I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 353 - Chapter 353 The Power of the Unrivaled.

Chapter 353 - Chapter 353 The Power of the Unrivaled.


Only at noon did Emperor Zhao’s puppet get up slowly.

It opened its eyes and looked at the bright sun, dazzled.

Emperor Zhao, who was on the Ancient God Sword, waved at it, and a black ray of light entered the puppet’s body.

Instantly, the puppet twisted and turned with a hideous expression, as though it was in great pain. However, it did not make a sound.

Zhou Xuanji frowned slightly. Could this puppet have its own will?

If it did, then was Emperor Zhao possessing it at this moment?

He did not stop him. It belonged to Emperor Zhao after all, so he was not qualified to interfere.

“Damn the transformations. Fortunately, it was awakened in time. In another ten thousand years, it would have given birth to consciousness like Liu Wuji’s corpse and gone into the world.”

Emperor Zhao cursed but with a tone of excitement.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyelids twitched.

If Emperor Zhao’s words were true, wouldn’t all the corpses of ancient powerhouses gain consciousness and reappear in the world?

If that were so, wouldn’t the Northern Wilderness Region have been in chaos since a long time ago?

Or there might be other special reasons, and it might be the transformations that Emperor Zhao spoke about.

A while later.

The puppet no longer struggled but calmed down.

It got up from the stone coffin and knelt before Zhou Xuanji, looking down.

“From now on, he’s under your control.”

Emperor Zhao smiled proudly and was apparently waiting for Zhou Xuanji to praise him.

“What’s its name?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

He sized the puppet up closely. It felt similar to a normal person, except for its silence.

“Call it Zhao 68. It ranked sixty-eight amongst my puppets.”

Emperor Zhao said. His words made Zhou Xuanji roll his eyes.

This guy is even more perfunctory at giving names than him.

“Has it recovered its Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal cultivation?”

He continued to ask. With his cultivation, his sensory faculties were not keen enough to probe Zhao 68’s cultivation.

In his senses, Zhao 68 was like a radiant sun. It was far more powerful in magic energy than any human or demon he had ever seen.

“About there. You can bring it along to find Liu Wuji,” Emperor Zhao said ambiguously, which made Zhou Xuanji a little scared.

You are not even sure about it, aren’t you sending me to my death?

“The Dragon Vein’s aura changed. It must be my body absorbing the human’s Dragon Vein. You should go and stop him quickly, as when he finishes absorbing the Dragon Vein, you will not be able to do anything to him.”

Liu Wuji’s voice came from the Ancient God Sword.

“What? Absorbing the Dragon Vein?”

Emperor Zhao cried out in shock. Next, he quickly urged Zhou Xuanji to be on his way.

Zhou Xuanji was frightened by them and immediately flew toward the Hunyuan Empire. Along the way, he asked them about the Dragon Vein.

The Dragon Vein was the Fate of the human race, similar to the Fate Emperor River.

However, the Fate Emperor River was a phenomenon of nature, which could be used to testify Great Emperors and was controlled by the Heavenly Dao.

In contrast, the Dragon Vein was the Fate that the humans gathered themselves. If the Dragon Vein dissipated, the human race would surely wither. What awaits them next would be destruction.

Zhou Xuanji was aghast in his heart.

He understood why Liu Wuji would absorb essence Qi. Still, he had no idea why Liu Wuji needed to absorb the Dragon Vein.

It seemed that this guy had gained far more than just a consciousness.

He must have inherited something.

In the Hunyuan Royal Capital, many powerful cultivators lay in rubble, and each was badly injured.

Liu Wuji seized Xuanhe Divine Monk by the neck and raised the monk up. The monk’s face was red from the grasp, but he was not struggling. His magic energy was already depleted along with his stamina, so he could no longer resist.

“A bunch of crumbs!”

Liu Wuji cried out with gnashing teeth. He could see that the Dragon Vein above his head had broken free, which meant that all his previous effort was in vain. He had to restart absorbing the Dragon Vein again.

