I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 357 - Chapter 357 – Nine Hell Flame Extinction

Chapter 357 - Chapter 357 – Nine Hell Flame Extinction


A dignified and domineering Sword Soul condensed around Zhou Xuanji’s right arm. Right after it appeared, it turned into a black light that slashed out with the Ancient God Sword.

The air in front of Liu Wuji blurred, and he instinctively swung out his palm.


A shocking explosion sounded out!

Sword qi inundated Liu Wuji and split the ground in half. A column of dust rose up from the crack that the sword qi had created, rising hundreds of meters into the air, and the crack stretched as far as the eye could see.

The ruins of the entire Royal City had been split in half!

In the distance, Jiang Wudi and the others were completely dumbfounded.

They had been unable to see that domineering sword strike clearly; they only saw the ground in front of them suddenly split open, and billowing dust covered the sky.

They felt as if they were fallen leaves blowing in a wild gale and that they could be swept away at any moment.

This was especially so because of that domineering might; it caused their souls to tremble.

“What kind of sword technique is that…” Jiang Wudi gulped as he muttered to himself.

He suddenly thought of Shi Shenzong.

It was said that when Shi Shenzong had fought Zhou Xuanji, he had used a strange sword technique. It was difficult to tell what it was, but it was incredibly domineering and ferocious, and had world-destroying power.

Zhou Xuanji breathed raggedly in the air. That strike had used all of his spirit energy, but fortunately the Tianxia Map continuously provided him with spirit energy.

He looked over and below was a canyon that was dozens of meters wide and seemed bottomless, while Liu Wuji was lying at the bottom.

“Despicable… what kind of power is this….” Within the darkness, Liu Wuji gnashed his teeth. He desperately tried to move his body, trying to stand up.

That strike was simply too domineering and nearly turned him to dust.

The flames of envy burned intensely within his heart.

How could he lose to a boy at First Tribulation Scattered Immortal?

This body was an existence that could fight with those with superior cultivation, so how could he be defeated by a member of the later generation with such pitiful cultivation?

The more he thought about it, the more unresigned he felt. He pressed his palms against the ground and madly absorbed Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi.

Zhou Xuanji wanted to immediately chase and attack Liu Wuji again, but he had to wait for his spirit energy to recover.

At the same time, his body was wracked with immense pain, as if it would collapse at any moment.

“I have to get rid of him!” Zhou Xuanji gritted his teeth as he raised his left hand, and all of his legendary swords appeared.

He used his will to cast Hundred Swords Mode, and the legendary swords descended like rain into the canyon.

Following this, explosions sounded out within the canyon.

“Boy, can you kill me?” Liu Wuji’s wild laughter sounded out as he leapt out of the canyon, smashing his palm towards Zhou Xuanji.

Countless black wasps flew out of his palm, densely covering the sky and blocking out the sun, wanting to inundate Zhou Xuanji.

In that moment of crisis, Zhou Xuanji once again struck out.

It was another Sky Dominating Sword Sword Soul!

All of the black wasps were cut apart by the sword qi as Liu Wuji was struck, and he howled as he fell down.

Zhou Xuanji rushed down and caught up with him, his gaze incredibly sharp and resolute.

He had to kill Liu Wuji!

At Skyfall, Daoya Old Man was taking Jiang Xue’s pulse, his expression a bit strange.

Jiang Xue asked nervously, “Is it true?”

Daoya Old Man nodded and sighed with feeling, “I’m going to see my great grandchild soon.”

Jiang Xue felt incredibly delighted, and Huang Lianxin, standing next to her, congratulated her.

After getting married, Jiang Xue and Zhou Xuanji would spend every night together, and after doing it every night, it was inevitable that she would get pregnant.

Zhou Xuanji did not have any strong opinions on having a child; whether it was earlier or later, he deferred to Jiang Xue.

After feeling happy for a short while, Jiang Xue suddenly asked, “Grand-Teacher, are you able to divine the situation in the Hunyuan Empire’s Royal City?”

They already knew what had happened in the Hunyuan Empire’s Royal City, but because Zhou Xuanji was at Juedi Cliff, they were not too worried.

