with her hands crossed before her chest. Her mouth opened wide, and she was in great shock.

She had seen the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha in Skyfall, but she had never seen such a majestic and massive Thousand Hand Sword Buddha. It was as though the Holy Buddha had descended, unsurmountable and its holiness unable to be infringed upon.

“Such power…”

Her eyes sparkled. This was her father’s true power.

At the same time, she was embarrassed and angry. Zhou Xuanji must have been following her since two months ago. He must have witnessed her at her worst.

However, much of her heart was filled with happiness.

Her mother did not lie to her. If her father was around, he would surely love her.

“Xiaoxuan, observe carefully. I will teach you after we are back.”

Zhou Xuanji’s laughter came with arrogance. He sounded like he did not take Xuanyuan Huangchen seriously at all.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha began attacking. A thousand swords combined into an extremely domineering and swift slash. Xuanyuan Huangchen was aghast and could not evade in time, and the slash nailed him under the ground instantly.


The ground crumbled, and dust veiled the sky.

Zhou Xiaoxuan screamed as she was propelled off by the ground that shook violently. Fortunately, a gigantic golden hand caught her.

The golden hand put her on the top of the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s head, and she felt pleasantly surprised. Everything seemed so small when she looked downwards.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha opened its eyes and cried out, “Primordial Chaos!”

The cry shook the heavens and the earth. Even Zhou Xiaoxuan’s blood boiled at the cry.

Countless sword shadows appeared around the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha densely. The sight made her eyes wide open.

Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow!

Zhou Xuanji rarely used this sword technique. Although it had great destructive range, it was not suited in one versus one.

But to let his daughter witness his power, he chose the most elegant and domineering sword technique naturally.

Instantly, millions of sword shadows levitated in midair. Each sword shadow was thirty over meters long, and their shapes resembled Zhou Xuanji’s legendary swords.

This move almost depleted all his magic energy, but fortunately, he had the Tianxia Map.

“What sword technique is this…”

Zhou Xiaoxuan’s face turned red in excitement. She looked left and right, and she was determined to learn this sword technique.

The earth was veiled by the dust storm, and Xuanyuan Huangchen leaped up. His face was covered with blood, and his fury almost burst from his chest.

“Zhou Xuanji!” Don’t be arrogant!”

He cried out furiously as he swung his halberd. A violent gale came and surrounded him like a dragon.

At one glance, the gigantic gale dragon was not smaller than the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

The two persons stood off like two mountains, each emanating an awesome aura.

Far away, a group of cultivators stood on a peak, and each of them was in awe.

They were the disciples of a certain sect who were adventuring in the world. They did not expect to witness such a fearsome battle.

“The Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha! The Sword Emperor! Sword Emperor!”

“Hahaha! I knew the Sword Emperor was not dead!”

“Such a domineering sword buddha! ”

“Who is the other person? He has such a powerful aura, could it be Yang Di?”

“Too powerful. Are they gods?”

The cultivators discussed with great excitement. They had not expected their adventure to bring them the opportunity to witness such a great battle.

Even though they were just spectating, it expanded their knowledge and understanding greatly.

Zhou Xuanji directed the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow to attack. It was like the downpour of a heavy storm, the emptying of a great river, or an unstoppable force that could break the heavens.

Xuanyuan Huangchen also directed the gale dragon to fight back.


Two horrifying powers clashed together, shredding the earth on the grassland and shaking the mountains far away. Thunderclouds billowed above their heads.

With two Intimidating Spirit legendary swords, Zhou Xuanji’s power exceeded that of a Fourth Tribulation Scattered Immortal. The gale dragon was penetrated and shredded into pieces quickly.

Xuanyuan Huangchen gripped his halberd with both hands and began spinning it to deflect the sword shadows. Even if he could deflect them, he was being pushed backward by the impact.

“This guy is really powerful! No wonder he could defeat Shi Shenzong…”

Xuanyuan Huangchen thought with gritted teeth. A murderous aura filled his eyes.

How could he be defeated by Zhou Xuanji the moment he descended into this world.

With a furious cry, he swung the halberd forcefully with both hands. Countless gale dragons appeared one after another and charged toward the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

Zhou Xuanji decided to end it quickly and without delay.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha disappeared, and Zhou Xiaoxuan fell with a scream.

Zhou Xuanji wrapped his left arm around Zhou Xiaoxuan’s waist. At the same time, he held the True Lord Xiansheng Sword on his right hand, conjuring the sword soul of the Sky Dominating Divine Sword.

Zhou Xiaoxuan looked up at him. His handsome and confident face gave her a sense of security that she had never experienced before.

She could not help but praise him in her heart. How handsome!

No wonder her mother always said that her father was the most handsome man in the world. She did not believe it until now.

“My good daughter, look carefully at how your father kills the enemy!”

Zhou Xuanji laughed heroically. Just when he finished speaking, he came up to Xuanyuan Huangchen with the Eight-step Sword Lunge, while Zhou Xiaoxuan was still in his arms.

Zhou Xiaoxuan’s sight blurred, and in the next moment, Xuanyuan Huangchen appeared before her eyes. He had such a sinister face, as though a fearsome ghost had possessed him.

At this moment, a ray of black beam flashed past her eyes.


A powerful light appeared. She could only hear unceasing sounds of explosions but did not feel the shockwave.

After the powerful light faded, Xuanyuan Huangchen was nowhere to be.

Three golden storage rings appeared on True Lord Xiansheng Sword’s blade and did not slide off it.

“A Fifth Tribulation Scattered Immortal’s cultivation is really powerful. It’s a pity that he chose the wrong target.”

Zhou Xuanji shook his head with a soft laugh, which gave Zhou Xiaoxuan an urge to worship him.

The enemy was dead before she could even see clearly what Zhou Xuanji had done.

Moreover, the enemy was a Fifth Tribulation Scattered Immortal!

Someone with such cultivation could fight to become the world’s top cultivator!

She suddenly remembered the green skirt lady and snorted coldly in her heart, “My father is much more powerful, you short-sighted person!”

She believed that if the green skirt lady witnessed this battle, she would not have spoken so carelessly.

Her father was the top cultivator in the world, indeed!