I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 360 - Chapter 360 – Sixty-seven Years Old. Celestial-Shaking Legendary Sword

Chapter 360 - Chapter 360 – Sixty-seven Years Old. Celestial-Shaking Legendary Sword


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Hearing Magistrate Cui’s words, Zhou Xuanji fell silent for a while.

He looked up and asked, “Can I cultivate here and open my own Yin Yang boundary?”

He thought of the Nine Hell Flame Extinction.

Back when he had been recuperating from his injuries, Liu Wuji had transferred the divine ability to him. It was incredibly deep and profound, and learning it would be very difficult.

Magistrate Cui narrowed his eyes and said, “Yin Yang divine abilities are something that the heavenly law does not tolerate. However, I can allow you to cultivate it in order to sow good karma.”

Zhou Xuanji’s talent was incredibly rare, and in the mortal realm, no one could compare to him.

As long as he was given enough time, he would become an Immortal sooner or later, so he wanted to rope in Zhou Xuanji.

Otherwise, how could he allow Zhou Xuanji to stay in this palace?

Zhou Xuanji felt quite surprised, but he quickly understood Magistrate Cui’s intentions.

He cupped his fists and said, “I will remember this kindness.”

Zhou Xuanji had no other choice but to stay here and cultivate.

As for Jiang Xue and the others, with Daoya Old Man taking care of them, there should not be any problems.

However, thinking of how Daoya Old Man and Jiang Xue had divined their deaths, he felt his heart tighten.

He chatted with Magistrate Cui for a bit before walking to the side and starting to cultivate.

Magistrate Cui looked at him silently, wanting to see the speed that this genius cultivated at.

Once the Tianxia Map was activated, Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi madly flowed into Zhou Xuanji’s body, causing Magistrate Cui’s expression to slightly change.

Magistrate Cui did not say anything and continued to silently watch Zhou Xuanji cultivate.

Zhou Xuanji was not afraid that Magistrate Cui would covet the Tianxia Map or his divine ability; after all, Magistrate Cui was a Senior Official in the Netherworld and would not stoop to such things.

In the following period of time, every hour or so, Impermanences would bring lonely souls into the palace.

Most of the souls would ask for mercy or an explanation when they saw Magistrate Cui.

Magistrate Cui would first look at their lives before deciding to send them to Hell or have them reincarnate.

Reincarnating was split into major and minor, upper and lower. A major reincarnation would reincarnate into a human and minor would reincarnate into another species; upper would reincarnate into someone rich while lower would reincarnate into someone poor.

Those who did many good things could have a major upper reincarnation; those who broke the laws and committed crimes would have a major lower reincarnation. Those who committed great evils would have a minor reincarnation.

Great evildoers who harmed the world would not even have the opportunity to reincarnate and would suffer eternally in Hell.

Zhou Xuanji listened to Magistrate Cui’s sentencing as he cultivated, and his comprehension towards good and evil became deeper.

He first used ten or so days to recover from his injuries before he started to cultivate the Nine Hell Flame Extinction.

He did not want to reveal his legendary swords in front of Magistrate Cui, so his recovery was relatively slow.

Nine Hell Flame Extinction was a divine ability and had some similarities with the profoundness of magic formations.

If he could learn Nine Hell Flame Extinction, it would be the same as having a basic control over the Way of Yin and Yang.

He had to move quickly, as if Liu Wuji returned to the Northern Wilderness before him, things would be bad.

Magistrate Cui did not disturb Zhou Xuanji and would occasionally go out, but he would always return soon.

Every day, he would take care of dozens of cases, and sometimes the Impermanences did not come for two hours and would show up later with a whole group of souls.

Zhou Xuanji noticed that there were many Impermanences. They all looked very similar, but there were at least dozens of Impermanences, if not even more.

In the blink of an eye, Zhou Xuanji had his 60th birthday.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached 60 years old. Gacha started!”

“Ding, Congratulations Sword Owner has obtained [Gold] Yellow Wind Sword, [Celestial Shaking] Sun-Devouring Tiangou Sword!”

The Sword Spirit’s voice caused Zhou Xuanji to open his eyes.

He had finally obtained a Celestial Shaking grade sword!

Just as expected, his age of 60 years old was an auspicious age.

On his 59th birthday he had obtained two Amethyst grade swords, and they were the Ghost Walk Sword and Yin Seal Sword.

They were not very delightful gains.

However, this time, he was quite happy.

However, this was Magistrate Cui’s territory, so he did not dare to take them out.

