I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 365 - Chapter 365 Like Father Like Daughter

Chapter 365 - Chapter 365 Like Father Like Daughter


About Zhou Xiaoxuan leaving her home to wander outside, although Zhou Xuanji felt a little guilty, he felt more furious.

This little girl was really bold and must really learn some lessons.

It really took pains for him to find Zhou Xiaoxuan. He spent a full month searching for her, and it was only fortunate that he had high cultivation and could sense the bloodline resonance when his daughter was near. Or else, only heaven knew how much longer he needed to search.

He pretended to not know that Zhou Xiaoxuan was here and loitered around in the valley.

Seeing that there were no demons, Long Xiaoshuai heaved a sigh of relief.

He wiped the sweat of his brows and grumbled, “Big brother, are you dumb. Zhou Xiaoxuan cannot be here. She’s the daughter of Emperor Sword Court, so she must be hiding in the city. There’s a city nearby, so we should go and take a look. ”

“We must be quick, or else, someone else might find her and get Emperor Sword Court’s reward. If that happens, then I will not become Zhou Xuanji’s disciple! ”

Mentioning this, he became extremely anxious.

Zhou Xiaoxuan, who was hiding in the grass, felt relieved after hearing their conversation.

It seemed that they were not enemies.

They were admirers of her father too.

“Someone’s coming! ”

Zhou Xuanji cried out loudly. Next, he tossed out the Bookcutter Sword, which cut through the grasses and landed right before Zhou Xiaoxuan. She was so frightened that her face went pale.

She got up immediately and said, “Stop, I have no ill intentions.”

Long Xiaoshuai looked over with eyes wide open. His fair and plumb face blushed immediately.

It was Zhou Xuanji’s first time seeing his own daughter, which made him a little dazzled.

She really resembled Jiang Xue but was also somewhat different from her.

The girl was beautiful like her mother, but she had similar expressions in her eyes and brows to him. They were filled with determination.

When Zhou Xiaoxuan saw Zhou Xuanji, she felt that she had seen this face somewhere, but she could not remember.

When she was young, her mother showed her an image of Zhou Xuanji, but since it was a long time ago, she could not remember.

Usually, she did not demand to see her father’s picture.

Because she had heard of too many stories about Zhou Xuanji, she turned rebellious at six years old.

All that she thought about every day was to travel and become reputed all across the world.

“Such a pretty girl. Let’s slaughter her and cook her for dinner,” Zhou Xuanji laughed wickedly. He even licked his lips intentionally.

With these words, Zhou Xiaoxuan was so scared that her whole body went stiff. Long Xiaoshai opened his eyes wide and said with a trembling voice, “Big brother, what are you talking about…”

Thinking about the days that he had spent with Zhou Xuanji, if he really loved to eat human beings…


I’m in such a dangerous situation!

Zhou Xuanji waved his right hand, and the Bookcutter Sword returned to him. He walked up to Zhou Xiaoxuan and chuckled, “Little girl, what are your last words? ”

He felt proud in his heart. He did not expect Zhou Xiaoxuan to have already reached Foundation Building Level Ten and be very close to reaching the Enlightening Stage.

This girl was only thirteen years old, and she was so talented. Like father like daughter indeed.

Zhou Xiaoxuan drew her sword and got into the posture of the Vibrant Raindrops Sword. She cried out with a cute voice, “You wicked demon that eats people, you think that I’m easy to bully?”

After that, she entered into sword will mode. Taking a step forward, she charged at Zhou Xuanji with a powerful rotation.

Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh…

As the blades jerked, countless sword sparkles appeared like falling petals and a heavy downpour. Her sword Qi flooded toward Zhou Xuanji.

Long Xiaoshuai was stunned in awe.

Such a handsome sword technique!

In contrast, his Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha was like shit.

Zhou Xuanji pretended to take much effort in deflecting the moves. He pretended to grit his teeth, covered in beads of cold sweat.

Zhou Xiaoxuan’s impetus grew stronger and caught him off guard.

At last, with a loud thump, Zhou Xuanji lost grip of his Bookcutter Sword.

