I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 346 - Chapter 346 – Great Emperor Heartless vs Liu Wuji

Chapter 346 - Chapter 346 – Great Emperor Heartless vs Liu Wuji


Seeing how confident Baihao Yixin looked, Feng Kule wanted to say something but stopped himself.

If you’re that powerful, why did you have to self-destruct so many times?

And look at Liu Wuji, just his corpse can put the entire Northern Wilderness into danger. Don’t you know how big the gap between you two is?

Feng Kule inwardly felt somewhat bitter, feeling more and more that he had been scammed.

Baihao Yixin flew forwards and waved as he said, “Hurry up and follow me! When This Emperor obtains his divine weapon, no matter how high Liu Wuji’s cultivation is, he will still die.”

Feng Kule sighed and could only follow behind him.

Within the Heavenly Palace, Xuanyuan Zhou’s face was pale as he sat on the throne. He had only just revived after being killed by Shi Shenzong.

He felt full of fury, and he could not quell this anger.

Ever since he had come to the Northern Wilderness, nothing had gone as he had wanted.

First was Zhou Xuanji’s betrayal, followed by Baihao Yixin’s self-destruction, followed by Shi Shenzong killing him.

Thinking back to everything that had happened, he felt more and more wretched.

What would happen next? He felt that he had failed the heavens.

The guilt in his heart could not compare to the anger he felt, and he wanted to kill Zhou Xuanji, Baihao Yixin, and the Sword Saint!

At that moment, a bronze mirror next to him suddenly lit up.

A figure appeared in the mirror, and it was quite hazy.

“Xuanyuan Zhou, what are you doing? Even now, we have not received any Fate that you’ve gathered!” The figure in the mirror shouted, causing the Heavenly Palace to tremble.

Xuanyuan Zhou hurriedly knelt and gritted his teeth as he reported what had happened over the past period of time.

“Useless!” The figure in the mirror shouted angrily, wishing he could rush out and beat Xuanyuan Zhou up.

Xuanyuan Zhou felt quite wronged; the two people who had killed him were all grand figures in history.

“Just you wait, we’ll send someone else to the mortal realm to help you. After Shi Shenzong ascended, the Upper Realm has been in chaos, with everyone trying to obtain him. The Hegemon Sword Emperor is also making things difficult and has allied with other Sword Emperors. The Heavenly Hall requires Fate, as well as younger power!” The figure in the mirror said in a low voice before disappearing.

Xuanyuan Zhou was not happy and instead felt even more furious.

“Baihao Yixin… I’ll make you suffer a horrible death…”

Right now, he did not seem like an emotionless Tian and instead looked like a lion backed into a corner.

A pillar of light appeared and shined on his body.

After the light disappeared, Xuanyuan Zhou slowly got up and once again regained his emotionless and impassive demeanor.

“If the heavens want you to die, you will definitely die.”

The flow of Fate continued for the time of an incense stick.

A Fire Qilin that was 300 meters tall rushed out of the sea of clouds, and seeing this, everyone retreated in fear.

The Fire Qilin rushed about in the sky, excitedly roaring, looking just as grand as Fenyu Dragon King.

“I hereby announce the establishment of Emperor Sword Court!” Zhou Xuanji roared. All of Emperor Sword Court’s disciples also shouted out, all of them so excited that their faces became red and necks bulged.

Their Fate had formed a chain, and Emperor Sword Court had officially been established.

If one person’s Fate was spectacular, the entire Court would benefit.

If Emperor Sword Court was heavily injured and its Fate dissipated, all disciples’ Fate would take a blow as well.

They were all connected on the same branch now!

“Today is not only the date of the establishment of the Emperor Sword Court, but it is also the date of my wedding with my beloved wife Jiang Xue. Skyfall shall hold a banquet for all guests, and in the following month, Emperor Sword Court will continue to recruit disciples. I will also spend time conversing with the heroes of the world.”

Zhou Xuanji’s voice once again sounded out, causing everyone to become excited.