These powerful cultivators were far weaker than him. Still, they had used ingenious methods to pull the Dragon Vein out of his grasp during the fight. This infuriated him.

Xuanhe Divine Monk smiled mockingly, even though he knew that he would die for sure.

However, it was a pity that he could not get revenge for his revered teacher.

Xian Xianghua, if there’s a next life, I will surely kill you.


Liu Wuji broke the monk’s neck before opening his mouth to suck the monk’s essence Qi and soul.

The Northern Wilderness Region’s top monk fell.

Those who were observing from afar were all shocked.

Shi Haiming, lying in the debris, gritted his teeth and stood up with his trembling body. His sword, however, was held steadily in his hand.

Liu Wuji was just too powerful.

He was so powerful that Shi Haiming felt despair.

He finally understood why Liu Wuji was considered the most powerful human.

Even Shi Shenzong may not be able to defeat Liu Wuji.

“Damn… I cannot back down in cowardice…”

He tried to calm himself down and walked toward Liu Wuji.

Jiang Wudi, Li Yinyu, Zeng Junlou, Xitan Changshi, Great Shang’s Fury Buddha, and the others got up too.

They all knew that being alive did not mean Liu Wuji could not kill them but merely that Liu Wuji wanted to keep them alive for their essence Qi.

Now, they no longer had a way back. Even if they wanted to run, they could not do it. They could only risk it all.

“How much better would it be if he was around…”

Jiang Wudi laughed bitterly. He was referring to Zhou Xuanji.

In the current world, Zhou Xuanji was already qualified to be the most powerful cultivator. Ever since he beat Shi Shenzong, he might have already surpassed Yang Di.

No one replied to him because praying for Zhou Xuanji’s arrival would only distract them.

Liu Wuji was enraged and weaved through the battlefield like a ghost, followed by undulating shrieks.

No matter who stood before him, no one could stand up to him.

Those who were watching faraway were all loomed in great fear.

“He’s too powerful… No one can defeat him…”

“Even the Divine Monk is dead. Who else can defeat him…”

“Where is the Sword Emperor? Why isn’t the Sword Emperor here yet?”

“The Sword Emperor is in the south, okay? Also, Emperor Sword Court was just established. If you were him, would you come?”

“I didn’t expect our powerful cultivators to be so weak…”

In a moment, more and more cultivators turned around to flee, and the alliance army fell like a crumbling mountain. Seeing their powerful cultivators defeated terribly, they did not dare to stay.

At the same time, news about this news spread out and shocked the entire Northern Wilderness Region.

Although everyone in the world was shocked by Liu Wuji, they did not expect Liu Wuji to be this powerful.

The world’s heroes gathered together and were no match for him.

Could a great tribulation be truly coming?


Zhou Xuanji flew full-speed ahead on his sword, followed by Zhao 68.

The more he drew close to the Hunyuan Empire, the more anxious he felt.

The thunderclouds billowed with a heaven’s might wreaking havoc in the human world.

“A Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal is really that powerful?”

Zhou Xuanji thought in his heart. He even suspected Liu Wuji to have surpassed Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

Such prowess did not strike fear in him but excitement.

He wanted to be this powerful as well.

He wanted to become even more powerful than Liu Wuji.

Zhao 68, who was behind him, was expressionless and was without any emotions.

It had already been three days since they had left Juedi Cliff.

In about a day, they would reach the Hunyuan Royal Capital.

At this moment.

In the ruins of the Hunyuan Royal Capital, Liu Wuji began absorbing the Dragon Vein again.

Jiang Wudi, Shi Haiming, and a dozen other powerful cultivators were sealed onto some steles. They could only look at Liu Wuji in despair and grimness.

“Why doesn’t he suck our essence Qi first before absorbing the Dragon Vein?”

Jiang Wudi thought about it suspiciously. A sense of anxiety grew stronger.