The tip of Zhou Xiaoxuan’s sword stopped right before his throat. Her face was cold as she said, “You are defeated.”

Zhou Xuanji sighed, “You should kill me. I’m someone who wants to eat you. ”

Zhou Xiaoxuan frowned and snorted, “Such a useless person thinking of eating me? You can’t do it.”


Zhou Xuanji almost vomited blood. This girl was too arrogant!

Such a bitter tongue!

How did she turn out to be like Xian Xianghua?

At this moment, Long Xiaoshuai came up to them and smiled, “My lady, we don’t have ill-intentions. He’s just joking with you. If he wants to eat people, he would have eaten me already.”

Even when he said this, he was not sure in his heart either.

After traveling with Zhou Xuanji for a month, he felt that this guy had a weird temper like a lunatic.

Zhou Xiaoxuan withdrew her sword and said, “You are looking for Zhou Xiaoxuan? ”

Long Xiaoshuai nodded. He opened his eyes wide and breathed rapidly, “You are Zhou Xiaoxuan? ”

She had such a mastery over sword techniques at such a young age. She must be!

He became excited immediately. Rubbing his hands, he said, “Follow me back to Emperor Sword Court, then ask the Sword Emperor to take me as his disciple! ”

My hard work finally came to fruition!

Zhou Xiaoxuan sized him up and shook her head, saying, “Your talent is too poor. You can only become a servant. ”

Long Xiaoshuai’s smile froze instantly.

“Moreover, my father has disappeared for 13 years. I have never seen him ever since I was born. So, you should stop thinking about it,” Zhou Xiaoxuan said with a curled lip. She felt indignant each time she spoke about this.

Since she was young, she had never seen her father. She was angry, of course.

However, she had no objection against Zhou Xuanji’s choice to fight Liu Wuji.

If she were Zhou Xuanji, she would have done the same too.

Just like the principle of Emperor Sword Court. Using the sword to support the world, using the sword to save the people!

However, being rational is one thing. Without her father, she still felt sad.

Sometimes, she did not even understand her own complex emotions.

“Don’t worry. The Sword Emperor is unparalleled in the world. He must be cultivating in isolation.”

Long Xiaoshuai put his hands on his waist. Seeing such a dumb fan of Zhou Xuanji, Zhou Xiaoxuan had no ill feelings toward him.

Zhou Xuanji said, “You are not powerful enough. Instead of loitering around, why don’t you go back to train harder? There are so many sword techniques in Emperor Sword Court, enough for you to train for a few thousand years. ”

Zhou Xiaoxuan threw him a stare and said, “What do you know. I’m in search of the legacy of an ancient Sword Emperor. My father inherited two legacies before. I want three!”

Zhou Xuanji grew impatient. Why does this girl always want to compete with him?

“Tsk tsk tsk! I’ve finally found you!”

A burst of sinister laughter came. A strand of ghost Qi descended from the sky and landed beside the three of them.

It was Wanzang King Specter.

Zhou Xiaoxuan was shocked. She had only one Concealing Grass, and now, it was the end for her.

Long Xiaoshuai was also frightened by Wanzang King Specter’s entrance.

After the ghost Qi dispersed, Wanzang King Specter revealed himself. He glanced toward Zhou Xuanji and the boy and ignored them.

Hold on!

He is…

Wanzang King Specter opened his eyes wide as though he saw a ghost.

He was so frightened that he turned around and fled immediately.


Zhou Xiaoxuan was stunned. He just left like that?

He turned to look at Zhou Xuanji and the boy instinctively but could not see what was wrong. She then looked around her, thinking that some demons were hiding in the shadows.

“Okay, I need to leave now. Bye!”

Zhou Xiaoxuan waved her hand and flew away on her sword.

Just when Long Xiaoshuai wanted to chase, Zhou Xuanji stopped him.

After Zhou Xuanji left the valley, Zhou Xuanji lifted his sleeves, and the Windcutter Sword shot out.


A shriek came from a mountain peak, followed by someone falling down.

It was the lady in the green skirt who was accompanying Zhou Xiaoxuan.