Those who wanted to pay their respects to the sect could not help but feel worried upon seeing so many people here.

Those who had wanted to establish friendly relations with Zhou Xuanji would have the time to do so, making it so that they did not come for nothing.

Following this, Zhou Xuanji descended in front of the gates.

Daoya Old Man waved his right hand, and red flowers appeared on the stone steps, extending high into the clouds.

Zhou Xuanji’s clothes had changed into bright-colored red clothes, and Jiang Xue in her red wedding dress with her red veil appeared next to him.

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and the others followed behind them, guarding them.

Daoya Old Man stroked his beard and smiled, his face filled with joy.

He started to recite the traditional words: notifying the heavens above, informing the ghosts below, the whole world bearing witness to this wedding.

No one jumped out to object to this wedding; even if some people were dissatisfied, they would not dare to object at this moment.

If someone jumped out at a moment like this, they would only anger Zhou Xuanji.

Anger could cause one to lose their reason, and it could also cause a powerful person to become even more powerful.

Zhou Xuanji took out a red embroidered ball with two pieces of red cloth, and he had Jiang Xue tie one end of the red cloth around their hands.

“From today onwards, you are my wife,” Zhou Xuanji said with a soft laugh, and Jiang Xue smiled under the red veil, feeling a sweetness in her heart.

After Daoya Old Man finished speaking, the two of them started to walk up the mountain, hand in hand, ascending to the heavens together.

“Hahaha! This day finally came!” Chongming Demon Monarch raised his wine cup as he loudly laughed.

He wrapped his arm around the little black snake, squeezing it tightly and almost choking it.

Ah Big and Small Er spiraled in the air, dancing and flying with Zhou Xiaoqi and Fenyu Dragon King.

Cheers filled the heavens and earth, making the scene incredibly lively.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

At the foot of the mountain, the Odd Job Disciples lit fireworks, causing beautiful fireworks to blossom in the sky.

Fireworks did not originally exist in this world, so Zhou Xuanji had created them based on his memories, just for today’s occasion.

He walked step by step with Jiang Xue, not hurriedly or slowly.

Every step they took, memory after memory would surface in his mind.

The haziness when he had been born, how stuffy and uncomfortable he felt when the serving ladies pampered him, the heartache he felt when Lady Zhaoxuan threw him into the river.

He was already 58 years old. On earth, he would already be quite old.

However, here, his life had only just begun.

He turned and looked at Jiang Xue. Ever since he was two years old, he had decided that he would protect her, and this had never changed.

And now, this promise had become even heavier.

It was the heaviness of happiness.

From now on, they would share both joys and misfortunes, and they would not separate in life or death.

Zhou Xuanji’s face was covered with a big smile, and he felt incredibly resolute; he would definitely make her the happiest woman in this world!

North side, within the boundless ice and snow.

Liu Wuji, who was walking slowly, stopped and coldly looked ahead.

About 100 meters in front of him were two figures.

It was Baihao Yixin and Feng Kule.

Feng Kule said in a low voice, “This person is not simple. I can’t see through his cultivation; we must be careful.”

Baihao Yixin was expressionless as he said, “He is Liu Wuji.”

Fudge! Could their luck be any worse?

In this place of boundless ice and snow, they had run into Liu Wuji right after walking in?

At this moment, Feng Kule felt that the heavens were toying with him.

“What? Liu Wuji?” Feng Kule’s expression heavily fell, and terror flooded into his heart.

The legendary strongest in the human race?

“Both of you have great amounts of essence qi, so I’m going to kill you both. What are your last words?” Liu Wuji said as he started to walk towards the two of them.

His voice clearly sounded into Baihao Yixin and Feng Kule’s ears.

Feng Kule’s legs trembled as he asked, “Do you think we can escape?”

Baihao Yixin proudly laughed and stepped forwards as he asked, “Escape? Why would This Emperor escape?”

His confidence gave Feng Kule hope.

Looking at his back, Feng Kule felt that he looked incredibly powerful and mighty.