I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 350 - Chapter 350 The Mystery of the Human Race

Chapter 350 - Chapter 350 The Mystery of the Human Race


Xuanyuan Han claimed to exterminate Liu Wuji, which gave Daoseeker and the man in raincoat great expectations.

The Xuanyuan Clan was from an Ancient Emperor of the human race.

Could there be a turn of events?

Xuanyuan Han and Xuanyuan Han dashed forward like arrows, sweeping up two rows of dust.

Instantly, the two came up to Liu Wuji, one struck out with his palm while the other slashed with his saber. Both intended to kill Liu Wuji.

“Get lost!”

With a furious cry, Xuanyuan Zhou and Xuanyuan Han immediately sensed an unstoppable shockwave coming toward them. The impact sent both of them flying back off, and they vomited blood.

“A mere puppet of the weakest Heavenly Dao, and an ordinary person who inherited someone else’s Fate. Just the two of you, and yet you dream of killing me?”


Liu Wuji laughed sinisterly. The Dragon Vein above his head struggled forcefully and shrieked silently.

Xuanyuan Zhou and Xuanyuan Han steadied their body. Xuanyuan Zhou said with gritted teeth, “I told you, Liu Wuji is very powerful!”

Xuanyuan Han wiped the blood of his mouth and cursed, “You are worthy to be Tian? Charge with me! We must return the order to the human world!”

After that, he charged toward Liu Wuji.

An hour later.

Liu Wuji was still absorbing the Dragon Vein, sitting in the rubble. Two people knelt before him.

They were Xuanyuan Han and Xuanyuan Zhou.

The two were covered with blood with dried skin and were already dead. Their despairing eyes continued to stare at Liu Wuji in fear, even in death.

After careful observation, one could find that their limbs were exaggeratedly twisted. Apparently, they were forced to kneel.

Far away.

Daoseeker and the man in a raincoat were silent.

Especially Daoseeker. His face was gray like ash, and the two fell into despair.

Who could defeat such a Liu Wuji?

“Liu Wuji, what are you planning to do? With your cultivation, how much more powerful can you become even if you suck all of the ordinary people?” The man in the raincoat asked deeply. As a tribulation executive, they were connected with the Fate of humans. They lived as long as humans lived, so they were not afraid that Liu Wuji would attack them.

Liu Wuji replied without opening his eyes, “I want to overthrow these hypocritical humans and demons. True humanity was already destroyed, and the current humans should not exist.”

Daoseeker and the man in the raincoat were confused.

“What do you mean? Humans are humans. Why must you differentiate between the past and now?” Daoseeker continued to ask. He wanted to understand Liu Wuji’s motivation.

Liu Wuji did not hide but spoke frankly, “That year, Emperor Xia created the human race to become the lord over the heavens and earth. However, a betrayer schemed to usurp the throne of the Human Emperor. The betrayer colluded with the demons and started giving birth in the demons’ territories. Those betrayers found an opportunity to overthrow the entire Divine Empire of Xia and killed everyone except some women to create a new human race.”

“They plotted against the daughter of Emperor Xia, and she became an eternal devil that cannot reincarnate.”

“So, the current human race doesn’t deserve to be humans.”

Daoseeker and the man in the raincoat fell into silence again. They were shocked in their heart and had not expected humanity to have gone through such hardship. If everything Liu Wuji said were true, then history had hidden the truth.

But even so, the fault of the ancestors had nothing to do with their descendants.

“After I absorbed the Dragon Vein, I will awaken the ancient people of Xia to control the Northern Wilderness Region. No one can stop me,” Liu Wuji said casually. A sense of excitement could be sensed from his tone.

Daoseeker asked deeply, “You are not the consciousness born in Liu Wuji’s dead body? You are carrying on the will of Liu Wuji himself?”

Liu Wuji was so powerful. Why didn’t he turn things around and stop the scheme back then if he knew about it?

