I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 345 - Chapter 345 – Grand Occasion

Chapter 345 - Chapter 345 – Grand Occasion


Everyone looked over in the direction that the voice came from, wanting to see who would dare to provoke Zhou Xuanji at a time like this.

Whenever each sect held their grand opening ceremony, they would often face opposition from their enemies. However, Zhou Xuanji was second in the world; who could have the gall to do this?

The person who spoke was the black-robed monk with the Dongyuan Monastery’s group.

Under everyone’s gaze, he took a step forward and looked up towards Zhou Xuanji as he laughed and said, “Zhou Xuanji, you obtained the Tianxia Map—you’re indeed incredibly lucky. However, for you to dare to call yourself the person with the greatest talent in this age, don’t you think that’s a bit too arrogant?”

Zhou Xuanji looked towards him but did not speak.

He had never boasted about his talent before; that was something that the world had heaped onto him.

This fellow wanted to use this to provoke him; wasn’t this kind of reason a bit too forced?

Daoya Old Man and the Emperor Sword Court’s disciples all looked at the black-robed monk coldly, mocking smiles on their faces.

The black-robed monk’s expression became cold and he slowly rose up. Traces of strange, black qi flowed out of his body, surrounding him.

“My ancestor was a Great Emperor. In terms of cultivation, no one in this age can compare to me. I’ve cultivated for close to 1,000 years and have only come out today. I will use your Sword Emperor’s name as a stepping stone to shake the world,” he said as he proudly laughed. Hearing this, many people’s expressions changed.

His ancestor was a Great Emperor? This was quite incredible.

It was a pity that Zhou Xuanji still looked impassive, causing the black-robed monk to feel quite furious.

It felt as if he had punched some cotton at full force.

It just didn’t feel good!

He looked at Zhou Xuanji and coldly laughed as he said, “What, are you scared? Fight me, Zhou Xuanji. Today, I’m going to defeat you in front of all of these heroes!”

The black-robed monk spread out his arms, and the black qi turned into a black buddha image, looking like a great buddha who had entered the demonic path.

The black buddha quickly grew taller, wanting to reach the same height as the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

At that moment, the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha opened its eyes, and two powerful rays of light illuminated the heavens and earth, causing many people to close their eyes against the brightness.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha started to act!

The 1,000 hands swung their swords, making it look like the 1,000 swords had become one. The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha slashed down with immense force, seeming completely unstoppable.

The black-robed monk’s eyelids jumped and wanted to defend, but the black buddha behind him was directly destroyed with a single strike.


The black-robed monk directly exploded, turning into a bloody mist that scattered in the air.

Sword wind shook Skyfall, causing everyone to feel incredibly shocked.

What domineering power!

The heavens and earth fell silent.

Apart from the Dongyuan Monastery’s people, who were completely dumbfounded, everyone else did not feel much, and they only felt impressed by how powerful Zhou Xuanji was.

A nameless person tried to challenge the Sword Emperor?

So what if he was the descendant of a Great Emperor? In the end, he was not himself a Great Emperor.

How many descendants of Great Emperors could become a Great Emperor?

Zhou Xuanji’s body blurred and disappeared, and soon he returned to the top of the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s head.

If one was not closely watching him, they would have thought that he had never moved.

In actuality, he had collected the black-robed monk’s soul.

That fellow’s cultivation was at Second Tribulation Great Immortal, and he was not any weaker than Huangquan Drake King. It was a pity that he had chosen the wrong opponent.

However, this fellow’s background was not simple, so if he questioned him, he might be able to obtain some useful information.

“The Opening Ceremony shall now begin. Fate, rise!” Zhou Xuanji shoutd. Following this, the entirety of Skyfall violently trembled.

“Roar!!” A dragon’s roar sounded out as Fenyu Dragon King appeared at the bottom of the mountain. He turned into his dragon form and his body quickly grew, and he spiraled around the mountain as he rose up.


The mighty dragon’s body was revealed to everyone, making them feel dumbfounded.


“What powerful dragon might; could it be an Eighth Rank Great Demon?”

“Not just Eighth Rank, most likely Ninth Rank!”

“Heavens, apart from Huangquan Drake King, there are other dragons that can reach Ninth Rank?”

