I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 354 - Chapter 354 I Will Make You The Human King

Chapter 354 - Chapter 354 I Will Make You The Human King


The Dragon Vein struggled silently while Liu Wuji was sitting in midair with crossed legs. He fixed his eyes on the Dragon Vein, and his eyes were filled with excitement.

Nobody knew why he was excited.

The number of cultivators and soldiers who remained outside the Royal Capital was less than a hundred thousand. Compared to previously, it was a mere tenth.

These people were experiencing emotional torment and choice.

They were struck with fear and wanted to run.

But they also understood that if they didn’t stop Liu Wuji, the entire Northern Wilderness Region would be overturned.

On a hill.

Daoseeker and the man in the raincoat stood side by side. Both looked at Liu Wuji silently without speaking a word.

Daoseeker was the first to break the silence.

“Liu Wuji seems to be keeping these people alive to feed someone,” Daoseeker sighed. Although he knew Liu Wuji’s goal, he could not do anything.

The man in a raincoat shook his head and said, “Yang Di is accepting the inheritance of the True Dragon. Even if he transforms into a True Dragon and returns, it would be too late.”

He was very unhappy about this.

It was he who gave Yang Di the serendipity, but Yang Di no longer listened to him. Instead, Yang Di did whatever he wanted and had often rebutted him. This gave him many regrets.

At this moment, Daoseeker suddenly looked toward the south and said shockingly, “Someone is coming.”

He pinched his finger and divined. He frowned at first, but then his expression changed greatly.

He could not divine a single thing.

But this kind of result would only mean one thing.

That person was Zhou Xuanji!

“What is he here for! Damn, he wants to die?”

Daoseeker cursed with gritted teeth. He turned around immediately to stop Zhou Xuanji.

But the man in the raincoat stopped him.

“If you stop him, the end is still death. Why don’t you let him try?” He said.

“He will die!” Daoseeker looked back at him furiously and said.

Daoseeker had already witnessed how powerful Liu Wuji was.

And he understood Zhou Xuanji’s power. The two of them were not at an equal level.

The man in the raincoat said calmly, “If he doesn’t die now, does it mean he will remain alive in the future? He’s still far from the age of ascension.”

Ascension was determined not by cultivation alone but also age.

But most people would have reached the age limit when their cultivation was high enough to ascend.

Daoseeker tried to calm himself. He understood that the man in the raincoat spoke the truth.

“I shall protect the human’s Dragon Vein!”

A burst of heroic laughter came and caught everyone’s attention.

Jiang Wudi, Li Yinyu, and the others were all pleasantly surprised.

The Sword Emperor!

Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh!

Air-piercing sounds resounded across the sky. Zhou Xuanji and Zhao 68 flew over the cultivators’ heads and charged into the ruins of the Royal Capital without hesitation.

Power from the Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment and God Ghost Howl in his hands flowed into his body. He began swinging the two swords with a powerful aura.

Sky Dominating Divine Sword!

Two streaks of crossed sword Qi were shot out and crashed into the Dragon Vein, shredding it into pieces.

Liu Wuji looked at him and laughed ragingly, “A First Tribulation Scattered Immortal has the aura of a Fourth Tribulation Scattered Immortal. Brat, you are good.”

His body flashed and generated a duplicate that charged toward Zhou Xuanji.

This duplicate traveled with the speed of lightning.

Zhou Xuanji focused his mind, and Zhao 68 stood in front of him with a punch.


The two punches clashed. The clothes of Zhao 68 and Liu Wuji’s duplicate flapped loudly in the wind.

Zhou Xuanji’s black hair danced wildly in the wind, and he was shocked.

Just the wind generated by the punches could make his face ache.

Zhao 68 opened its third eye between his brows, and countless bolts of purple lightning shot out from it. The lightning bombarded Liu Wuji’s duplicate, sending it flying away.

Liu Wuji, who sat far away, squinted his eyes and mumbled, “A Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal puppet.”

