I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 361 - Chapter 361 – Times Have Changed

Chapter 361 - Chapter 361 – Times Have Changed


“Your wife and daughter are fine and still have long lifespans left. Unless there is interference from a power beyond the mortal world, they will not die within 1,000 years,” Magistrate Cui said as he shook his head. Everything about this boy was good except that he was too attached to his wife and daughter. For experts, this was not a good thing.

Becoming too attached to someone would result in them becoming one’s weakness.

Zhou Xuanji did not feel at ease; after all, there were many powers beyond the mortal world, such as Liu Wuji, Baihao Yixin, Xuanyuan Zhou, etc.

The Northern Wilderness was simply too dangerous.

However, he did not panic and closed his eyes, continuing to cultivate.

While cultivating World Hegemon and Nine Hell Flame Extinction, his comprehension of Sword Souls also became greater.

He could simultaneously use different sword techniques, so why wouldn’t he be able to simultaneously use different Sword Souls?

This kind of thinking made him feel quite startled. He had practiced for a month, and when he had condensed a Sword Soul, it had shaken this palace, making Magistrate Cui incredibly shocked.

In order to prevent Zhou Xuanji from destroying anything, Magistrate Cui especially created a barrier for him. At the same time, he gave him an area that was 30 meters wide for him to cultivate in.

As time passed, many of the Impermanences who came and went remembered Zhou Xuanji as well.

What was worth mentioning was that Zhou Xuanji encountered some souls that came from the Northern Wilderness. Some of them had seen Zhou Xuanji establish his sect and had later been killed by Liu Wuji, falling to the Netherworld.

Even though this made him feel somewhat sorrowful, he did not plead on their behalf.

One reason was that it was useless, and the other was that he did not want to get involved with matters of reincarnation.

Six years later, Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation reached Fourth Tribulation Scattered Immortal, and he had finally learned Nine Hell Flame Extinction.

Over the past six years, his name had spread throughout the entire Netherworld. Countless Netherworld Officials knew that Magistrate Cui had taken in a living person and was nurturing him.

Gradually, the Impermanences began to treat Zhou Xuanji with respect as well.

While King Yama was away, the Magistrates were the rulers of an area, and keeping some things under wraps was very simple. Even though taking in a living person was a great taboo, for Magistrates, it was not a big deal.

Since ancient times, there had been Magistrates who had nurtured mortals. After the mortals became Immortals, they would help the Magistrates.

There were even many King Yamas who had risen to their position through such means.

Over the past six years, Zhou Xuanji had obtained another eight swords. They were: Defense Sword, Little Dragon Sword, Rising Wind Sword, Balance Moon Sword, Extreme Tang Sword, Flying Evasion Thunder Sword, Steel Armor Sword, and Earth Core Sword.

Zhou Xuanji deeply breathed in and slowly stood up.

He had stayed in the Netherworld for 13 years and had gone through great changes. His strength had greatly increased, and he saw life and death reincarnation every day, causing his aura to become even more steady.

“Preparing to leave?” Magistrate Cui asked as he put down the book in his hand.

He felt somewhat reluctant to see Zhou Xuanji go; he was used to Zhou Xuanji being by his side. After this boy left, he would most likely feel quite strange for a while.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “Thank you for your care over the past few years. I will never forget this kindness.”

Without Magistrate Cui’s Great Spirit Pills, how could he have broken through to Fourth Tribulation Scattered Immortal so quickly?

Hearing this, Magistrate Cui smiled and waved his hand and said, “You can leave.”

Zhou Xuanji bowed to him before turning into a silver sword and quickly flying out of the palace.

“This boy is truly terrifying. He is only 73 years old and has already reached Fourth Tribulation Scattered Immortal,” Magistrate Cui said as he laughed out loud. Even though Great Spirit Pills were incredibly miraculous, if it was anyone else, they would not have been able to eat so many and would not have been able to completely absorb them.

He knew that Zhou Xuanji had many secrets, but he had never asked about them.

Everyone had one’s own secrets and trump cards; powerful experts naturally had such methods.

After leaving the palace, Zhou Xuanji quickly arrived at an empty area.

