I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 348 - Chapter 348 This Emperor Is Invincible

Chapter 348 - Chapter 348 This Emperor Is Invincible


“Then? Could it be that you want to work with me to deal with Liu Wuji?” Zhou Xuanji asked with an odd appearance. Was this old demonic woman turning over a new leaf to become a saintess?

Liu Wuji was at least a Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

Even if he worked with Xian Xianghua and seven more helpers, they would not be able to defeat him.

Although he was not a heinous person, he would not overestimate himself.

If the evildoer was weak, he would render help to the victims for sure. But if the enemy was too powerful, why would he send himself to death?

The souls of those powerful cultivators told him that Liu Wuji could become even stronger by absorbing essence Qi.

If Liu Wuji were to suck his, it would be even more dangerous for the Northern Wilderness Region.

Xian Xianghua rolled her eyes at him and said unpleasantly, “Am I that dumb?”

“What I’m saying is, after Liu Wuji infiltrated the human race, he seems to be targeting Yang Di. According to his traces, he seems to be moving straight toward Sun Hill.”

Zhou Xuanji heard her and blinked.

Sun Hill?

Yang Di was so unfortunate?

He wondered how long the top cultivator in the world could hold out against Liu Wuji.

Of course, he hoped that he could defeat Yang Di personally to truly be recognized as the top cultivator in the world.

“Then, I shall wait for the results patiently.”

Zhou Xuanji said with a smile. The result was apparent.

As a Third Tribulation Scattered immortals, Xuanyuan Zhou could hold out against Yang Di for a while. Still, no matter how powerful Yang Di was, he should not be more than a Fifth Tribulation Scattered Immortal. It would be sure death if he encountered Liu Wuji.

He began thinking of ways to increase his power quickly.

After Yang Di’s death, Liu Wuji would find him eventually.

“Also, I’m going to head over to the seaside to develop the Tanhua Sect. The factions overseas are on the move and are likely to invade the Northern Wilderness Region soon. Emperor Sword Court should focus on getting more powerful.”

Xian Xianghua took a step forward and said as she patted Zhou Xuanji’s face.

Her eyes seemed to be in a dazzle. They were both relieved and gentle, but there was also pride and astonishment in her eyes.

That year, he refused to become the Vice Lord of the Tanhua Sect no matter what.

Now, he had created Emperor Sword Court, which was more powerful than the Tanhua Sect. The destiny of humans was unpredictable indeed.

Zhou Xuanji asked with a frown, “Is the Tanhua Sect that important?”

Xian Xianghua’s smiled with crescent eyes and said, “Is Emperor Sword Court that important? We are the same kind of person, so you should understand.”

Zhou Xuanji heard her and could only sigh.

Xian Xianghua was no ordinary woman, after all.

Her ambition was not inferior to that of men.

“Go, if you encounter any difficulty, inform me at any time. But I hope the Tanhua Sect will not commit evil again,” Zhou Xuanji waved his hands and said. Xian Xianghua threw him something charmingly before leaving in a ball of demonic Qi.

He shook his head in a smile and looked up at the starry sky.

He was already very powerful.

But he was not the most powerful and so he was in danger.

If so, then he should become the most powerful person in the ordinary world!

No, even if he becomes the most powerful person in the ordinary world, there might be even more powerful enemies in the Upper Realm.

He had to continue to grow in power!

After he thought this, he walked to the cliff and began cultivating the next level that followed World Reincarnation, World Overlord.

Even with the help of the Tianxia Map, cultivation by the internalization of Qi would still take him a very long time to reach Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

But Liu Wuji was growing more powerful by the day.

Only by reaching World Overlord and gathering the forces of the heavens and earth could he suppress Liu Wuji.

The North

Feng Gule traveled ahead with an infant boy in his arms. He looked back occasionally in case Liu Wuji came after them again.

“Stop looking. He was already injured by This Emperor. I don’t think he dares to come again.”

The infant boy said with a smile. He seemed to be just born, yet he could already speak. He was apparently Great Emperor Heartless, Baihao Yixin.

Each time he exploded himself, he had to be reincarnated. He mastered a divine ability that allowed him to grow quickly.

Not long ago, he sent a dream to Feng Gule to steal him away from a village in the mountains.

He felt disgusted each time he remembered drinking milk from that muscular lady.

Feng Gule rolled his eyes and said to him unpleasantly, “Great Emperor, I beg you to stop bluffing, please?”

It was his bad luck for eight lives to have followed Great Emperor Heartless.

This senior deceived me!

Great Emperor Heartless was not that invincible.

The young Baihao Yixin saw through his thoughts and snorted, “Junior, you don’t know true power. This Emperor is very powerful, invincibly powerful.”

Feng Gule chuckled.

Now, to overcome the World Epoch, he could only hold on to this last saving hope.

Yang Di was targeted by the man in a woven rush raincoat, and Zhou Xuanji was working with Daoseeker. In the current world, only Baihao Yixin could give him hope.

And this hope just grew to be very minimal.

“The abyss that’s a mile ahead hides the power that This Emperor left behind. There are powerful defensive mechanisms that will strike invaders dead for sure. When the time comes, just throw me down.”

“Wait until This Emperor comes out invincible!”

Baihao Yixin said with a proud smile. His words made Feng Gule squint his eyes.

He asked carefully, “Is this true?”

Liu Wuji gave him too big of a trauma.

After Baihao Yixin’s suicide explosion, Liu Wuji had not been injured at all and infiltrated the human race.

Liu Wuji relied on sucking essence Qi to become more powerful. Human territory was a great place for him to grow more powerful.

His scalp felt numb whenever he thought about a more powerful Liu Wuji.

“This Emperor never tells lies,” Baihao Yixin said proudly. He firmly believed that he was invincible.

“Then how long do you need to come back out?”

“Depends. It may be a hundred years or a thousand years.”


Feng Gule had the impulse to drop Baihao Yixin to his death.

A hundred years?

Not just the humans, even the demons would be slaughtered by Liu Wuji!

Half a year later.

The commotion created by Emperor Sword Court has calmed gradually. There weren’t massive operations carried out by Emperor Sword Court since its establishment; after all, everyone in the sect was focusing on their cultivation.

But this day, the leader of the Seven Empires, Hunyuan Empire, sent out an imperial order to the world.

Emperor Hunyuan shall suppress Liu Wuji!

This imperial order listed all the crimes of Liu Wuji, which shocked the world.

It was also because of this that the humans found out that Liu Wiji was the most powerful human. He could overturn the whole world just with his dead body.

Within half a month, Sun Hill was obliterated. The news about this spread and shook the world. Yang Di was nowhere to be found. Could he have been killed by Liu Wuji?

He was the top cultivator in the world!

“How can it be! Where is Yang Di?”

“Facing the most powerful human, he might have already…”

“Impossible! Yang Di is invincible!”

“That is Liu Wuji, the person who existed since the beginning of humans!”

“Even Yang Di died by his hands, who else can deal with Liu Wuji?”

“Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji!”

The entire human race became anxious, and all kinds of voices rose. The Seven Empires and Eight Sanctum were all on the alert and began to track Liu Wuji.

When the news came to Skyfall, Zhou Xuanji did not organize any operation but continued to cultivate.

This day.

Before the gate of the Hunyuan Empire’s Royal Capital, Liu Wuji was looking at the tall fortress wall.

An endless stream of people was going in and out. Soldiers covered the top of the fortress walls, and each stood mightily like heavenly soldiers.

“Stealing the Fate of the holy empire, you should not exist,” Liu Wuji mumbled to himself. As he spoke, he raised his right hand slowly.