I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 344 - Chapter 344 – Using the Sword to Support the World, Using the Sword to Save the People

Chapter 344 - Chapter 344 – Using the Sword to Support the World, Using the Sword to Save the People


Chief Monk Xuanhe glanced at the black-robed monk and said, “Most people who have died at Zhou Xuanji’s hands thought that way too.”

Many experts felt that Zhou Xuanji was not a threat because he was young, and in the end they had all died horribly.

This included Huangquan Drake King, Jihuang Demon Lord, etc.

The black-robed monk lightly laughed and said, “I’m not them.”

His tone was filled with confidence, and there was no trace of doubt within them.

Thinking back to when he had fought against him, Chief Monk Xuanhe did not say anymore.

A group of people walked to the stone steps and lined up. They did not cut in line because there were many big factions ahead and even some Sanctums.

Zeng Junlou and the Mountain Abyss Ziggurat’s disciples were also lining up.

Ever since he had seen Zhou Xuanji kill Duan Yougu, he became completely resolved to establish good relations with him.

This was not just because of Zhou Xuanji’s strength but also his character.

Although Duan Yougu had revealed his identity, Zhou Xuanji had still acted decisively without any hesitation.

The Northern Wilderness needed experts like this.

However, the disciples felt quite displeased.

“Ziggurat Lord, if we directly go up, Zhou Xuanji will surely receive us, right? What need is there to line up?” A disciple could not help but ask, and the other disciples nodded.

Zeng Junlou shook his head and chuckled as he said, “If we don’t line up, how can Skyfall’s people make proper arrangements for everyone? I’m currently setting an example. If even Mountain Abyss Ziggurat is lining up, how can other factions dare to directly go up? This is a way of showing our goodwill to Zhou Xuanji.”

Hearing this, the disciples immediately understood and felt great respect towards him.

Even though Mountain Abyss Ziggurat was a Sanctum, it had not produced a top five expert in a long time. As such, roping in Zhou Xuanji like this was not shameful.

At the summit, Zhou Xuanji also noticed this.

Daoya Old Man had introduced the leaders of the Eight Sanctums to him before, and he had even seen their appearances.

Moreover, Zeng Junlou’s cultivation was at First Tribulation Scattered Immortal, and he was incredibly eye-catching at the bottom of the mountain; how could he not notice him?

“Mountain Abyss Ziggurat, eh? They’re quite tactful,” Zhou Xuanji said as he gave a satisfied smile. Following this, he closed his eyes and continued to cultivate.

For welcoming guests, he did not need to personally act.

He was the second in the world; who would be qualified for him to personally receive them?

If he went out, he would instead reduce Emperor Sword Court’s prestige.

Not too far away, there was a sacrificial altar, on which Zhou Xiaoqi was napping. He looked quite lazy and seemed incredibly carefree.

This was a sacrificial altar that gathered Heaven and Earth Fate. There were Fate Joss Sticks spread out in eight directions around it, and the altar was made of 10,000 year stone. There was also a Spirit Qi gathering magic formation around it, and the little black snake, Three-eyed Drought Rodent, Ah Big, and Small Er all looked at it in jealousy.

Once Zhou Xiaoqi became a Fate Divine Beast, he would rise spectacularly.

The others were all busy with their own tasks, including Jiang Xue. She was preparing for their wedding, and was being served by female disciples.

At that moment, a figure appeared behind Zhou Xuanji; it was Xian Xianghua.

She was wearing a bewitching purple long dress, and her face was still covered by a veil that only revealed her beautiful, soul-stealing eyes. They seemed to hide within them a myriad of amorous feelings, as well as traces of cold light.

“You’ve come,” Zhou Xuanji said without looking back.

Xian Xianghua walked to his side and sat down, and smiled as she said, “Oho, you’re becoming stronger and stronger. I was immediately discovered by you.”

She could tell Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation at a glance—First Tribulation Scattered Immortal!

However, his spirit energy was incredibly powerful and dense, and even ordinary Second Tribulation Scattered Immortals could not compare to him.

This boy was quite amazing!

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and asked, “What have you been up to recently?”

