I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 347 - Chapter 347 – Super First Rate Faction

Chapter 347 - Chapter 347 – Super First Rate Faction


“You leave first; leave this to This Emperor!” Baihao Yixin said as he walked towards Liu Wuji. His voice was arrogant and had an incredibly domineering tone about it.

Feng Kule suddenly thought of something, and his expression greatly fell as he immediately turned and ran.

Liu Wuji smirked and condescendingly laughed as he said, “Escape? Where do you think you can escape to? You’re both going to die!”

Liu Wuji stomped with his right foot and he stretched out a claw-like hand, grabbing towards Baihao Yixin.

Baihao Yixin continued to have a mocking smile on his face as he directly chose to self-destruct.

A terrifying explosion sounded out!

Powerful light inundated Liu Wuji’s body.

Feng Kule, who was flying into the distance, felt a powerful wind sweep out from behind him. As it slammed into him, it almost caused his body to explode, and a mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth as he was blasted into the distance like a pebble.

At the summit of Skyfall, Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue sat on a bed together. The inside of the room was decorated with celebratory colors, and under the flickering candlelight, the room seemed to be dyed with an intoxicating redness.

There was a festive atmosphere on and below the mountain, and drinking and games happened everywhere.

Zhou Xuanji left receiving guests to Xiao Jinghong, Daoya Old Man, and the others, while he returned to the room to enjoy himself.

He lightly lifted up Jiang Xue’s red veil with a gentle gaze.

She looked incredibly tender and beautiful: her red lips were enticing, her beautiful eyes contained a sense of shyness, and her hands tightly gripped the corners of her clothes.

Zhou Xuanji laughed and said, “You’re still nervous? You’re already this great one’s wife!”

Hearing this, her façade of shyness immediately disappeared. She stretched out her hand, grabbed Zhou Xuanji’s ear, and pouted as she said, “You dare to repeat that?”

Zhou Xuanji chuckled and flipped her over beneath him.

Outside, Xian Xianghua was sitting by the cliff as she cultivated. She coldly harrumphed, a look of displeasure in her eyes.

“You stinking brat, you seem to be quite happy!” Xian Xianghua softly muttered as she looked into the distance.

She gazed into the starry sky, which was as beautiful as a painting.

She suddenly frowned and slowly got up as she muttered, “What is that?”

Following her gaze, a ray of violet light appeared at the horizon, looking like the end of a rainbow. It was much bigger than the stars around it, and it was quite easy to see.

News of the Sword Emperor getting married swept through the Northern Wilderness, and at the same time, Fenyu Dragon King and Zhou Xiaoqi also became famous.

Countless people heard that Emperor Sword Court had a powerful True Dragon and Qilin, and it had incredibly strong Fate, enough to rival a Sanctum.

Soon, more and more cultivators headed towards Skyfall.

After all, Emperor Sword Court was taking in disciples for a whole month.

After Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue’s first night together, Zhou Xuanji started to greet the visitors, while Xiao Jinghong, Lin Changge, and the others were responsible for taking in disciples. All of Emperor Sword Court hurried about, and the new disciples and Odd Job Disciples were thrown into the busyness as well.

Zhou Xuanji met with each of the Eight Sanctums one by one. He did not show any disrespect even to Chief Monk Xuanhe; everyone discussed the future of the Northern Wilderness and human race and got along with each other.

As for the Empires, Zhou Xuanji greeted them all together. Apart from the Hunyuan Empire, all of the other Empires had come.

Because of how amicable and approachable Zhou Xuanji was, he was able to establish good relations with all of them.

To all of them, the second in the world was an incredibly high and mighty existence. Once an expert established a great distance between themselves and others, even slight courtesy from them could cause others to feel incredibly happy and honored.

Relying on one’s strength to bully the weak and vanity were normal for humans.

Only after half a month did Zhou Xuanji become less busy. He strolled with Jiang Xue around Skyfall, observing Emperor Sword Court.

Apart from the second and third generation disciples, Skyfall had over 10,000 official disciples and over 100,000 Odd Job Disciples. Among them were over 100 Elite Disciples.

