I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 366 - Chapter 366 Heavenly Clan Xuanyuan. The Descendant of Demonic Emperor Bloodline

Chapter 366 - Chapter 366 Heavenly Clan Xuanyuan. The Descendant of Demonic Emperor Bloodline


The green skirt lady was struck by the Windcutter Sword in her abdomen. Blood gushed out along the blade. She tried to get up from the ground as she looked at Zhou Xuanji.

“Who are you? You are such a powerful cultivator, yet you pretended to lose to that girl,” she asked with gritted teeth.

Zhou Xuanji used Universal Attraction and pulled her toward him. He then locked his hands around her throat.

Staring deeply into her eyes, he asked coldly, “Demon, don’t think that I can’t see through your original form after you transformed into human form. Why are you following behind Zhou Xiaoxuan secretly?”


Long Xiaoshuai shuddered.

But he was more curious about how powerful Zhou Xuanji was. Compared to before, he was like a totally different person.

After spending a month together, he could still not see how powerful Zhou Xuanji actually was, as though all the demons were defeated instantly by this mysterious man.

Could it be that the old demonic man was scared off by him?

The green skirt lady had a complex expression on her face.

Even Wanzang King Specter could not see through her original form, yet the mysterious man in front of her could see it through in an instant. This made her shudder.

“Tell me, or die,” Zhou Xuanji said coldly. A horrifying murderous intent engulfed the green skirt lady, and she trembled in fear.

Then the Truth Sword pierced into her chest.

She gritted her teeth and said, “I’m the daughter of Jihuang Demon Lord. I want revenge. I want to catch Zhou Xiaoxuan and force Zhou Xuanji out.”

She opened her eyes wide, and fear was written all over her face.

Why did she speak the truth?

Zhou Xuanji squinted his eyes. He did not expect Jihuang Demon Lord to have a daughter.

It was reasonable. As the Demon Sovereign, he must have had countless children.

Zhou Xuanji kept his sword and smiled, “Ohh, so it was like this. Then you can go.”

The green skirt lady was stunned. She was already prepared to die, but she did not expect Zhou Xuanji to let her go.

She immediately leaped up and fled swiftly, in case Zhou Xuanji changed his mind.

“She’s a demon, and she’s after Zhou Xiaoxuan, ” Long Xiaoshuai said anxiously, “How can you just let her go?”

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him and said, “You want to go and chase her? ”

Words were stuck in Long Xiaoshuai’s throat.

Zhou Xuanji said relaxingly, “Go to Great Zhou and find the Hidden Sword Sect Elder, Qiu Baili. Ask him to refer you to Emperor Sword Court.”

He flipped his hand, and a token appeared in his palm.

The token had the color of black iron on both sides, and its top was formed by two swords crossed. The word “Emperor” was carved into the blades.

Emperor Sword Token!

Long Xiaoshuai was stunned. He only realized what happened after he took over the Emperor Sword Token.

Zhou Xuanji walked past him.

“Who are you really?” He quickly asked.

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him and smiled, “Using the sword to support the world, using the sword to save the people. ”

Right after Zhou Xuanji spoke, he disappeared.

Long Xiaoshuai was exhilarated. That statement was made when the Emperor Sword Court was established. Could this guy be a disciple of Emperor Sword Court?

So he was sent by Emperor Sword Court to protect Zhou Xiaoxuan.

Long Xiaoshuai walked out of the valley pleasantly and was prepared to find the Hidden Sword Sect.

After leaving the valley, Zhou Xuanji traced Zhou Xuanji. He did not jump out immediately but followed her.

He let the green skirt lady off intentionally to create a crisis for Zhou Xiaoxuan.

He wanted to help her only when she was in great danger. Only this would teach her a memorable lesson so that she would not leave home like this again.

At the same time, Zhou Xuanji wanted to let her know that adventuring in the world was very dangerous. Doing it alone was even more dangerous. It was to help her understand the importance of power.

Zhou Xuanji laid on the Formless Sword and traveled among the clouds with elegance and a carefree attitude.

The spiritual Qi of the human realm was much more refreshing and comfortable to him than the netherworld.

