I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 367 - Chapter 367 The Pursuit For Power

Chapter 367 - Chapter 367 The Pursuit For Power


Yang Di looked at the man in the woven rush raincoat indifferently and said, “You wanted This Emperor to become the top cultivator, and This Emperor did it. You wanted This Emperor to establish a Great Fate Empire, and This Emperor is working on it. You wanted This Emperor to guard the future of the human race, and This Emperor is still waiting.”

“You are speaking loosely. You think these are easy?”

“Why can’t This Emperor pursue power?”

His majestic voice reverberated throughout the palace, as though a deity interrogating a mortal.

The man in the raincoat gnashed his teeth and replied, “I asked you to guard the future of humanity, which included all the ordinary people who are not villains!”

Yang Di shook his head in a smile and said, “Your thinking is naive. There’s no way to protect everything. You have lived through so many generations for your great goal, and how many deaths have you witnessed?”

The man in the raincoat was so furious that his body trembled.

This brat has totally turned rebellious!

It was regrettable. If he had known this, he should have chosen the other person available.

Yang Di waved his hand and said, “You should have backed down and ascended a long time ago. You cannot do anything in the human world, why make yourself suffer?”

The man in the raincoat snorted coldly before he flung his sleeves and left.

Looking at him leaving, Yang Di’s expression turned cold. A murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

“How can you understand the ambition of This Emperor?” Yang Di mumbled to himself, disdain filling his tone.

In the blink of an eye, two months passed.

Zhou Xuanji followed Zhou Xiaoxuan across mountains and lakes. This girl encountered many demons but defeated all of them with the Vibrant Raindrops Sword. As she continued her adventure, her sword techniques grew more powerful.

But if she continued like this, only heaven would know how many thousands of years it will take her to find the legacy of an ancient Great Emperor.

Zhou Xuanji felt a little frustrated. Why hasn’t the daughter of Jihuang Demon Lord been on the move yet?

Leaving home this time around, Zhou Xiaoxuan felt a sense of loneliness that she had never felt before. This gradually made her stronger.

This day, she traveled ahead as she practiced her sword technique.

In front of her was a vast grassland that seemed borderless. She sighed with a bitter expression, “Sigh, when can I find the legacy of an ancient Great Emperor. I miss mother’s lotus seed dessert.”

Being alone outside, everything she ate was bland. She longed for some good food.

The more she thought about it, the more depressed she became.

However, she quickly calmed her mood and continued her way.

Meanwhile, Zhou Xuanji was on the alert.

Because there was a powerful aura on the grassland.

Someone who exceeded Great Realization!

“Odd. Why would such a powerful cultivator be near the Southern Snow Kingdom? Could that person be here to capture my daughter?”

Zhou Xuanji mumbled to himself as he rubbed his chin. There were not many Great Tribulation Scattered Immortals in the current world, especially after Liu Wuji reappeared.

That guy killed more than half of humanity’s powerful cultivators. Fortunately, Zhou Xuanji had eliminated the top demon cultivators before, such that both races were still at equilibrium and at peace.

A few dozen miles away, a man who wore an old and tattered armor sat on the grass.

There were two stretches of scars on his cheeks. His pupils were green, and he had no eyebrows. His hair was tied into a ponytail with a thin string.

His eyes were locked onto Zhou Xiaoxuan.

“The daughter of the Sword Emperor. Such an abundant Fate indeed.”

He mumbled to himself with an eccentric smile.

A long while later.

Zhou Xiaoxuan finally saw him. She stopped instinctively.

The armor on his body was already tattered as though he had gone through a horrifying battle. His appearance was rather terrifying.

Zhou Xiaoxuan frowned and contemplated for a while, before turning to walk toward another direction.

At this moment, the armored man stood up. She was so afraid that she drew her sword immediately.

“Zhou Xuanji’s daughter? Tsk tsk. You are so bold to travel the world alone. Follow me. If you behave yourself, I can give you the power to exceed your father.”

The armored man laughed softly as he walked toward Zhou Xiaoxuan.

“Who are you?” Zhou Xiaoxuan asked with gritted teeth.

The opponent spoke with such arrogance, so he must not be someone ordinary.

She felt anxious in her heart. Now that she used up her Concealing Grass, who could protect her?

“I’m from overseas. It has been a hundred years since I entered the Northern Wilderness Region, and I ‘ve witnessed how Zhou Xuanji’s reputation grew to shake the entire world. You are his daughter and are not less talented than him. Follow me back, and I will take you as my disciple. In the future, you will ascend and even be listed as one of the immortals,” the armored man continued to speak with a smile, his eyes passionate.

“I can ascend too if I follow my father!” Zhou Xiaoxuan replied with vigilance.

Having heard that, the armored man laughed wildly toward the sky, out of sheer pleasure.

“Your father? He’s already dead! He fell into hell. How could he return? Even if he returns, he would have reincarnated. The Eight Sanctums did not mention this, and do you know why? It’s not to reminisce about the Sword Emperor but to deter the demons and factions from overseas. He was the invincible person who killed Liu Wuji after all.”

These words turned Zhou Xiaoxuan’s face pale.

She had been waiting for her father’s return. But sometimes, she would think about the worst-case scenario.

Although she claimed to want to surpass Zhou Xuanji, if Zhou Xuanji was no longer around, what would be the meaning of that?

She remembered how her mother cried silently in the middle of the night. The more she thought about it, the more fear gripped her heart. Sadness welled up in her heart, and she felt as though it was the end of her world.

“The end-stage of the Northern Wilderness Region has begun. The World Epoch is already here. A new ruler of the world will appear over the Northern Wilderness Region. You will be dead for sure. Follow me. It’s your serendipity,” the armored man came up to Zhou Xiaoxuan with one step, looked down at her, and said. She was so fearful that she stumbled backward.


An air-piercing sound came, and something landed between the two of them.

It was the Dog Culling Sword.

The two turned and saw Zhou Xuanji dashing over from the end of the grassland.

“It’s him!”

Zhou Xiaoxuan opened her eyes wide. She did not expect someone she had defeated would come to her rescue.

Zhou Xuanji intentionally veiled his aura to the Great Realization stage and quickly came up to Zhou Xiaoxuan. He raised his hand, and the Dog Culling Sword returned to him.

“Little girl, are you afraid?”

Zhou Xuanji stared fixedly at the armored man and said deeply.

Zhou Xiaoxuan heard him and quickly raised her own sword.

“I’m not afraid!” She said softly.

The armored man smiled disdainfully.

“Great Realization cultivation. Powerful indeed. It seems that Emperor Sword Court already knew where she was,” he said.

Zhou Xuanji wielded a sword, which made him think about Emperor Sword Court.

“A pity. My cultivation is Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal. You want to die?”

The armored man laughed sinisterly, which gave Zhou Xiaoxuan such a fright that her pupils contracted.

A Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

No one in Emperor Sword Court had reached Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal other than Zhou Xuanji.

She smiled bitterly and mumbled, “Oh no… It’s the end…”

She was one step away from even the Enlightening Stage. How could she defeat the armored man?

Zhou Xuanji back-faced her and said, “Are you regretting it now? If you were cultivating in Emperor Sword Court and tried your best to grow more powerful, you would not be in such danger today.”

“Your father had no choice. He created Emperor Sword Court so that you could focus on cultivation. But you did not treasure it. If your father was really dead, and you were captured, how sad would your mother be? You are the only family left for her.”

The words made Zhou Xiaoxuan feel so guilty that she trembled as she held the sword in her hand tightly…

The armored man raised his right hand, and a black halberd appeared in his hand. With a loud burst of laughter, he said, “Isn’t it too late to say these things?”