Jiang Wudi, Li Yinyu, and the others who were sealed on the stelas were all aghast.

How could it be!

They gazed at Zhao 68. No matter how they looked at it, they could not recognize this person.

When did such a powerhouse live in the Northern Wilderness Region?

And they heard from Liu Wuji that this person had the cultivation of a Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal?

Seventh Tribulation!

There’s no way an ordinary person could be this powerful.

Usually, one had to ascend when one reached Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal. Only a few Fourth Tribulation Scattered Immortal remained in the human world.

Back then, the Hegemon Sword Emperor ascended as a Fourth Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

However, the Hegemon Sword Emperor was testified as a Great Emperor, so he was much more powerful than a Fourth Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

Zhao 68 did not hesitate and charged toward Liu Wuji immediately.

Liu Wuji fought with gritted teeth.

He had no fear for Zhao 68, but because he was absorbing the Dragon Vein, he would need to restart if he made any mistake.

Facing the attack of a Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal, he had to cut off the connection with the Dragon Vein to fight back with full force.

“Puppet? You infuriate me!” Liu Wuji roared in rage. His white hair floated up, and strands of black Qi covered his body, transforming into a hideous and terrifying armor.

Zhao 68 had no independent consciousness. It was merely a puppet, so it charged at Liu Wuji again without speaking a word.

Boooom! Boooom! Boom…

The two powerful cultivators traded blows with extreme speed. Everywhere they passed by, explosions shook the earth and generated great blasts of wind.

Zhou Xuanji quickly came to Jiang Wudi and the others to unseal them.

“Sword Emperor, be careful. This person is really powerful!”

Jiang Wudi fled as he cried out loudly.

Zhou Xuanji understood Liu Wuji’s power the best. He would not dare to let down his guard.

Everyone who was observing the battle between Zhao 68 and Liu Wuji was exhilarated.

This was their first time seeing someone that could stand up to Liu Wuji.

Those powerful cultivators lost badly to Liu Wuij. They did not even have the power to retaliate.

“The Sword Emperor is so awesome!”

“Who is that person? So powerful yet following the Sword Emperor?”

“He could be the Sword Emperor’s good friend.”

“How can it be? Didn’t you notice that he was following behind the Sword Emperor!”

“We are saved!”

The cultivators could barely hold their excitement and were all cheering.


Zhao 68 suddenly crashed beside Zhou Xuanji, stirring up waves of dust.

Zhou Xuanji leaped up. His body turned golden, and a purple Taichi diagram appeared before his forehead. He was prepared for Liu Wuji’s attack.

“Brat, you are seriously talented. Why don’t you yield to me? When I become the Human Emperor, I will assign you as the Human King!”

Liu Wuji laughed coldly as he stared at Zhou Xuanji, looking like a demon god.

So what if the puppet is a Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal!

After absorbing so much essence Qi, he was far more powerful than a Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal!

Zhou Xuanji glanced over and saw a giant hole in Zhao 68’s chest. It seemed to be badly injured, but it got up and charged at Liu Wuji again because it had no pain.

He cursed in his heart, “Liu Wuji really surpassed Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal!”

Although Zhao 68 was powerful, it could not defeat Liu Wuji.

Emperor Zhao cheated me!

He immediately took out dozens of legendary swords and started to form a sword formation.

The Hades God-slaying Formation!

His other abilities were not powerful enough to defeat Liu Wuji. This was his gamble.

“Sigh, Liu Wuji. How much evil has your duplicate done?”

The soul of Emperor Zhao came out of the Ancient God Sword and blamed Liu Wuji.

Liu Wuji’s soul did not come out or speak. It was likely that he did not want to see his own body.


Powerful bolts of lightning exploded from Zhao 68’s body. The flashes of lightning transformed into lions and tigers that pounced on Liu Wuji with furious roars. The view was greatly impressive. The lions and tigers of purple lighting covered a radius of ten thousand meters. Their deafening roars reverberated across the heavens and earth.