I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 368 - Chapter 368 The Heavenly Race Descended. The Sword Emperor Showed His Might

Chapter 368 - Chapter 368 The Heavenly Race Descended. The Sword Emperor Showed His Might


The armored man slashed toward Zhou Xuanji with the halberd in his hand. It was a powerful strike, and Zhou Xuanji raised his sword to block.

He pretended to fail the block and was pushed backward. This made Zhou Xiaoxuan even more worried.

“Brat, to die in my hands is your serendipity!”

The armored man laughed. He did not cast any spells or divine abilities but merely hacked and slashed at Zhou Xuanji with his halberd. Zhou Xuanji could not handle his attacks and fell back again and again.

Zhou Xiaoxuan gritted her teeth and charged with her sword.

The armored man swung his halberd casually and sent Zhou Xiaoxuan flying away.

Seeing his daughter vomit blood, Zhou Xuanji’s eyes turned ice-cold.

However, he still pretended to be disadvantaged.

This was a great opportunity for Zhou Xiaoxuan to fully understand how weak she was and how wicked this world was.

Clang! Clang! Clang…

Zhou Xuanji was locked in fierce combat with the armored man.

He intentionally charged at the armored man from different directions with Eight-step Sword Lunge, pretending to be doing his best.

The armored man deflected his attacks again and again.

To make the acting more real, Zhou Xuanji even forced a mouthful of blood out. His entire body slumped as though he was going to die.

“Stop! I will go with you!”

Zhou Xiaoxuan stared with eyes that were red and cried out. After that, she wiped the blood off her lips and walked toward the armored man.

Her eyes were filled with apologies as she looked at Zhou Xuanji.

If not for her, Zhou Xuanji would not have sustained such a severe injury.

She did not have the time to think about whether she had seen Zhou Xuanji’s face in Emperor Sword Court before. The reluctance and guilt that filled her heart had already made her dizzy.

If she was powerful enough…

If she was as powerful as her father…

If she did not leave Skyfall.

Extreme regret made her pupils glow in purple light. She lowered her head, and no one noticed it.

“Go for what!”

“You are not like your father in this area!”

Zhou Xuanji, whose face was covered in blood, cried out with gritted teeth. Fury filled his eyes.

“The world only knows your father’s talent and power, but do they know how he became like that? He encountered too many enemies who were far more powerful than him. Still, to protect the people around him and to get revenge, he stepped between life and death again and again. He never felt fear. ”

“Liu Wuji exceeded Eighth Tribulation Scattered Immortals, and even your father could not defeat him. But for the sake of the Northern Wilderness Region and you all, he fought with his life on the line.”

“Don’t be afraid of regret. You should change your regret into determination. Hold your sword tight and fight alongside me. It’s either we die or he dies!”

If he allowed Zhou Xiaoxuan to go with the armored man, she might have trauma for the rest of her life.

Of course, with Zhou Xuanji around, the armored man was already half-dead.

Having heard that, Zhou Xiaoxuan steadied her body. She took a deep breath and tried her best to calm her emotions.

“You are right,” She raised her head and said with gritted teeth, “I must not become my father’s shame!”

She grew up listening to her father’s legacies and knew that everything Zhou Xuanji said was the truth.

After the thought, she charged at the armored man with her sword.

Zhou Xuanji moved at the same time.

The father and daughter attacked the armored man together.

To prevent Zhou Xiaoxuan from getting injured, Zhou Xuanji increased the power in his attacks while helping his daughter deflect the enemy’s magic energy.

The two of them worked together and caught the armored man off guard. Soon, Zhou Xuanji managed to hurt him.

Her sword style leaned toward the fierce side. Not only did she know the Vibrant Raindrops Sword, but she also knew Eight-step Sword Lunge. Just like Zhou Xuanji, she moved like a specter during battle. It was just that her speed and aura were far inferior.

“What’s happening…”

The armored man opened his eyes wide and was greatly shocked in his heart.

