I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 35

Chapter 35


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“Northern Sword Valiant?”

Zhou Xuanji was lost. Who was that?

Little Jiang Xue knitted her brows in displeasure because of Northern Sword Valiant’s arrogance.

The young man quickly introduced him, “This man does not belong to the Southern Snow Kingdom. He broke through to the Enlightening Stage four years ago. His sword techniques are very imposing and powerful. He is very arrogant, and was on the Reputation Ranking of Great Zhou, although it was only for a little while.”

He reached the Enlightening Stage four years ago?

Zhou Xuanji squinted his eyes. He did want to challenge a powerful cultivator that was in the Enlightening Stage.

He asked, “Is he still waiting in Cloud Swallow City?”

The young man nodded, saying, “He said that he will wait for another month. If you do not accept the challenge, then your title as Sword God Zhou would be a joke…”

In the last part of his sentence, the young man sounded indignant.

How could Northern Sword Valiant compare with Sword God Zhou?

It was not because of power that people admired Sword God Zhou, it was his righteousness and benevolence!

At the thought of this, the young man looked at Zhou Xuanji with the hope that he would defeat this upstart.

Zhou Xuanji nodded his head, “Thank you,” he said.

After that, he moved on with Little Jiang Xue.

The young man did not follow him but shouted, “You must accept the challenge! Teach him a lesson!”

Zhou Xuanji waved his hands without looking back, and his eyes looked deep suddenly.

Northern Sword Valiant?

Very soon, I will teach you a lesson.

Only after they walked for a few yards, did Little Jiang Xue mutter a question, “Xuanji, are you confident?”

After seven years of being with him, how could she not see through his thoughts?

He rolled his eyes and said, “I already killed an Inner Pellet cultivator when I was two years old. Do you think I’m afraid of a nobody who’s merely at the Enlightening Stage?”

Little Jiang Xue thought about it and felt that he was right. His title as Sword God Zhou was not meaningless. The brigands who died by his sword were so many that they could form an army.

“Then you must teach him a good lesson. I really hate arrogant people.”

“Don’t worry, I will!”

The two of them chatted as they walked toward the city ahead of them.

After they entered the city, the two kids ran around the streets.

It was Zhou Xuanji’s first time walking through the streets in this world, so it was something new and interesting to him.

The two of them were very excited. They bought some snacks along the way and walked into different stores to take a look.

For three days, the two of them explored the entire city.

Zhou Xuanji had countless riches and treasures in his Supreme Storage. They could buy anything they wanted, without any worry.

Meanwhile, they became the target of some robbers, but they were settled by Zhou Xuanji in a back alley.

On the fourth day, both of them boarded the carriage toward Cloud Swallow City.

It was not far from their current city.

The title, Sword God Zhou, was most popular at the peripherals of the Southern Snow Kingdom, so Northern Sword Valiant would naturally be in the borders of the kingdom.

Seven carriages followed along and each had two drivers, one old and one young. The young men were there as apprentices.

“Teacher, do you think Sword God Zhou will accept the challenge?”

“I think Sword God Zhou doesn’t even know about this. If not, why do you think Northern Sword Valiant would choose the Cloud Swallow City?”

“Ahhh? Do you mean that the Northern Sword Valiant was just bluffing?”

“Of course, but he’s genuinely powerful, while Sword God Zhou only attacks Foundation Building brigands. It’s difficult to say who will win.”

“I’ve heard that Sword God Zhou is only a child that’s less than ten years old. Is this true?”

In the carriage, Zhou Zhou Xuanji and Little Jiang Xue listened to the conversation. They looked at each other with a smile.

She muttered, “Xuanji, I didn’t expect you to be so famous already.”

She felt proud in her heart because the famous Sword God Zhou was her little brother.

He was playing with a silver-plated mask that only exposed his eyes and made his facial features look solemn and stern.

He bought the mask with two pieces of silver. The seller claimed that it had gone through thorough hammering and forging.

He laughed, “I’m not that famous.”

He was a prince in Great Zhou, so he did not care about a small kingdom.

He put on the silver mask and asked with a smile, “Am I handsome?”

He said as he made a pose that he considered handsome.


She could not hold her laughter. She covered her mouth and pointed at him, saying, “You look so dumb!”

He heard her and immediately became a little disheartened.

He was still too young to be considered handsome.

When he had grown up, he will surely be like a handsome and elegant gentleman.

Little Jiang Xue took out a set of black clothing from her storage ring and said, “Try this one.”

He was still wearing the clothes that she knitted for him, and so he looked simple and plain.

In these few days, they bought many clothes in the city so they were now able to change their outfits.

His image must match the title of Sword God Zhou after all.

As the saying went, “The tailor makes the man.”

After Zhou Xuanji changed into the exquisite black clothing, he looked much more fierce and sharp.

There were many golden linings woven into the clothing. He tied most of his hair at the back of his head and left two strands of long hair dangling by the two sides of his forehead, which reached to his collar bones.

He then put on the silver mask again, and this time, Little Jiang Xue’s eyes glistened and praised him, “Now, that fits the image of Sword God Zhou. But you are still too small.”

Although he had an extraordinary look, he still lacked in his height.

But it was well-known that Sword God Zhou only had the body of a child, so it was not a big issue.

He took off the mask. After he received praise from her, he felt much better.

The two of them began chatting.

Meanwhile, they talked about Xiao Jinghong, as they did not know how powerful this cheap disciple of Zhou Xuanji’s really was.

In front of Xiao Jinghong, Northern Sword Valiant did not even dare to fart.

The party continued ahead.

Along the way, they did not meet with any brigands.

After two days and two nights, they arrived at Cloud Swallow City.

Cloud Swallow City was one of the biggest cities in the Southern Snow Kingdom. Millions populated the city, and many of its clans were well established, in addition to the prosperity of its businesses.

As he walked along the streets, Zhou Xuanji felt many Foundation Building Qi signatures.

The Kingdom was not just any state as most of them were cultivators, though generally, they were in the lower stages.

Under the rule of kingdoms, there were ordinary states, which were situated between the kingdoms. Cultivation was not popularized in these states.

Along the way, they heard many discussions about Sword God Zhou and Northern Sword Valiant.

A month ago, after Northern Sword Valiant’s high profile declaration, many people came to the Cloud Swallow City.

The Sword Valiant was a powerful sword cultivator after all, while Sword God Zhou was born extraordinary. If the two were to battle against each other, it would be an awesome fight!

Zhou Xuanji was not in a hurry to accept the challenge but brought Little Jiang Xue along to tour the city first.

On the other side.

At the center of Cloud Swallow City stood the biggest training ground in the entire city.

The facility was close to two yards tall and a few hundred yards wide. Behind it stood the governor’s residence, while the other three sides led to different streets.

On the training ground stood a man who caught the attention of people.

It was Northern Sword Valiant.

His sword stood upright on the ground while he stood on the hilt with the tip of his toe. He stood still and did not move, which amazed the pedestrians.

This pose was no easy task, even a Qi Nurturing cultivator would struggle to achieve it.

But he stayed in this pose for a month.

Amongst the crowds, Zhang Ruyu curled his lip and cursed him silently, “Such a reckless fool!”

The servants that followed him laughed helplessly. Northern Sword Valiant and Zhang Tianjian were on good terms. What he said must not be heard by Northern Sword Valiant.