I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 352 - Guardian Shangguan

Chapter 352 - Guardian Shangguan


Zhou Xuanji sat near the stone coffin and began cultivating.

Dugu did not leave but continued to observe Zhou Xuanji quietly. He was thinking about something.

Zhou Xuanji did not worry that Dugu would attack him. He put the Ancient God Sword in front of him so that the souls of the nine powerful cultivators could appear freely. Other than Emperor Zhao, the other souls had not been revealed.

They fell apparently because they had enemies. So, they would not unnecessarily reveal their identity to others.

In the blink of an eye, six days passed quickly.

During this time, no enemies appeared, and Zhou Xuanji was rather free.

He continued cultivating World Overlord, which was really difficult. So he took a glance at Dugu and asked him, “How much do you know about World Buddha Art?”

Dugu seemed to deeply understand this energy technique, or else he would not have allowed Zhou Xuanji to learn it.

“I don’t know much other than it’s really powerful. I have never cultivated it before. I heard that the World Buddha Art was merely a part of a whole energy technique from an ancient powerhouse. Even with the partial version, it was enough for anyone who mastered it to become unrivaled in the world,” Dugu replied calmly.

Zhou Xuanji was surprised. It was merely a partial version?

World Reincarnation and World Internalization were already powerful enough. How much more powerful would the whole version be?

It was beyond his imagination.

Dugu suddenly turned around to leave without leaving a word.

Zhou Xuanji was confused. Why did he just leave like that?

At the same time.

At the edge of the Juedi Cliff, someone was standing on a cliff looking up in the sky.

It was the white-robed lady who was watching over Liu Wuji’s body.

Ever since Liu Wuji returned to the world, she left the north and came to the inner territory of the human race.

After a long journey and investigations, she finally found Juedi Cliff.

“Only he can help to resolve this catastrophe.”

She mumbled to herself and flew toward the inner region of Juedi Cliff.

Just when she entered Juedi Cliff, she was stopped by a ball of demonic Qi.

“Your bloodline and aura are not suited to enter Juedi Cliff. If you charge in forcefully, it will lead to the unrest of countless hateful spirits. Not only you, but the entire Northern Wilderness Region will be doomed.”

Dugu’s voice came from the demonic Qi.

As someone chosen by Liu Wuji to become his guardian, this girl must not be simple.

The white-robed lady said with cupped first, “I’m Shangguan Su. The Shangguan Clan has been selected by Ancestor Liu Wuji as guardians to watch over his body. You should have met my forefathers before. Now that Liu Wuji is back in the world again, I beg you to help again.”

Liu Wuji again!

Dugu was confused in his heart. He could not remember who Liu Wuji was at all.

However, he was somehow connected with Shangguan Su by bloodline. So, when Shangguan Su drew close to Juedi Cliff, he could sense her presence.

“I don’t know Liu Wuji, neither do I have the power to leave Juedi Cliff. You should leave,” Dugu replied, which made Shangguan Su anxious.

“Senior, only you can…”

Before she could finish speaking, Dugu interrupted her.

“I really cannot do anything about it. But there is someone in Juedi Cliff planning to deal with Liu Wuji. He might be able to do it. Why don’t you go back and wait.”

Having heard of that, Shangguan Su was a little confused.

In the current world, who else other than Dugu was powerful than Liu Wuji?

“What’s his name? Can you let me know?”

Shangguan Su asked anxiously. Liu Wuji had not brought trouble to the world for fifty thousand years. If he massacred the world in her generation, then her sins would be great.

“He’s Zhou Xuanji. You should have heard of him before,” Dugu replied. After that, the demonic Qi flew toward the deeper region of Juedi Cliff.

Zhou Xuanji!

Shangguan Su was stunned. She had heard about this name for sure. In the recent century, Zhou Xuanji’s name was prominent to everyone in the Northern Wilderness. Even the northerners who stayed in secluded areas heard of his name before.

However, that person was too young. Was he really able to defeat Liu Wuji?

Although he had defeated the Sword Saint, Liu Wuji was much more powerful than Shi Shenzong.

She sighed and paid respect toward the direction of Dugu’s departure before turning around to leave.

In the ruins of the Hunyuan Royal Capital, Liu Wuji had already absorbed the majority of the Dragon Vein. Horrifying demonic Qi loomed over the royal capital like a black mist.

Faraway, the Eight Sanctums and the other empires had already gathered their army. At one glance, humans covered the horizon in all directions, forming a black line that surrounded the Hunyuan Royal Capital.

Xuanhe Divine Monk said, “Amitābha. Liu Wuji is too powerful. I suggest that each faction send their most powerful forces to eradicate him together. As for the other disciples and soldiers, they should guard this place to prevent Liu Wuji from trying to escape in case he’s defeated.”

Canghai Ziggurat’s Li Yinyu, Mountain Abyss Ziggurat’s Zeng Junlou, Shi Haiming from Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain, and the other leaders of different factions nodded.

They were afraid to suffer great losses too.

Soon, every one among them who was on the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred stood out and walked toward Liu Wuji from all directions.

They each showed their own aura and shook the heavens and the earth.

“Evil spirit, you dared to take hold of our ancestor’s holy body to massacre the living. Today, you are surrounded. Surrender now!”

Jiang Wudi cried out. In such a situation, words don’t really help, but they could gain him some popularity and create a personality. It did not bother him to talk more.

Liu Wuji did not reply but continued to focus on absorbing the Dragon Vein.

Shi Haiming drew his sword and charged first.

Xuanhe Divine Monk followed closely behind. His body turned into a domineering golden buddha.

The other lords used their own divine ability, and the ground shook violently.

“No matter how many ordinary people there are, you are still ordinary. You are mere worms and yet you think about killing me?”

Liu Wuji opened his eyes suddenly. With a sinister visage, he stood up forcefully.

The bright morning sun shined on Juedi Cliff and drove away the darkness.

Zhou Xuanji observed that flesh was growing on the bones inside the coffin. The face of the body was pale, and he wore a tattered robe that was covered in dust. The puppet was tall and handsome. A vertical slit could be seen in between his brows, as though another eye was hidden inside.

Zhou Xuanji could sense the abundant magic energy inside the puppet, which had already surpassed Shi Shenzong’s. Moreover, it was still growing rapidly.

The spiritual Qi around them was not very abundant. Where did the puppet get his magic energy?

Zhou Xuanji was curious but did not ask further.

He did not have much interest in the way of puppets.

“Merely a Seven Tribulation Scattered Immortal is not enough to defeat Liu Wuji, right?”

Zhou Xuanji said. He did not know where Emperor Zhao’s confidence came from.

Emperor Zhao chuckled, “Although it’s only at the Seventh Tribulation, it has a special divine ability, making it formidable. Even if it cannot defeat Liu Wuji, it will reduce Liu Wuji’s power greatly.”

Whenever he thought about his puppet battling the body of the most powerful human, he was exhilarated.

Zhou Xuanji could not dispute this but began planning in his heart. It seemed that he must defeat Liu Wuji personally, after all.

If he could receive a legendary sword of a higher grade, he might be able to defeat Liu Wuji?

The grade above Intimidating Spirit was Celestial-shaking!

Celestial-shaking, by its name, meant that it could even shake the celestial beings. How could it not be unrivaled in the ordinary world?

However, even if he obtained a Celestial-shaking legendary sword, there were restrictions on his cultivation.

He only hoped that the requirement was as low as First Tribulation Scattered Immortal.