He took out the True Lord Xiansheng Sword and stepped forwards with his right foot before stabbing the sword into the ground. Massive amounts of spirit energy exploded out, covering the mountains and ground in the surrounding 1,000 meters.

Fiery lines appeared in the air, looking incredibly complicated, and raging flames soon rose up from them.

Nine Hell Flame Extinction!

Zhou Xuanji’s gaze was cold and his gaze was somewhat complicated.

It had been 13 years, and he wondered what the situation in the Northern Wilderness was like.

There was also his daughter.

A few years ago, when he asked Magistrate Cui to look into Jiang Xue’s lifespan, he had found that he had a daughter. This made him feel both happiness and self-blame.

He just had to fall to the Netherworld when his daughter was born.

His daughter’s birth caused him to work even harder, and today, he could finally go back.


The Nine Hell Flame Extinction erupted out, and blazing flames rose up, as if they were going to tear through the sky.

Zhou Xuanji was inundated by the flames as the ground beneath him disappeared, and he rushed downwards.


At that moment, he heard the sound of the air being torn. He looked over and Liu Wuji was following behind him.

Zhou Xuanji frowned; why was this fellow nearby?

He did not say anything and directly unleashed his Sword Souls.

Three black-colored Sword Souls appeared behind him: they were the Sky Dominating Sword, Soul-eater Slash, and Tempest Slash.

The three sword techniques were all domineering attacks, and they were the easiest to manifest Sword Souls with.

The Sword Souls were all about 1.5 meters tall, and all looked incredibly ferocious and dignified.

Zhou Xuanji used the power of True Lord Xiansheng, and his aura exploded up as he rushed towards Liu Wuji.

Liu Wuji’s expression was sinister and his eyes were filled with killing intent. Seeing Zhou Xuanji rush towards him, his fury was ignited.

When enemies came face to face, their eyes blazed with hatred!


The True Lord Xiansheng Sword and Liu Wuji’s iron palm collided, and Zhou Xuanji and Liu Wuji’s eyes glared at each other. Both people could see the insurmountable killing intent in each other’s eyes.

“Zhou Xuanji, I’ve waited for you for a long time! Who would have thought you’ve even learned Nine Hell Flame Extinction!” Liu Wuji said in a cold voice. He had waited in the Netherworld for 13 years, and his cultivation had not progressed at all. Ghosts and souls did not have any essence qi, making him feel quite depressed.

Afterwards, he had found Zhou Xuanji’s location, but because he had Magistrate Cui’s protection, he did not dare to get close.

He had tried to leave this region, but Magistrate Cui’s territory was surrounded by the Yellow Springs, and because he could not cross the Yellow Springs, he could only hide nearby.

He did not recklessly use Nine Hell Flame Extinction because he was afraid of being attacked by Magistrate Cui.

However, Zhou Xuanji was different—he had Magistrate Cui’s protection, and no expert in the Netherworld would hinder him using Nine Hell Flame Extinction.

Every time he thought of this, he felt quite jealous.

Liu Wuji’s remnant soul was helping Zhou Xuanji, and Magistrate Cui was protecting Zhou Xuanji.

Why did he get such favorable treatment?

Thinking about that, his expression became even more savage.

“Zhou Xuanji, I’m going to turn your bones to ash today!” Liu Wuji furiously roared, knocking Zhou Xuanji back.

Zhou Xuanji’s black hair danced in the wind and he lightly laughed domineeringly as he said, “Liu Wuji, you were nearly killed by me 13 years ago; what basis do you still have to say such words?”

He was no longer a First Tribulation Scattered Immortal!

He was a Fourth Tribulation Scattered Immortal!

He ferociously swung his swords, and the three Sword Souls turned into three rays of black light that quickly shot out.

They were powerful to the degree that Liu Wuji could not dodge, and he was blasted by all of the Sword Souls, causing blood to spurt out of his body.

Zhou Xuanji flipped his left hand as the Sun-Devouring Tiangou sword appeared in his hand, and he quickly unleashed Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps.


Liu Wuji’s head spun, and Zhou Xuanji appeared behind him and kicked out.

He stepped on Liu Wuji’s body and quickly descended.

At the same time, within the Magistrate Palace.

Magistrate Cui suddenly put down the book in his hand and said in shock, “This is…”