I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 349 - Chapter 349 Great Tribulation. No One Can Defeat.

Chapter 349 - Chapter 349 Great Tribulation. No One Can Defeat.


The Hunyuan Empire had existed for twenty thousand years and was one of the longest standing empires. Till now, no one knew the true origin of the Hunyuan Empire.

However, there was one thing that people talked about enthusiastically, and that was that its spiritual Qi far exceeded the other empires. Everything went smoothly here, and no matter how many massive wars happened, the Hunyuan Empire was never harmed.

When Liu Wuji raised his right hand, the weather over the Royal city changed drastically. Violent gales blew against the capital as the image of a Five-clawed Golden Dragon appeared above it like an undulating mountain range. The dragon veiled over the sky and caught the attention of countless people.

“The Ancestral Dragon appeared!”

“How did the Fate divine beast of our empire appear?”

“That’s not a divine beast, but a Dragon Vein!”

“Could it be an enemy invasion?”

“Could it be the recently renowned Liu Wuji?”

A commotion broke out amongst the civilians, but the royal capital did not lose its order. This was the Hunyuan Empire after all, and in their eyes, no one could threaten them.


A terrifying beam of black ray came from outside the walls and penetrated the entire capital. Everything along its way, including the buildings, people, and livestock, were burnt to ashes.

Next, a few more black beams appeared and shattered the Hunyuan Empire.


The Hunyuan Empire stood no chance before the black beams. The defensive mechanisms were like nothing, and the fortified walls were like paper.

Numerous powerful cultivators leaped into the air, including Generals Chen, Tang, Xuan, and Wang.

Emperor Huanyuan flew into the air also. He wore an emperor’s robe and a golden crown. With a furious look, a horrifying aura exploded from his body and swept across the sea of clouds.

“Kill him for Us!”

Emperor Hunyuan roared, pointing at Liu Wuji.

The Royal capital faced such destruction, so how would he face his ancestors?

“Yes, your Majesty!”

The Four Generals charged toward Liu Wuji immediately.

Liu Wuji, who was outside, saw this scene and mocked, “A group of mere mortals dare to disobey this deity’s will?”

After he spoke, his face turned extremely menacing. His eyes were filled with blood vessels, and a murderous aura was emanating from him.

At Skyfall.

Zhou Xuanji sat at the cliffside and was meditating.

World Overlord was even more difficult than World Reincarnation. It was extremely profound, but he could not even understand the oral teachings of it.

Why don’t the sentences flow? Don’t tell me it was composed randomly?

At this moment, Haotian Boar King flew up and knelt down behind him.

“Master, bad news! Shocking changes to the human race!” He said with cupped fists.”

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and asked, “What happened?””

Shocking change in the human race?

The first thing he thought about was Liu Wuji.

“Liu Wuji obliterated the Hunyuan Empire. Its Emperor, the Four Generals, and millions of civilians are dead. Now, the Hunyuan Empire is in total chaos. The Eight Sanctums and the other six empires are already working together to assist the Hunyuan Empire,” Haotian Boar King said. Fear was written all across his face.

That was the Hunyuan Empire, the one that had the greatest hope to become the Great Fate Empire, and it was the one that had existed for the longest time.

It was destroyed just like that?

If the humans were to be massacred, wouldn’t the demons be next?

Zhou Xuanji’s expression changed. He did not expect Liu Wuji to be this wild.

“What is Liu Wuji’s movement now?” He asked with a frown.

If the Hunyuan Empire were destroyed just like that, the other empires would follow as well.

“He’s still in the Hunyuan Empire, sucking the essence Qi Hunyuan Empire’s people. The empire has been turned into hell.”

Haotian Boar King shuddered as he mentioned this.

During the process of sucking essence Qi, the victim would remain conscious throughout, which meant that the victim could sense death drawing close slowly. Such fear far exceeded instant death.

“Continue to gather intel. Inform me whenever new situations pop up,” Zhou Xuanji said.

Haotian Boar King received his orders and left.

Zhou Xuanji fell into deep thought with a frown.

He did not know whether Yang Di was dead, and now the Hunyuan Empire had been severely damaged. He needed to think of a way and could not put his hope in World Overlord.

He remembered Emperor Zhao’s words that there was a way to deal with Liu Wuji in Juedi Cliff.

After that thought, he decided to move out immediately. He gathered his trusted companions and briefed them about this.

Liu Wuji’s actions were already known by the world. Jiang Xue, Xiao Jinghong, and the others knew too.

“Juedi Cliff is known as the graveyard of the Great Emperors. There might really be a way. Revered Teacher, be careful,” Xiao Jinghong said with a nod. The others had no objections.

The current Zhou Xuanji had no problem wandering into Juedi Cliff alone. He could move about freely in that place.

Jiang Xue cautioned Zhou Xuanji a little before letting Zhou Xuanji go.

Daoya Old Man chuckled, “Unknowingly, this brat has become the savior of the world.”

When Sun Hill was obliterated and facing Liu Wuji’s endless menace, the world turned their eyes immediately to Zhou Xuanji.

Now that the Hunyuan Empire was destroyed, the world was in anxiety. Every few days, letters from different factions would be delivered to Skyfall.

Jiang Xue smiled proudly and said, “Of course. In the entire world, only his fate could not be divined. If he’s not a savior, then who is?”

Daoya Old Man shook his head in a smile. The others took the opportunity to ask when Jiang Xue and Zhou Xuanji were giving birth, and she felt so embarrassed that she wanted to cast spells.

Under the blue sky, the once prosperous Hunyuan Royal Capital had turned into ruins.

Liu Wuji sat amidst the ruins, and a Five-clawed Golden Dragon circled above him. That was the Dragon Vein.

The dragon tail sunk into his back. He was absorbing the Dragon Vein.

This Dragon Vein was the source of the Hunyuan Empire’s Fate. Once it was sucked dry, the Hunyuan Empire would be totally destroyed.

At the edge of the ruins, Daoseeker and the man in the woven rush raincoat looked at Liu Wuji.

Liu Wuji seemed to not notice and ignored them.

“If he gets the divine empire’s Dragon Vein, it will be the end of the Northern Wilderness Region. Even if powerful cultivators from overseas come in to help, it would not be enough to defeat him,” Daoseeker said faintly. Could this be the World Epoch?

Liu Wuji would overthrow the human race, and another race would take over after he left.

The more he thought about it, the more possible it felt.

The man in the raincoat sighed, “Yang Di can’t defeat him currently. To be more specific, no one in the current world can defeat him.”

The two tribulation executives looked at Liu Wuji helplessly.

They felt so powerless.

After preparing for countless years, they could still not stand against fate.

Boooom! Boooom!

Two rays of light beamed down from the sky, landing somewhere near.

Next, Xuanyuan Zhou and a muscular man stepped out from the powerful ray.

This muscular man wore silver armor and had a wild face with fearsome eyes. A string of beads was worn on his forehead.

“Liu Wuji? A dead body dares to disturb the peace of the ordinary world! I, Xuanyuan Han, shall exterminate you! Abiding Heaven’s will!”

The silver-armored man cried out. Lightning bolted down and landed into his hand while transforming into a great saber.

He walked toward Liu Wuji with the saber in his hand, and Xuanyuan Zhou followed closely behind.

Daoseeker and the man in the raincoat looked at each other. They were both curious.

Who is Xuanyuan Han?

He descended from the sky. Could he be from the Upper Realm?

Liu Wuji, who was absorbing the Dragon Vein, opened his crimson eyes. His pupils could not be seen clearly.