The information of the two swords appeared before him:

Sword Name: Yellow Wind Sword

Grade: Gold

Description: A wind of yellow sand that contains incredibly corrosive power. One must be careful when using this sword.

Sword Name: Sun-Devouring Tiangou Sword

Grade: Celestial Shaking

Description: When the heavens and earth were first created and the sun was born, there was a Tiangou that specifically devoured suns. This sword was refined from the soul of the Sun-Devouring Tiangou and contains the mighty power of Sun-Devouring, and it is incredibly domineering.

Zhou Xuanji’s attention was attracted by the Sun-Devouring Tiangou sword. The name seemed ordinary, but it had had the great power of Sun-Devouring, which made him feel great anticipation.

Zhou Xuanji had asked the Sword Spirit if the Ancient God Sword with Nine Souls Fusion could rival a Celestial Shaking grade sword’s power, but it said that it was a bit lacking.

Now, he had a true Celestial Shaking grade sword; he could not help but feel ecstatic.

When he met Liu Wuji again, he would definitely show him his might.

Zhou Xuanji deeply breathed in and continued to cultivate.

He was already familiar with all of the Nine Hell Flame Extinction’s steps, but he just could not learn it.

Feeling frustrated, he started to cultivate World Overlord.

After coming to the Netherworld, he suddenly realized that the speed of his comprehension of World Overlord had become faster.

In the Netherworld, he could sense a different Heaven and Earth Power.

World Overlord controlled Heaven and Earth Power as a sovereign overlord.

After obtaining the Sun-Devouring Tiangou Sword, Zhou Xuanji felt quite relaxed and actually directly entered a state of sudden enlightenment.

‘What kind of energy technique is this boy cultivating? He can actually comprehend the Heaven and Earth Power of the Netherworld,’ Magistrate Cui thought to himself as he looked at Zhou Xuanji, feeling quite surprised.

If this went on and Zhou Xuanji had enough time, he might really be able to complete a divine ability of the Way of the Yin and Yang.

Once he succeeded, he would be able to freely traverse the worlds of the Yin and Yang.

Magistrate Cui shook his head as he chuckled; he did not feel any admiration or jealousy, only anticipation.

Even in the Netherworld, there were fights over different interests. Zhou Xuanji had great talent and would be of great help to him.

Magistrate Cui had an idea and disappeared from where he was.

When he returned, he took out a bottle of medicinal pills and gave it to Zhou Xuanji.

“This is the Netherworld’s Great Spirit Pill; it is the salary of Netherworld Officials. I’ll give you one bottle; do your best to cultivate,” Magistrate Cui said before returning to his position and continuing with his duties.

Zhou Xuanji felt quite surprised and looked at Magistrate Cui deeply.

There was no such thing as a free meal; it seemed that this fellow needed his help with something.

He was not worried about Magistrate Cui trying to poison him; after all, with Magistrate Cui’s strength, dealing with him would be incredibly easy. There was no need to take such roundabout measures.

Zhou Xuanji took out a Great Spirit Pill and swallowed it.


He felt an explosion within his body as berserk spirit qi rampaged about his body, and he immediately circulated it to cultivate.

Magistrate Cui gave a faint smile before picking up a book and starting to read it with great interest.

Great Spirit Pills were incredibly powerful and domineering, and Zhou Xuanji used one year to break through to Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

However, Magistrate Cui had limited Great Spirit Pills and could not provide him with too many; afterwards, he could only rely on himself to cultivate.

Time quickly flew by.

In the blink of an eye, another six years had passed, and Zhou Xuanji was 67 years old.

Every two years, Magistrate Cui would give him two Great Spirit Pills, and his cultivation reached Third Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

He had nearly finished learning the Nine Hell Flame Extinction.

As for World Overlord, it was simply too difficult. However, Zhou Xuanji had made some progress and there was still some hope.

Over the past seven years, he had obtained 12 legendary swords. The highest grade was Glorious God and the lowest was Bronze. Every time he had incredible luck, he would suffer a trough for a while.

These 12 swords were: Breaking Wound Sword, Lick Eat Sword, Second Competition Sword, Golden Wave Sword, Small Dao Sword, Double Portion Sword, Chicken Beating Sword, Shaking Sky Whirl, Tall Building Sword, Autumn Wind Sword, Poison Tear Sword, and Discipline Sword.

One day after finishing cultivating, Zhou Xuanji asked Magistrate Cui about Jiang Xue’s situation.

He was already quite familiar with Magistrate Cui and would often ask about Jiang Xue’s lifespan in order to know if she was still alive.