“The Sword Emperor has such a powerful Great Demon as his subordinate?”

Lava flowed beneath Fenyu Dragon King’s scales and gave off steam, making him look like he was surrounded by clouds and mist.

Above, the sea of clouds violently trembled as a different roar sounded out. Compared to the roar from Fenyu Dragon King, it was somewhat tender.

However, this roar became louder and mightier.

“This is… the roar of a Qilin?” Some people cried out, causing others to cry out.

Back when he had fought the Sword Saint, Zhou Xuanji had been riding on a Fire Qilin.

Could it be that the Fire Qilin was not simple either?

Everyone realized that Zhou Xuanji was only missing the Phoenix out of the ancient Three Divine Beasts.

Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi flowed towards the summit, and all of the Emperor Sword Court disciples felt something leave their bodies, but they did not feel any discomfort.

Zhou Xiaoqi’s roar became louder and louder, and it became thunderous, causing people to feel that they were going to be deafened.

Chief Monk Xuanhe’s expression became unsightly; the death of the black-robed monk was a big blow to him.

Even he could not defeat the black-clothed monk, and yet he had been instantly killed by Zhou Xuanji.

He then saw Fenyu Dragon King and heard the Fire Qilin’s roar, and he felt a sense of defeat.

He really was inferior to Zhou Xuanji.

He suddenly realized why the unmatchable Xian Xianghua was so infatuated with Zhou Xuanji; perhaps she truly did respect and like Zhou Xuanji.

He had known Xian Xianghua for so long, and yet it was the first time she had treated a man like this. Even Yang Di had not moved Xian Xianghua’s heart.

Zhou Xuanji did not know what Chief Monk Xuanhe was thinking; he was currently focused on the Fate.

The formless Fate rose up and blew like a berserk gale; even Zhou Xuanji’s Fate was absorbed into the air.

All of Emperor Sword Court’s Fate was now flowing into Zhou Xiaoqi’s body.

Zhou Xiaoqi’s body became bigger at a rate visible to the naked eye, and intense flames surrounded his body, giving him a mighty aura.

“What powerful Fate; as expected from the Sword Emperor,” a middle-aged man at the bottom of the mountain said as he marveled.

He was called Li Yinyu, and he was dressed in luxurious clothes and gave off a grand aura. He was the Ziggurat Lord of the Canghai Ziggurat and controlled the intelligence of the world. Today, he had also come to visit Zhou Xuanji and happened to see this grand occasion.

The Canghai Ziggurat disciples behind him all had expressions of awe on their faces.

No wonder Zhou Xuanji could defeat the Sword Saint.

Just with this kind of Fate, he could compare with Yang Di.

At the same time, in the icy north side of the Northern Wilderness, Liu Wuji was walking slowly as he advanced. He suddenly looked up, towards the south side.

By now, he had completely restored his body and was no longer as thin as a matchstick. His eyes still danced with green light, and his white hair danced in the wind; he looked like an evil demon walking in a boundless whiteness.

“What great Fate. Is it Zhou Xuanji or Yang Di?” He muttered as he smirked, and a bloodthirsty gaze appeared in his eyes.

When he had absorbed the Ancient Diablo and Fu Hao, he had obtained their memories. He had a significant understanding towards the current world and was not as confused.

He immediately turned and walked towards the south.

Before, he had wanted to absorb the essence qi of all of the living creatures in the north side, but now, he was itching to absorb Zhou Xuanji and Yang Di’s essence qi.

Hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, Baihao Yixin and Feng Kule were standing on a cliff. Behind them, the region was like it was in spring all year around, and the mountains and rivers were incredibly picturesque. In front of them, there were icy mountains everywhere, looking like a different world.

“Since ancient times, the north side has been a place of sealing. Great Emperor, your divine weapon is in the north side; will we run into Liu Wuji?” Feng Kule asked nervously. After hearing that Liu Wuji had revived, he felt incredibly worried.

With Liu Wuji’s strength, he could kill whoever he wanted; no one could stop him.

Baihao Yixin smirked and said condescendingly, “What’s so great about Liu Wuji? When This Emperor was at his peak, I was not any weaker than him!”