Whenever this old demonic woman left, it would be for decades, and he would occasionally miss her.

Xian Xianghua gave a beautiful laugh as she said, “Of course I’ve been working on reviving the Tanhua Sect. What, did you miss me a lot? How about you marry me as well today and enjoy having a harem?”

Zhou Xuanji felt somewhat tempted but still refused; he knew that this old demonic woman was toying with him.

“Have you heard about the Ancient Diablo?” Zhou Xuanji asked, changing the topic. The Ancient Diablo had been killed by Liu Wuji, who had at least Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal cultivation, if not greater. He did not want Xian Xianghua to go and risk her life.

Xian Xianghua calmly nodded and said, “It’s better that he’s dead; he didn’t have much value left anyways.”

Zhou Xuanji looked at her with a deep look and asked, “Is that so?”

If she was just using him, was there really a need for Xian Xianghua to give him some of the Colorful Celestial Fruits?

He did not pursue this and instead reminded her, “The being that killed the Ancient Diablo is very powerful, even more so that Yang Di. He has at least Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal cultivation, so don’t be too rash.”

Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal!

Xian Xianghua’s eyes widened and she said in a low voice, “How is that possible? It’s not possible for this world to have Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortals!”

Ordinary cultivators would ascend after reaching Second Triublation Scattered Immortal. If they remained, it would be very difficult for their cultivation to progress.

How could a cultivator reach Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal in the mortal realm?

Zhou Xuanji did not go into detail, and Xian Xianghua felt quite shocked.

A trace of terror would flash in her eyes, followed by a trace of excitement, followed by a trace of curiosity, making it difficult to guess what she was thinking of.

Zhou Xuanji heart thumped. Surely this old demonic woman hadn’t set her eyes on Liu Wuji and wanted to obtain his power?

If others could cultivate to Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal, why couldn’t she? That was how Xian Xianghua was thinking, and she smelled the scent of an opportunity.

The day of the Emperor Sword Court being established arrived, and there were already hundreds of thousands of people on Skyfall, while there were millions at the bottom of the mountain.

Skyfall had limited lodgings, so apart from the invited guests, others could only camp at the bottom of the mountain. However, Skyfall would send disciples to look after their needs.

“Today is the day of Emperor Sword Court’s establishment,” Daoya Old Man said loudly at the gates.

All of the second generation disciples and third generation disciples stood in front of him, looking incredibly excited.

Xiao Jinghong, Beixiao Wangjian, Zhao Congjian, and the others stood in their places, looking at Daoya Old Man from the distance with anticipation in their eyes.

“The founder of the sect is the Sword Emperor of this current age, Zhou Xuanji. He started training with a sword at the age of two and revealed his talent before he was ten years old. When he was 20 years old, he charged into the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100 and became second in the world before he became 30 years old. When he was 50 years old, he defeated the legend of the Way of the Sword, the Sword Saint…” Daoya Old Man’s spirited introduction of Zhou Xuanji sounded throughout the heavens and earth, and even those not on Skyfall could hear him.

Those who were listening all felt their blood roiling.

Who wouldn’t have a glorious future following an expert like this?

A 3,000 meter tall Thousand Hand Buddha descended from the clouds, looking down at the ground. Zhou Xuanji was standing on its head, looking like a descending god.

Daoya Old Man was still talking, but everyone’s gaze was drawn over by the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

What a domineering golden buddha!

“This is the foundation of the Emperor Sword Court—using the sword to support the world, using the sword to save the people!”

Following this, all of the second generation disciples and third generation disciples drew their swords and pointed them towards the sky. The sound of their swords being simultaneously unsheathed layered together, shaking people’s hearts.

“Using the sword to support the world, using the sword to save the people!”

The disciples shouted in unison with all their strength, shaking the clouds.

The guests all felt quite shocked; Emperor Sword Court had only just been established and yet these disciples were already so united and had such high morale. Zhou Xuanji’s influence was simply too powerful.

“Using the sword to support the world, using the sword to save the people? Just with the swords in your hands? Zhou Xuanji, today I want to see if you have the qualifications for this!” A light laughter covered all of the disciple’s shouts, causing the heavens and earth to fall silent.