I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 363 - Chapter 363 – Who Is The Strongest In The World

Chapter 363 - Chapter 363 – Who Is The Strongest In The World


What?! My daughter’s missing?

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes widened as he instinctively tried to get up, making his body feel as if it was going to be torn apart, and his bones creaked.

He gritted his teeth as he asked, “How did Zhou Xuanji’s daughter go missing? Doesn’t Emperor Sword Court have many experts?”

Long Xiaoshuai sighed as he said, “It’s said that the little princess is very prideful and talks about surpassing the Sword Emperor every day. She wanted to mimic the Sword Emperor and tried to leave home many times before she turned eight years old, and she was caught many times.”

Zhou Xuanji felt quite speechless; she wanted to mimic him?

He asked gloomily, “How do you know about her matters?”

Long Xiaoshuai looked at him condescendingly and said, “She was a genius from the moment she was born, and she is many times more sensitive to the Way of the Sword than ordinary people. The entire Northern Wilderness is filled with her legends. She manifested Sword Will at the age of ten; don’t you think this is terrifying?”

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes once again widened as he asked, “Is that really true?”

He had only been able to manifest Sword Will so quickly because of the Supreme Legendary Sword System.

Could it be that his daughter had a subsystem?

Or was she also from another world?

He immediately became quite confused.

Long Xiaoshuai put his hands on his waist and stood upright as he chuckled and said, “That’s right, my Revered Teacher’s daughter is incredibly powerful!”

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes and said annoyed, “He’s not even your Revered Teacher.”

Long Xiaoshuai did not care and said, “It’s going to happen sooner or later; what’s the problem with calling him Revered Teacher ahead of time?”

Zhou Xuanji felt quite speechless and could not be bothered dealing with him.

Thinking about the fact that his daughter had gone missing, he could not remain calm.

He gritted his teeth and tried to stand up.

“Can you tell me where Zhou Xuanji’s daughter was last seen?” Zhou Xuanji asked as he walked over to Long Xiaoshuai with great difficulty.

Long Xiaoshuai felt quite nervous and tightly gripped the wooden sword as he replied, “The Southern Snow Kingdom. I already said, she wants to mimic my Revered Teacher. I came here from far, far away, do you know how many dangerous situations I encountered on the way…”

Seeing that this fellow started to unceasingly babble again, Zhou Xuanji felt quite frustrated.

He waved his hand and cut him off as he said, “Alright, you’d best go home. Don’t run around recklessly outside; in the future when you’re stronger, you can go to Skyfall to apply to be a disciple.”

With Long Xiaoshuai’s weak strength, if he encountered any powerful demons, he would die a horrible death.

Long Xiaoshuai harrumphed and said, “Absolutely not! I’m going to become the Sword Emperor’s disciple; how can I fear a bit of danger? If I’m too late, I can only be the Sword Emperor’s great-disciple or great-great-disciple.”

Zhou Xuanji felt so annoyed that he laughed. He lightly punched Long Xiaoshuai—despite being heavily injured, Long Xiaoshuai was still knocked to the ground.

“You…” Long Xiaoshuai held his head, his eyes red, with tears gathering within them.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “What you said about being alone and impoverished—is that true?”

He had run into a little fan of his right after he returned, and he wondered if he should help him a bit.

Long Xiaoshuai nodded and stood up as he drew himself to his full height and said, “I had no parents since I was young and roamed far and wide without any attachments.”

Seeing how pleased he looked, it was as if he felt proud of this.

“Come with me, we’ll go and search for Zhou Xuanji’s daughter,” Zhou Xuanji said. Following this, he first burned Liu Wuji’s corpse to ashes before walking off.

Long Xiaoshuai knew much, and Zhou Xuanji could understand more about his daughter’s personality and thinking through him.

He was also following in Zhou Xuanji’s footsteps, and perhaps he would be able to think the same way as his daughter.

Hearing this, Long Xiaoshuai became quite excited.

Even though Zhou Xuanji looked like he was about to die, he was still quite scary. If he could travel with him, he would feel quite safe.

