I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 355 - Overwhelming Demonic Power

Chapter 355 - Overwhelming Demonic Power


Facing the countless purple lightning tigers lions and tigers, Liu Wuji did not use any elegant divine abilities. He deflected them by the sheer unstoppable power of his fists.

Zhao 68 hid inthe lightning and charged at Liu Wuji with extreme speed.

A kick landed on Liu Wuji’s back, followed by a net woven with the purple bolts of lightning that engulfed Liu Wuji.

In the next second, Liu Wuji seized Zhao 68 by its neck and smashed him into the ground like a piece of linen.

“Little puppet, you really think I can’t deal with you?”

Liu Wuji laughed sinisterly. He stomped his foot on Zhao 68’s chest, and a horrifying power exploded.


The ground crumbled, and the ruins exploded. The ground within a thousand-meter radius collapsed as countless rocks were swept up into the sky like spikes.

Zhou Xuanji blocked the impact with his swords.

Meanwhile, he glanced at the Hades God-slaying Formation that was just formed.

The black hole generated by the sword formation had a diameter of a few hundred meters, which caught everyone’s attention.

Liu Wuji noticed the Hades God-slaying Formation too, but he did not pay it too much attention. Zhao 68 was too big a problem, so he had to deal with it as soon as possible.

This guy was a puppet and had no essence Qi for him to suck. The only way was to destroy it completely.

Zhao 68’s body repeatedly exploded from Liu Wuji’s attacks. Still, its body regenerated in an instant as though it would never die.

Most importantly, Zhao 68’s purple lightning grew more powerful.

It was growing in power!

“Hahaha, this is Zhao 68’s advantage. The more it battles, the more powerful it becomes.”

Emperor Zhao said with a proud smile. His soul swayed on the Ancient God Sword like a candlelight in a violent gale that would be extinguished at any moment.

Zhou Xuanji did not respond to him. Although Zhao 68 seemed to grow more powerful, it was still suppressed by Liu Wuji. If this continued, it would die eventually.

At this moment, a black dragon flew out from the Hades God-slaying Formation.

Flames of blue and green enveloped the dragon that was over a thousand meters long. Countless dragon scales reflected a cold light, and the dragon’s eyes were crimson red, filled with a murderous aura.

The two dragon horns were straight with a hook at the end of each. At one glance, it looked majestically like an emperor’s crown, and everyone’s eyes opened wide when they saw it.

“What’s that formation? It can summon a dragon?”

“This formation seems to be the Hades God-slaying Formation!”

“What’s the Hades God-slaying Formation?”

“I didn’t expect the Sword Emperor to know such a formation.”

“He can form a formation alone?”

The black dragon’s imposing aura was greatly impressive, so much so that the spectators cried out in shock.

It charged toward Liu Wuji straightaway with unstoppable force.

Zhou Xuanji was pleased in his heart. It seemed that he had summoned an awesome being.

This black dragon had a great impetus, which was even more powerful than Shi Shenzong’s.

Liu Wuji, who was stamping wildly on Zhao 68, was dragged away by the black dragon’s bite, leaving the tattered Zhao 68 struggling in a huge crater.

“The Hades God-slaying Formation. Things should turn better now?” Jiang Wudi said expectantly as his eyes lit up. He really admired Zhou Xuanji’s abilities, but at the same time, there was another kind of emotion in his heart.

It was something like worship.

As he saw Zhou Xuanji grow more powerful, Zhou Xuanji had surpassed him by a little bit, and even surpassed him by far.

This was especially so because Zhou Xuanji was the husband to his descendant. This feeling was even deeper.

And at this moment.

The black dragon shrieked miserably before it was torn into pieces by Liu Wuji.

Liu Wuji grabbed the dragon horns as the dragon’s blood rained on him. His baleful aura soared into the sky, which made him look like a devil god bathing in blood.

“Six Tribulation Demon Dragon. But it’s a pity that you are nothing before me!”

Liu Wuji laughed in disdain before opening his mouth wide and sucking the dragon in.

The massive dragon shrunk swiftly as though there was an independent space in Liu Wuji’s abdomen.

The whole place was silent.

Such a mighty dragon died just like that?

Even Zhou Xuanji was stunned.

Zhao 68 got up again and charged at Liu Wuji.

Liu Wuji flung his right hand and sent Zhao 68 flying off with a slap.

He walked toward Zhou Xuanji and smiled coldly, “What do you think? I want to kill you already.”

With a grim-looking face, Zhou Xuanj did not reply.

He could sense Liu Wuji’s murderous intent. Even if he wanted to flee, it was too late.

Zhao 68 charged toward Liu Wuji again but was sent flying off again.

“Brat, I’m sorry.”

Emperor Zhao sighed, which made Zhou Xuanji really want to beat him up.

Weren’t you very confident previously? Is your face swelling now from face-slapping?


You are a dead person, so you have no face!

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath and was prepared for battle.

Zhao 68’s speed dropped significantly. Although Emperor Zhao said that it would grow more powerful in battle, there was obviously a limit to that.

Liu Wuji was far too powerful.

“It’s going to end.”

Daoseeker sighed with a complex expression.

He went through so much to encounter a genius like Zhou Xuanji. He might not encounter another in the future.

Moreover, with Zhou Xuanji’s death, who else among the humans could deal with Liu Wuji?

“Maybe, this is fate,” the man in the raincoat said.

As for Liu Wuji’s attempt to recruit Zhou Xuanji, they did not believe it.

Neither did Zhou Xuanji.

If Liu Wuji really treasured geniuses, why did he kill so many powerful cultivators previously?

This guy might be intending to nurture Zhou Xuanji to suck his essence Qi.

Zhang Kuanglan was an example. Zhou Xuanji did the same thing to him.

“Sword Emperor, run!”

Jiang Wudi cried out loudly. He was already severely injured and no longer had the power to fight. He did not want to see Zhou Xuanji die here.

Zhou Xuanji ignored him and activated the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha straight away. A golden buddha that was thousands of meters high erected into the sky and opened its thousand hands. The buddha light shined brightly and drove away from the darkness in the vicinity.

Liu Wuji said with some interest, “This is a divine ability? No, this is coagulated using sword Qi. Brat, your talent in the Sword’s Way is great indeed. You really want to die just like that?”

Zhou Xuanji integrated into the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha and the Buddha opened its eyes.

“Help the world with the sword. Save all lives in the world with the sword.”

Zhou Xuanji replied calmly. He did not want to die, but he had to stop Liu Wuji.

If Liu Wuji really finished absorbing the Dragon Vein, he would be really unstoppable. The people that Zhou Xuanji cared about would all face death.

“If so, then die!”

Liu Wuji stomped his right foot and came up to the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha with a palm strike.


The massive Thousand Hand Sword Buddha dissipated with one blow as Zhou Xuanji flew off like a sharp arrow, vomiting blood. He crashed into the ruins, and no one knew if he was dead.


Everyone was silent. Each of them looked at Liu Wuji with faces as pale as ash.

Even the Sword Emperor could not stand up against Liu Wuji, who else could they rely on?

“Afraid? Tell the world, I will slaughter all humans and demons in the Northern Wilderness Region. Let them to wait. I will come to them eventually!”

Liu Wuji opened his arms and laughed wildly.

A horrifying murderous intent swept through the heavens and the earth. Everyone shuddered at it as their body froze.

Each of them was in despair.

It’s the end.

This is really the end.

“I’m not dead yet…”

Zhou Xuanji’s weak voice resounded across the sky, like a ray of sunlight piercing through the darkness, igniting a spark of hope in everyone’s eyes.