Overall, their talent was naturally inferior to the previous two generations.

For the development of Emperor Sword Court, Zhou Xuanji could only lower his requirements, but he still had a requirement for talent.

Those without talent for the Way of the Sword could only be Odd Job Disciples, and they could search for their own opportunities in the future.

If they were lucky enough to receive the legacy of a powerful being, they might be able to instantly gain talent in the Way of the Sword.

Zhou Xuanji had seen many scenarios like this, and there were many legends in the Northern Wilderness that had started like this.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed, and the Canghai Ziggurat listed Emperor Sword Court as a Super First Rate Faction that was below only Sanctums, causing massive reactions.

It was not everyone who accepted this: Zhou Xuanji’s strength belonged to him alone, and it was incredibly difficult for a faction to become a Super First Rate Faction.

Those who did not accept this all felt that the Canghai Ziggurat was trying to curry favor with Zhou Xuanji.

Of course, none of these voices actually mattered.

On this day, Zhou Xuanji gathered all of the disciples at the middle of the mountain, including the Odd Job Disciples.

They stood in ranks based on their standings; those with the highest standings were closest and those with the lowest standings were the furthest away.

At a glance, from those at the front to those at the end, there was a distance of nearly 1,000 meters.

Everyone looked at Zhou Xuanji on top of the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha with passionate gazes.

“Emperor Sword Court’s recruitment period has ended. In the future, recruitment will be held once every ten years. I do not want quantity; instead, I want quality. All of you were able to join Emperor Sword Court because you have good talent. The Odd Job Disciples should also have confidence in themselves: you were able to join Emperor Sword Court because I acknowledge you. Even though your talent in the Way of the Sword is not enough, you may rise up in different ways.


“In the future, you will all lift up the heavens of the Northern Wilderness; do you think you can do this?”

Zhou Xuanji looked down at them as he spoke calmly, but the 100,000 or so disciples all felt their blood boiling.

The second in the world acknowledged them.

How could they now feel excited?

“We can!”

“We definitely can!”

“We want to be just like the founder!”

“We will definitely make Emperor Sword Court stronger!”

The disciples all roared out, their voices shaking the clouds and causing the demons on the mountain to feel quite startled.

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Huang Lianxin, Lin Changge, and the others felt just as excited.

Zhou Xuanji’s personal power was incredible, and his teaching abilities were superb; they had never thought that he would also have such leadership abilities too.

After the disciples shouted for a bit, Zhou Xuanji continued to speak, and he told them about the plans for the early stages of Emperor Sword Court.

All of the disciples were to focus on cultivation, and after five years, they would start Skyfall Net. The disciples could all join Skyfall Net and receive missions from Skyfall Net in order to bring glory to Emperor Sword Court and obtain resources for themselves.

Zhou Xuanji also talked about the rules of tEmperor Sword Court: killing fellow disciples and rebelling against superiors were severe crimes, and there were also other rules. The disciples all earnestly committed these rules to heart.

Afterwards, Zhou Xuanji personally displayed ten sword techniques. Seeing this, the disciples’ hearts thumped, and they desperately wanted to learn them.

“Cultivate well, Emperor Sword Court will be relying on you all!” After saying this, the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha dissipated and Zhou Xuanji left.

The second and third generation disciples brought the other disciples away and prepared to begin to train.

Skyfall was very big, and it could accommodate them all as they split into different areas to train.

After returning to the summit, Xian Xianghua had already been waiting for him for a while.

“What is it?” Zhou Xuanji asked. After his first night with Jiang Xue, Xian Xianghua had disappeared; Zhou Xuanji had thought that she was feeling sullen and had never thought that she would come back so quickly.

Xian Xianghua said seriously, “Something big has happened in the north; Liu Wuji has reappeared and fought with Great Emperor Heartless. The outcome is unknown, but it’s said that Liu Wuji has already entered inland, and many cities and villages on the border of the human race’s territory have been slaughtered. All of those who have died have had their essence qi sucked out.”