“Before his ascension, he was unrivaled in the world. The shocking events of the human race happened when he was cultivating in isolation. When he returned to the world, the events had already occurred, and he could do nothing to revert it. He was so angry that he killed the Human Emperor before he ascended. I succeeded his flesh and will naturally complete his will, however…”

Liu Wuji laughed coldly and even more sinisterly, “I want to become the Human Emperor! I want to become the one and only sovereign lord of this world!”

Daoseeker’s expression changed, and he squinted his eyes.

Just as I thought!

“This is the true history of the human race. The later generations tried to cover up their evil deeds against the Xia people, so they had been suppressing me.”

Zhou Xuanji heard the voice from the blood bead and sighed in his heart.

So Old Mother Wan’E was the one to be sympathized with.

However, when she heard about dealing with Liu Wuji’s corpse, she was so afraid that she wanted to give up living.

“I advise you to ascend quickly. Liu Wuji’s power is beyond your imagination. Before he ascended, all living things in the ordinary world added together would not be enough to defeat him. He is genuinely the most powerful person in the entire human race. Even my father could not defeat him before he ascended,” Old Mother Wan’E persuaded.

Her life was in the hands of Zhou Xuanji, so she did not want Zhou Xuanji to die.

Once the human race in the Northern Wilderness Region was eradicated, she would surely die.

However, as long as some Northern Wilderness people survived, their Fate would allow her to continue living.

Zhou Xuanji snorted, “I still have many people here that I care about. How can I just ascend?”

“You are such a coward, and you call yourself the daughter of Emperor Xia.”

“Wait for it. I will defeat Liu Wuji.”

After that, he put the blood bead back into the Tianxia Map before Old Mother Wan’E could rebut.

He did not obtain any information from Old Mother Wan’E about how to deal with Liu Wuji. He could only continue his journey toward Juedi Cliff.

If he traveled full-speed ahead without stopping, he could reach Juedi Cliff from Skyfall within a few days.

Juedi Cliff was situated in the south, and it was not considered far for him.

Three days later.

He finally reached Juedi Cliff. This time, he did not have the company of Xian Xianghua and traveled alone.

He took out the Ancient God Sword and summoned the remnant soul of Emperor Zhao.

“Juedi Cliff, I’m finally back,” Emperor Zhao spoke passionately with great excitement.

After that, he pointed toward a direction for Zhou Xuanji to fly towards.

Juedi Cliff was vast and had a spectrum of fluctuating phenomenons. There were numerous natural traps along the way. Still, Zhou Xuanji avoided them with ease by using his powerful sensory organs.

He had a lingering fear.

The last time he came, he could not see all these natural traps. If he were to take one misstep, he might not have become who he was today.

There were all sorts of natural traps here — those of the five elements, the Yin and the Yang, and various poisons. They were very difficult to guard against.

He scanned the area with his mind and found many coffins buried underneath the mountain and under the ground.

Everyone who was buried in the Juedi Cliff was extraordinary when they were alive.

He came to the destination according to Emperor Zhao’s directions.

An abyssal value was before him. Cold winds blew from the valley, which made people shudder.

“I made a cave in the walls of the mountains below. There is a puppet inside, which was forged with my duplicate.”

Emperor Zhao urged him in excitement. He could no longer wait to see his puppet fight against Liu Wuji.


Zhou Xuanji raised his brow. It was not rare to see puppets in the cultivation world, but most were not very powerful. He did not believe that there was a Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal puppet.

However, since he was already here, it did not bother him to enter the cave to take a look.

“The Tianxia Map…

At this moment, a faint and icy voice came from his back. Zhou Xuanji turned around instinctively.

He saw a demonic shadow appear thirty meters away from him. That person was enveloped with demonic Qi, revealing only a head with cold eyes that were staring fixedly at Zhou Xuanji. His face was pale with a deep frown while his hair danced like fiery flames.

“Who are you?” Zhou Xuanji asked. He was shocked in his heart because he did not sense this person’s appearance.