“You are really back. ”

A voice came to Zhou Xuanji’s ears. He did not open his eyes, and he still knew who was coming.

It was Daoseeker.

He replied casually, “Are you a dog? You really have a sharp nose. I just returned and you are here. ”

As for Daoseeker, he had some grumblings against him.

During the battle in the Hunyuan Royal Capital, Daoseeker was merely spectating. When both he and Liu Wuji lost their combat ability, this guy did not even save him. Who knew what he was up to.

Daoseeker wore a taoist robe and had a calm expression. He stared at Zhou Xuanji with a face that did not change over the 13 years and said, “I know you want to grumble against me. As a Tribulation Executive, I cannot do anything. This is not important, since you have returned. The tribulation of the Northern Wilderness Region is just beginning. You are the top cultivator, and your responsibility has just begun as well.”

Zhou Xuanji opened one eye and asked, “What do you mean? Liu Wuji just died, and another person came out? Is it Baihao Yixin? ”

He felt really frustrated. Why were there so many issues!

Like Liu Wuji, legendary characters like Baihao Yixin and Shi Shenzong could trample over an entire generation. But there was only one of them every ten thousand years.

During his era, he encountered all of them together, along with Tian and threats from overseas.

Is Heaven against me?

“The Heavenly Clan of Xuanyuan has lost two geniuses and were infuriated against the Northern Wilderness Region. They are preparing to send some powerful cultivators from the Upper Realm to enslave the entire Northern Wilderness Region. Other than this, the descendent of the Demonic Emperor Bloodline has come into the world. To be precise, he was born a long time ago, and that person’s Fate was only revealed recently. ”

Daoseeker sighed helplessly.

The descendant of the Demonic Emperor Bloodline?

Zhou Xuanji heard from Jiang Wudi a long time ago.

“Who is the descendent of the Demonic Emperor Bloodline? ” He frowned.

At the same time, he was also suspicious about the Xuanyuan Clan’s grudge.

The Upper Realm could bully the ordinary realm in any way they pleased?

Daoseeker shook his head and replied, “I’m not sure. But you must be prepared. Now that you are the top cultivator, you have the greatest hope to be attested as a Great Emperor. If you protect the Northern Wilderness Region and destroy all your powerful enemies, you will be acknowledged by the Heavenly Dao and be attested as a Great Emperor. When you ascend in the future, you will not have an inferior position in the Upper Realm.”

Acknowledged as a Great Emperor!

Zhou Xuanji squinted his eyes, and his mind became active again.

Daoseeker did not speak again but allowed him to think alone.

After that, Daoseeker turned and transformed into a mist before disappearing.

Zhou Xuanji jumped up and cursed, “What good timing. Since I’m already the top cultivator, don’t even think of taking over me! ”

When he returned from the netherworld, he killed Liu Wuji with ease. This gave him a lot of confidence, and he was not afraid of anything.

Zhou Xiaoxuan, who was beneath him, stopped by the riverside and began drinking.

She sat by the river bank and did not get up after drinking some water. Instead, she supported her chin with her hand and looked afar, pouting.

It had been a long time since she had left Skyfall. She had some regrets and homesickness because she was still a child, after all.

Zhou Xuanji looked down at her from high above the air and could not help but feel nostalgic.

Since then, Zhou Xuanji followed everywhere Zhou Xiaoxuan went but did not appear in front of her.

In the royal palace of the Hunyuan Empire.

Yang Di sat on the throne, and nine small golden dragons were resting beside him. As they snored, fiery air came out from their nostrils and mouths.

He had fully absorbed the Dragon Vein and had reached unprecedented heights in his cultivation.

The Fate of countless people in the Hunyuan Empire gathered on him. This had never happened before.

He gazed at the palace and saw that the man in the rush woven raincoat standing in front of him.

“What is your ambition? To obtain the Dragon Vein and absorb it to become your own magic energy? This will bring great catastrophe to the civilians in the Hunyuan Empire. You have deceived them,” the man in raincoat said with a low voice. The anger in his tone could hardly be covered.

He chose Yang Di.

But Yang Di betrayed their initial promise.