Just like that, the two of them set out together.

“Boy, it’s not that I’m trying to be mean, but why do you have a name like ‘Xiaoshuai’ despite looking like this?” (TLN: Xiaoshuai roughly translates to ‘little handsome’).

“I’ll be handsome after I lose some weight.”

“With your talent, even if you enter the Emperor Sword Court, you’ll just be an Odd Job Disciple.”

“Are you looking down on me?”


Zhou Xuanji verbally sparred with Long Xiaoshuai as he recovered from his injuries.

In the Netherworld, Magistrate Cui had been incredibly busy every day and did not have time to chat with him. Now that he had found a chatterbox like this, he could not resist chatting with him.

Even though this boy was quite impudent, he had a righteous heart and seemed like a good person.

Within a mountain range, two women were walking in the pine forest.

The woman in front had a tall and slender figure, and she wore an exquisite-looking green dress. Her looks were quite pitiful, and her hair was bound at the top of her head. As she walked, she thought to herself.

The young woman behind her looked quite young and was only 13 or 14 years old. However, she was slender, elegant, and wore white clothes. Her black hair fell naturally and she had a precious sword at her waist. Her eyes were lively and alert, looking left and right and seeming quite alert.

“Big sis, is there really an ancient Sword Emperor’s legacy nearby?” The young woman asked, sounding quite doubtful.

Normally, such powerful legacies usually had many powerful demons gathered around them. However, it was incredibly peaceful around here, and there did not seem to be any danger.

“Little girl, the more powerful the legacies, the more unexpected the places they are in,” the woman in the green dress said as she lightly smiled. Hearing this, the young woman in white nodded.

She quickly walked to the woman in the green dress’ side and asked, “Big sis, you said that the most powerful person in this world is not my father; who is it then?”

This young woman was Zhou Xuanji’s daughter, Zhou Xiaoxuan.

The woman in the green dress looked down and laughed as she said, “It’s naturally Yang Di. Before your father was even born, he took the title of number one in the world three times consecutively, and even the number one person in the demonic path, Xian Xianghua, could not do anything to him. The reason he fell to second was because he was wronged. He had gone to the True Dragon Race, and in that time, Liu Wuji destroyed Sun Hill. Everyone thought that he had lost, and because your father defeated Liu Wuji, Yang Di fell to second in the world.”

Zhou Xiaoxuan felt quite surprised, but she felt somewhat hesitant about this and asked, “Could it be that Yang Di and my father have never fought before?”

Since she was young, the people she knew all said Zhou Xuanji was the strongest, apart from this woman in green. As such, she did not like the associations with her identity, but deep down, she still hoped that Zhou Xuanji was the strongest.

“No, your father’s too young. To the people of the Northern Wilderness, your father is still a child. As someone who has reigned as the first in the world for so long, how could Yang Di lower his status to challenge your father? Your father has disappeared for 13 years, and Yang Di has not had an opportunity to reclaim his title as first in the world.”

The woman in green shook her head as she spoke. She paused before continuing, “Of course, it is undeniable that your father is incredibly powerful, and with enough time, Yang Di will be left in his dust sooner or later. He is the most powerful genius in the history of the human race.”

Zhou Xiaoxuan pouted and did not say anything.

“What a joke, how can Yang Di compare to Zhou Xuanji? Little girl, don’t speak so ignorantly,” mocking laughter came from ahead, and a black-robed elder appeared on a large tree.

Wanzang King Specter!

Fifty-first in the world!

He looked greatly different to how he had been at Juedi Cliff.

He looked at the two women and coldly laughed as he said, “Liu Wuji could even easily kill Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortals; do you understand how great the power of a Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal is? Anyone who reaches Fourth Tribulation Scattered Immortal can contend for first in the world; if Yang Di had the strength of a Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal, he would have long since established a Great Fate Empire and become a Great Emperor, becoming undying and invincible. You dare to say he’s stronger than Zhou Xuanji? What a joke.”