I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 362 - Chapter 362 – Returning To The Mortal World

Chapter 362 - Chapter 362 – Returning To The Mortal World


“Well, boy, you’ve really surprised me,” Magistrate Cui said with a faint smile before continuing to read; he did not continue to pay any mind to the battle in the distance.

Zhou Xuanji gripped the Sun-Devouring Tiangou Sword in his left hand and the True Lord Xiansheng Sword in his right hand, and he stomped on Liu Wuji as they quickly fell.

Under his suppression, Liu Wuji was unable to break free.

This fellow was indeed quite difficult to kill. Despite losing his head, he could still fight.

Soon, the two of them crossed the Yin Yang Boundary and fell into an extreme darkness.

Zhou Xuanji continuously used Universal Attraction to use his feet to grab onto Liu Wuji, making it so that he could not escape.

In this darkness, all of his senses were not as effective.

He could not send out his divine sense either. He could not see the situation below and could only continue to fall.

“Eh, interesting. There are two Great Tribulation Scattered Immortals between Yin and Yang,” a light laugh sounded out, causing Zhou Xuanji’s hairs to stand on end.

This voice was ethereal and illusory, and it was difficult to tell where it came from. However, someone who could appear between Yin and Yang was definitely an expert who had transcended the mortal realm.

“Heheh, This Sovereign will give you two a palm and see if you live or die. If you live, and encounter This Sovereign in the future, This Sovereign will give you an opportunity!”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji almost cursed out.

Who wanted your opportunity?

What was wrong with you?

Before he could curse out, a massive, terrifying force rushed out, causing him to instantly lose consciousness.


Zhou Xuanji was woken up by the sounds of birds, and he slowly opened his eyes. In front of him was an area covered with grass and weeds.

He was lying in the grass and weeds, and his arms and legs were in extremely twisted poses. Not too far away, there was a headless corpse—it was Liu Wuji.

“Despicable… if your elder finds out who you are…” Zhou Xuanji gnashed his teeth as he thought to himself. He took out the Holy Light Redemption Sword and used his mind to control it to stab into his back.

He looked over at Liu Wuji’s corpse and felt delighted.

This fellow had finally died!

In order to prevent anything unexpected from happening, Zhou Xuanji took out the Ancient God Sword and stabbed Liu Wuji hundreds of times continuously. Only after he confirmed that he was truly dead was he able to relax.

Liu Wuji’s soul came out from the Ancient God Sword and said gloomily, “You’re quite savage.”

After all, that was his body, and he felt quite attached to it.

Emperor Zhao also came out and exclaimed, “That fellow from before was so powerful; I was so scared that I didn’t dare to come out.”

Zhou Xuanji could not help but ask who that person was.

After receiving a palm strike from him for no reason, he felt quite angry.

“I’m not sure, but to be able to pass through Yin Yang, he at least has the cultivation of a True God,” Liu Wuji sighed in amazement, his tone somewhat complicated.

True God?

Could it be an Immortal God?

Zhou Xuanji felt quite curious and asked.

Liu Wuji and Emperor Zhao were not willing to say any more, making his heart burn with curiosity.

Afterwards, Zhou Xuanji looked around and wondered if he had returned to the living world.

No, rather, if he had returned to the Northern Wilderness.

After staying in the Netherworld for 13 years, he understood that there were many mortal worlds, and the Northern Wilderness was just a speck of sand in a vast ocean.

“It should be the Northern Wilderness. The spirit qi here is quite familiar,” Emperor Zhao said in a captivated tone as he spread out his arms.

Zhou Xuanji immediately became at ease and focused on healing himself.

After the time of an incense stick, a tiger’s roar sounded out. A black tiger the size of a bull rushed out of the forest and glared at Zhou Xuanji with its bloodthirsty eyes, wanting to eat him.

Zhou Xuanji did not care at all; it only had First Rank cultivation and yet it wanted to eat him?

Even if he just lay there and allowed it to bite him, he would be fine.

