I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 364 - Chapter 364 Dragon Vein In The Body. The Great Emperor Returns

Chapter 364 - Chapter 364 Dragon Vein In The Body. The Great Emperor Returns


“Who are you? What do you want?” The lady in the green skirt asked. The face-slapping from Wanzang King Specter made her feel very unpleasant.

Zhou Xiaoxuan felt really good in her heart, but she felt more nervous.

She followed the lady in the green skirt to obtain the legacy of the Nine Emperors in the Sword’s Way so that she could catch up to her father.

So, when the lady in the green skirt said that the most powerful cultivator was not Zhou Xuanji, she neither believed nor objected.

Zhou Xuanji and Yang Di had yet to battle each other after all.

“Wanzang King Specter. Have you heard of me before?”

Wanzang King Specter’s cold voice came, followed by a black dragon from the sky that rested on the great tree where he was. At this sight, Zhou Xiaoxuan immediately drew her sword.

The lady in the green skirt’s expression changed, and she gritted her teeth. “Wanzang King Specter, we have no grudge. What do you want?” She asked.

The man before her was ranked on the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred and reigned over a region by himself. She could not defeat him even if there were ten of her.

Wanzang King Specter said in disdain, “You are not qualified to fight with me. My eyes are on the little girl beside you.”

He looked at Zhou Xiaoxuan and shook his head.

“Little girl,” he said, “it is understandable that you want to catch up to your father, but you are still too blind and ignorant. Do you know what the consequence is? ”

“If she takes you as a hostage to threaten your parents and Emperor Sword Court, what should you do?”

Zhou Xiaoxuan’s expression changed as she looked at the lady in the green skirt instinctively.

The green skirt lady did not look back at her but stared at Wanzang King Specter. “King Specter, don’t speak nonsense!” She bellowed.

Wanzang King Specter’s face was full of disdain.

“I will count to three. If you don’t get lost, then die,” he replied.


The green skirt lady clasped her fists in her sleeves and was in a great rage.

But Wanzang King Specter was too powerful for her to stand up against.

As King Specter was about to count to one, she gritted her teeth. She fled immediately, without even looking at Zhou Xiaoxuan.

Zhou Xiaoxuan did not lose her composure but merely frowned.

The green skirt lady fled swiftly and disappeared into the forest.

Wanzang King Specter descended from the tree and said with a smile, “Little girl, follow me. I know a place to inherit the legacy of a Great Emperor. ”

Zhou Xuanji ignored him but sighed, “So she’s really unreliable.”

After that, she flipped her right hand, and a green herb appeared in her palm.

With lightning speed, she put the herb into her mouth and immediately disappeared on the spot.

Wanzang King Specter was stunned.

He thought that she was taking an herb that would boost her power to fight him to death. He did not expect her to disappear immediately.

He frowned tightly as he scanned his surroundings with his mind to capture Zhou Xiaoxuan’s aura.

However, Zhou Xiaoxuan’s aura remained at the spot where she disappeared. It was very weird.

Without hesitation, he chased after her with his black dragon.

Hunyuan Royal Capital, the royal capital that was leveled previously, had already been rebuilt.

Yang Di stood in midair and was looking down on all the commoners and cultivators beneath him.

He was high and lofty like a deity with divine might.

“Hunyuan Empire wanes because of Liu Wuji. Out of my mercy, This Emperor has decided to take over the Hunyuan Empire and lead you into creating a Great Fate Empire, reaching unprecedented heights. This Emperor has the help of the True Dragons, which will boost the Hunyuan Empire’s Fate. Are you willing? ”

Yang Di opened his mouth slowly and spoke with an indifferent expression. No one could see through his mind.

“We are willing! ”

“Mighty is our Great Emperor! ”

“We will follow our Great Emperor for sure! ”

“Long lives Yang Di! ”

Everyone cried out. Ever since the Hunyuan Royal Capital was massacred by Liu Wuji, the other empires wanted to take advantage of them. It was Yang Di who supported them after he returned to rebuild the empire. They owed him a very great debt.

Moreover, Yang Di was powerful and was the former top cultivator of the world. There would only be benefits in following him.

With Yang Di’s support, who else dared to bully them in the future?

Yang Di raised his arms, and nine golden dragons came out from his back. They grew quickly and turned into nine massive dragons that roared continuously.

An incomparable divine might reigned in the heavens and the earth.

All the people looked up to him.

An even more enormous golden dragon’s image appeared and rested above the royal capital.

That was the dragon vein!

Yang Di looked up, and a golden ray beamed from between his brows and shined upon the Dragon Vein.

He wanted to absorb the Dragon Vein!

The North

Feng Gule sat beside the cliff, in front of a wooden hut. A campfire was blazing in front of him despite the icy snowstorm.

He was guarding this place for more than a decade, and Baihao Yixin had not yet returned.

However, he gained much insight in this frozen place and had a deeper understanding of divination.


A silhouette burst out from the valley, and the impact shook the cliffs violently.

Feng Gule jumped up with excitement.

Following his sight, a glorious silhouette shined brightly amidst the snowstorm.

That person was clad in silver battle armor, and powerful gales surrounded his body like silver dragons. He was holding a long spear with a 1.5 meter long blade, which was half the length of the spear pole. He was levitating in the air proudly with a powerful aura that repelled the snow.

“Hahaha! This Emperor returned!”

Baihao Yixin laughed wildly with great forthrightness as though he wanted to challenge the world.

With his divine weapon and armor, he had nothing to fear in this world!

He landed in front of Feng Gule as the powerful light on his body dissipated, revealing his original form. He had a handsome face and a pair of domineering eyes. The corner of his lips was raised, showing his conceitedness.

“Do you have an urge to worship me?”

Baihao Yixin laughed arrogantly with the divine spear in his hand. Feng Gule nodded excitedly. Such an aura was not inferior to Liu Wuji’s.

“Let’s go and find Liu Wuji for revenge. ”

Baihao Yixin smiled proudly, as though he had no regard for Liu Wuji.

Feng Gule shook his head and said, “He’s already dead. ”

Having heard that, Baihao Yixin was stunned.

“How did he die? ”

Baihao Yixin frowned deeply and asked.

Liu Wuji was so powerful. Who in this world could have killed him?

“He was killed by Zhou Xuanji thirteen years ago. Zhou Xuanji has also disappeared for thirteen years. They seem to have perished together. ”

Feng Gule sighed. How did he not think that Zhou Xuanji could kill Liu Wuji.

Baihao Yixin fell into silence.


Why is that brat so powerful?

Zhou Xiaoxuan hid in a valley. She leaned on the mountain wall and gasped for air.

She felt fortunate that she took her mother’s Concealing Grass, or else she would have met her end.

Thinking about this, she held her breath and focused her mind as she sized up the valley.

The valley was not massive but was rich in vegetation and animals. Flowers covered the ground beneath the trees, which caught her attention. She walked over immediately.

She hid into the forest and entertained herself.

A while later.

Two men’s voices came.

“Hey, don’t walk inside. Be careful of demons!”

“You know nothing. That’s a good place to hide. Zhou Xuanji’s daughter must be hiding inside. ”

Zhou Xiaoxuan heard and was anxious. She quickly hid into the grass patch.

Zhou Xuanji and Long Xiaoshuai walked into the valley. The young boy’s hand was trembling with the wooden sword. He was in fear that some demons might suddenly appear.

Zhou Xuanji pretended to be calm, but he was laughing in his heart.

Little girl, I know where you are!

Let me give you a little scare!