He glanced at Zhou Xuanji instinctively.

This asshole was just pretending!

He was in a great rage. He jerked his arms, and a horrifying aura exploded from him. The impact sent Zhou Xiaoxuan flying off, and Zhou Xuanji caught her in his arms immediately.

The grassland shook, and a visible force turned into a pillar, soaring toward the sky.

“Critter! You dared to fool me! You are looking for death!”

The armored man roared in a fury. He raised the halberd up, and it glowed with a black radiance that gathered the thunderclouds.

Zhou Xiaoxuan opened her eyes wide. Great fear gripped her heart.

It was her first time experiencing the aura of a Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

Such power!

She felt as though she was facing a deity!

This was merely a Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal. How horrifying was it when her father faced Liu Wuji?

Beads of cold sweat covered her forehead.

Zhou Xuanji supported her and smiled bitterly, “Missy, it seems that we are going to die here.”

Zhou Xiaoxuan bit her lips and got up with her sword.

Zhou Xuanji noticed her eyes and frowned.

Her pupils turned violet.

After careful observation, there was a purple Taichi diagram in each of her eyes.

“How could it be! ”

He was stunned. The purple Taichi diagram was the sign of World Reincarnation. How could this girl know it?

Could it be the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart?

He had no time to think deeper. The armored man hacked at him with the halberd again.

A horrifying blade Qi cut open the ground like a roaring dragon, which generated a violent gale that seemed to blow Zhou Xuanji and his daughter away.

Facing such attacks, Zhou Xuanji sighed softly. It seemed that his actions had to stop.


A ball of flame descended from the sky and bombarded the armored man into ashes. The waves of flames swept across in all directions. Zhou Xuanji quickly picked up Zhou Xiaoxuan and flew afar.

After the two of them landed, they looked up into the sky. Numerous fire balls were flying across the clouds and toward the horizon. Each fireball was followed by a long trail of smoke, as though they were comets.

What is that? ”

Zhou Xiaoxuan asked with wide-opened eyes in astonishment.

That arrogant armored man just died like that?

Zhou Xuanji frowned deeply. He felt numerous powerful auras.

Each ball of flames contained a person.

And each person was above the Great Realization stage!

So many Great Tribulation Scattered Immortals…

The Heavenly Clan of Xuanyuan!

The Upper Realm was preparing to enslave the Northern Wilderness Region!

“Tsk tsk. I did not expect to encounter a Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal when I descended into the ordinary world. Interesting.”

Mocking laughter came from the waves of flames. The two turned around and saw someone rising up from the flames.

He wore an elegant and heavy golden armor and had a red cape at his back. His handsome face was domineering with a bull-horned golden crown, and he had a halberd that had an exaggerated look in his hand.

He gazed at Zhou Xuanji and Zhou Xiaoxuan with much interest and said, laughing, “Your fates cannot be divined. So I shall kill you to prevent any mishaps. ”

After that, he flew over with the halberd in his hands.

This person killed a Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal instantly, and Zhou Xiaoxuan swallowed her saliva in fear.

“What would my father do in such a situation?” She asked softly.

Zhou Xuanji sighed and replied, “If it were like last time, he would surely flee.”

She frowned and stared furiously at Zhou Xuanji.

“Then, now?” She asked with a deeper voice.

This guy described her father as such a heroic and fearless person, and now he changed his view?

Zhou Xuanji took a step forward, staring at the golden-armored man in front of him, and said, “He has a daughter, so he has to fight.”

He said it softly but with extreme determination.

Numerous legendary swords appeared above his head, and each had their own radiance and aura, illuminating Zhou Xiaoxuan’s beautiful face.

He released the Dog Culling Sword, Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment, and True Lord Xiansheng Sword appeared in his hands.

With the two swords, he no longer concealed his aura. He was like a legendary sword, Sword Qi Soar!

“This is…”

Zhou Xiaoxuan opened her eyes wide. She became dazzled, and she let go of her sword without her knowing it.