“Scram, you evil demon!” A tender yell sounded out as a chubby-looking boy dressed in beastskin and holding a wooden sword rushed over. He looked white and soft, like a little pig.

The black tiger turned and looked at him. This little fatty in beastskin only looked 14 or 15 years old. His face was quite pudgy and had small eyes, looking like there were two lines below his eyebrows.

He held his wooden sword as he shouted, “Yaaaaah… evil demon, scram! I’m a personal disciple of the Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji. When my Revered Teacher comes, he’ll slaughter seven or eight generations of your ancestors!”

This fellow talked like he was performing in an opera, and Zhou Xuanji almost laughed out loud.

The black tiger looked at the little fatty and gave a low roar.

It suddenly leapt up and sprang towards the little fatty.

The little fatty was so scared that all of his fat trembled, and he gripped his sword as he stabbed up towards the sky and shouted, “Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha!”


A sword light flashed out and the black tiger fell to the ground and rolled, causing blood to spill over the ground.

The little fatty maintained his pose.

Zhou Xuanji, who had been preparing to attack, felt quite stunned. This little boy had really cultivated sword qi. His cultivation was so low that it was almost non-existent, and yet he could kill a First Rank demon.

The little fatty’s eyes opened wider and he excitedly shouted out, “Yay, I’m so strong!”

After speaking, he squatted down in front of Zhou Xuanji and chuckled as he asked, “Big brother, are you alright?”

Zhou Xuanji asked out of curiosity, “What was that sword technique you just used? The sword qi was formless but had great power. Not bad at all.”

Hearing this, the little fatty gave a pleased smile and said, “That’s the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha. Have you heard of the Sword Emperor? That old sir taught it to me!”

Zhou Xuanji blinked and said, “Zhou Xuanji is still young; how can you call him an old sir?”

The little fatty glared at him and said, “That’s a term of respect! He’s the youngest person to be first in the world and is only 73 years old this year!”

When talking about the Sword Emperor, this boy would continuously babble, as if he really was the Sword Emperor’s disciple.

Zhou Xuanji did not stop him and inwardly felt quite pleased.

Thirteen years had passed, but his legend still remained!

The little fatty suddenly noticed the Holy Light Redemption Sword, and his eyes lit up and instinctively went to pull it out.

“Stop! Don’t pull it out!” Zhou Xuanji shouted, causing the little fatty to tremble and fall to the ground.

He said, feeling quite wronged, “It’s not that I wanted the sword, I just wanted to help you because you’re hurt!”

He then noticed Liu Wuji’s headless corpse and fell a chill in his heart.

What kind of terrible battle had happened here?

He felt fear in his heart and wanted to leave.

“Tell me your name and where we are. How far away are we from Skyfall?” Zhou Xuanji asked as he looked at the little fatty. He released a trace of his killing intent, and in front of this killing intent, the little fatty was terrified and did not dare to lie or run away.

“I’m called Long Xiaoshuai and this is the Southern Snow Kingdom. We’re very far away from Skyfall; as for how far, I don’t know either. I’m just a poor and lonely boy!” The little fatty shouted tearfully; he felt quite wronged.

He had come to save this person and had instead been intimidated by him. The village’s aunty was right; the people of the world were evil and could not be easily trusted.

Southern Snow Kingdom…

Zhou Xuanji felt quite surprised; what a coincidence.

He had never thought that after he would land in the Southern Snow Kingdom returning to the Northern Wilderness.

He was not very familiar with the Southern Snow Kingdom, but he had met Jiang Xue at the border of the Southern Snow Kingdom.

“There are many demons nearby; don’t run about recklessly, little boy,” Zhou Xuanji said warmly seeing the little fatty’s reddening eyes.

Hearing this, Long Xiaoshuai felt quite indignant and said, “I’m not a little boy. When Zhou Xuanji was six years old, he traveled to the end of the world relying on his sword, and I’m following his example. It’s not just me, Zhou Xuanji’s daughter is the same. It’s said that that girl went missing, and all of Emperor Sword Court is madly looking for her.

“If I can find her, Zhou Xuanji will take me as his disciple!”