I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 356 - Chapter 356 – Nine Souls Fuse Into One

Chapter 356 - Chapter 356 – Nine Souls Fuse Into One


Liu Wuji looked in the direction that Zhou Xuanji was in and condescendingly laughed as he said, “Boy, you have great talent, but the current you is not a match for me at all. Since you’re so stubborn, then help me accomplish my aim!”

After speaking, he disappeared from the sky and dove into the rolling dust and sand.


Countless traces of sword qi tore apart the dust and sand in the air, and Zhou Xuanji and Liu Wuji’s bodies were revealed.

Zhou Xuanji gripped swords in both of his hands, fixed in the position of slashing out.

Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment and God Ghost Howl were both caught by Liu Wuji’s hands.

At that moment, heaving ghostly howls sounded out, making the heavens and earth seem like hell, incredibly eerie and terrifying.

“These two swords are not bad, I want them!” Liu Wuji’s eyes lit up as he greedily laughed.

A figure came out of the Ancient Sword God above Zhou Xuanji’s head –it was Liu Wuji’s soul.

He looked down at his corpse and said, “You took my body but did not take my will. Do you know what kind of price you will pay?”

Liu Wuji looked at this remnant soul in surprise, a strange sense of unease in his heart.

Suddenly, his eyes widened as he said in a trembling voice, “It’s you…”

The body and soul were connected, so Liu Wuji could sense a trace of familiarity. After thinking about it, he guessed the truth.

“I advise you to let go,” Liu Wuji’s soul said calmly. His voice was not very loud, and the spectators in the distance could not hear anything.

Once those words were spoken, Liu Wuji instinctively let go.

Zhou Xuanji pulled his sword back and made some distance between them.

Looking at Liu Wuji, who seemed to be in shock, he had an idea.

Could it be that he was afraid of his soul?

“Hmph, I am Liu Wuji now! You can all go die together!” Liu Wuji savagely laughed as he shot in front of Zhou Xuanji with a single step and smashed his palm into Zhou Xuanji’s chest.

Zhou Xuanji’s mind became blank as his body cannoned backwards, smashing through large boulders and ruins before being sent deep into the ground.

The legendary swords were also sent flying.

Emperor Zhao and Liu Wuji’s souls disappeared, and Liu Wuji loudly laughed.

After attacking his soul, he had broken through the last binds of his heart.

He was Liu Wuji!

The unique and unmatched Liu Wuji!

He leapt up and spread open his arms as he wildly laughed, saying, “Since you’re not willing to run away, you can go die!”

A terrifying suction force exploded out from his body, and in the surrounding 10,000 kilometers, everyone felt something being drawn out of their bodies, making them so scared that their souls almost dissipated.

Traces of essence qi left their bodies at a speed visible to the naked eye and flowed towards Liu Wuji.

Jiang Wudi, Li Yinyu, and the others’ expressions greatly fell, and they started to run.

Those with weak cultivations quickly became dried corpses and fell to the ground.


“Save me!”

“Liu Wuji! I curse you…”

“My essence qi…”

“Why did it turn out like this?”

Cries sounded out from all directions, and Zhou Xuanji regained consciousness.

He lay within the ruins and used World Reincarnation to defend against this suction force.

“Is it really going to end like this…” Zhou Xuanji hazily thought to himself. He opened his eyes with great difficulty, looking at the billowing clouds in the sky.

All of his bones and muscles had been shattered, and he only had a single breath left; the only thing waiting for him was death.

His legendary swords spiralled above his head, taking up most of his vision: God Ghost Howl, Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment, Ancient God Sword, World Fool Sword, Right, Wrong Justice Sword, etc.

Following this, the nine souls of the Ancient God Sword came out.

“This fellow is truly powerful. If this goes on, he will really die.”

“Liu Wuji, you’re truly a scourge!”

“What does this have to do with me? You think I want this?”

“Forget it, if he dies, we’ll perish as well.”


The nine souls discussed among themselves, but Zhou Xuanji could not hear them clearly because his consciousness was hazy. He might fall into a bottomless abyss at any moment.

At that moment, the nine souls returned to the Ancient God Sword, and a powerful light shined out from the Ancient God Sword.

The light from the Ancient God Sword turned into a pillar of light, covering Zhou Xuanji.

Liu Wuji, who was currently absorbing essence qi, looked over. He slightly frowned and muttered, “That boy is still awake?”

He had purposely left Zhou Xuanji alive, but he had expected Zhou Xuanji to be unconscious.

“Since it’s like this, I’ll just kill you now!” Liu Wuji said as he savagely laughed. He raised his left hand and waved it towards Zhou Xuanji, preparing to absorb Zhou Xuanji’s essence qi and then kill him.

However, no matter what he did, he could not bring Zhou Xuanji over to him, causing his expression to stiffen.


The ground violently trembled, as if some massive creature was going to break out from below.

The pillar of light rose up and pierced through the clouds, and the dozens of legendary swords spiraled around the pillar of light, quickly flying.

Those who were running away looked back, seeing this majestic scene.

Within the dim world, the pillar of light connected the heavens and earth, representing the light that illuminated this world.

An extremely terrifying aura exploded out, covering the land.

In that moment, the other cities and Kingdoms within the Hunyuan Empire could feel this might, as if a god was descending.

All of the cities were sent into an uproar, and because they were too far away, they were not sure what kind of battle was happening in the Royal City. However, this might definitely came in the direction of the Royal City.

“What’s going on?”

“It’s definitely a peerless expert fighting with Liu Wuji!”

“This might is far too strong… I’ve lived for thousands of years but have never faced such a

powerful might before.”

“Could it be an Immortal descending?”

“Is it Liu Wuji? Maybe he has become even stronger after absorbing the essence qi of many experts…”

Terror and unease covered each of the cities; the harm that Liu Wuji had brought to the Hunyuan Empire was simply too great.

The Emperor and Four Legendary Generals as well as other top-tier experts had all been killed by Liu Wuji.

Even though the Hunyuan Empire could bear such a terrible disaster, it would become the weakest Empire afterwards and would no longer be the overlord of this age.

At the same time, within the ruins, a figure could faintly be seen within the pillar of light. He raised his right hand and a sword of light extended out from the pillar of light, looking like a god holding a sword.

“Liu Wuji, as long as I have a single breath left, don’t even think about destroying this world!” Zhou Xuanji’s cold voice, filled with killing intent, sounded out. His voice traveled far, and even those incredibly far away could hear him.

They could not help but feel delighted; had the Sword Emperor been hiding his strength?

After the powerful light disappeared, Zhou Xuanji’s body was revealed. Even though he had some blood on his face, his Tri-Sun Flame Robe was not damaged.

His cold eyes stared at Liu Wuji, and the Ancient God Sword in his hand turned into a sword of light that was six meters long, and it caused the space around it to tremble.

After the nine souls had fused together, the Ancient God Sword had evolved and even surpassed Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment and God Ghost Howl.

Zhou Xuanji’s right arm trembled, and he felt that it was very difficult to control the Ancient God Sword.

He had never felt such great power before; it was simply too mighty!

Liu Wuji sensed danger and coldly laughed as he said, “Hoh, that sword of yours is quite powerful. However, it’s impossible to kill me by just relying on a sword!”

After saying this, he stomped down and shot towards Zhou Xuanji, his body like a ghost.

Facing Liu Wuji approaching with great momentum, Zhou Xuanji directly unleashed the Sword Soul of the Sky Dominating Sword.