Daoya Old Man hesitated; he had become quite afraid of divining. He had suffered many backlashes, and he was worried that he would die someday because of it.

In the end, he sighed and said, “Alright, I’ll give it a try.”

Following this, he closed his eyes and pinched his fingers together as he divined.

Jiang Xue’s divination abilities were already quite powerful, and she had tried to divine the Hunyuan Empire’s Royal City but had not been able to see anything. Perhaps it was because they were too far away.

After a while, Daoya Old Man said in surprise, “Eh? What’s going on?”

Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin looked at him in curiosity, waiting for him to continue. However, Daoya Old Man tightly frowned and did not say anything else.

Zhou Xuanji crashed next to a cliff and he quickly flipped his body up and stabbed the Ancien God Sword into the dirt with his right hand, stabilizing his body.

He gritted his teeth and looked out, and he saw Liu Wuji rise up from the canyon. There was a pair of black feathered wings behind his back, which caused wind to blow out as they flapped.

Liu Wuji savagely laughed, and his gaze was filled with madness and ruthlessness.

His laughter became wilder and wilder, showing that his anger was becoming more and more intense.

He was incredibly proud, and yet he had been forced into such a state by Zhou Xuanji.

He did not accept this!

He was envious of Zhou Xuanji!

“Die…” Liu Wuji raised his right hand and lifted it above his head. The wings behind his back quickly flapped, and countless blades of wind swept onto the ground.

Zhou Xuanji stood up and circulated his spirit energy, preparing to settle this.

After the nine souls fused together, the Ancient Sword God was indeed powerful. However, he could not use it for a long period of time with his current body; he was already at his limit.

“This fellow’s so difficult to deal with!” Emperor Zhao’s voice sounded beside Zhou Xuanji, sounding incredibly frustrated.

Liu Wuji remained silent and did not say anything.

After the nine souls fused together, their individual consciousnesses still remained; it was quite amazing.

At that moment, Liu Wuji suddenly landed on the ground with his knees bent, causing the ground to cave in. Twisted lines of fire appeared, covering the surrounding 100 kilometers, and boundless roaring flames rose up from these lines of fire.

Zhou Xuanji’s body dodged to the side, easily evading the flames.

“Quickly leave this place!” Liu Wuji’s voice suddenly sounded out, causing Zhou Xuanji’s pupils to constrict.

He quickly cast Eight-step Sword Lunge, wanting to rush out of this area, but after taking two steps, his body froze.

He gritted his teeth and unleashed the power of tribulation lightning. As the lightning shocked his body, he was able to force himself to turn.

By now, Liu Wuji had already arrived behind him, and he did not have time to think; Zhou Xuanji could only desperately swing his sword out.

“I definitely won’t die here… I will definitely kill him!” Zhou Xuanji gathered spirit energy from the Tianxia Map and prepared to pull his all into a final strike.

After their battle from before, Liu Wuji was also severely injured and was almost spent.

This was his best opportunity!

Sky Dominating Sword!

Sword Soul!

This time, Zhou Xuanji gripped the sword with both hands!

The Taichi diagram between his eyebrows turned into an intense flame, causing Zhou Xuanji’s expression to look incredibly grave and stern, like a war god.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji’s gaze, Liu Wuji felt a sense of dread in his heart.

The raging flames in the surrounding 100 kilometers suddenly exploded out like a volcano, shooting into the sky.

Sword qi then rushed out, cutting a hole in the pillar of flame.

In the distance, Jiang Wudi and the others quickly retreated. The fiery light shined on their faces, illuminating their shocked expressions.

Daoseeker and the man in the woven rush raincoat silently spectated the battle, their clothes being blown about by the wind.

“Too powerful,” the man in the woven rush raincoat muttered, not indicating who he was talking about.

Daoseeker’s expression was still serious, and he stared ahead as he muttered, “Nine Flame Hell Extinction, he inherited Liu Wuji’s divine ability?”

A corpse that had gained consciousness and a person who had inherited Liu Wuji’s legacy; the gap between the two of them was as great as the heavens and earth.