I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 343 - Chapter 343 – Establishing the Sect

Chapter 343 - Chapter 343 – Establishing the Sect


In the blink of an eye, there was only one month left until the Emperor Sword Court was formally established, and many cultivators had started to gather near Skyfall.

Zhou Xuanji did not let them on the mountain yet, so they could only find places to stay nearby.

During this period of time, Zhou Xuanji had his 58th birthday and obtained three swords, which were all Amethyst grade.

They were called the Divine Martial Sword, Towering Sword, and Seeking Phoenix Sword.

At the summit of Skyfall, Zhou Xuanji gathered his confidantes to discuss the trials for taking in new disciples.

If they set the bar too low, they would take in too many disciples; if they set the bar too high, they might miss out on some talents.

“How about we also take in some disciples to do odd jobs, and if they show promising talent, they can become official disciples. This way, we can have a grand opening ceremony,” Ning Zifeng suggested. In the overseas regions, every sect would have odd job disciples, and their numbers far exceeded those of the official disciples. That way, all of the official disciples could be taken care of.

Zhou Xuanji felt that this suggestion was quite good, so he started to discuss the treatment of the odd job disciples and official disciples.

In the end, they decided to split the disciples into Divine Sword Disciples, Core Disciples, Elite Disciples, Ordinary Disciples, and Odd Job Disciples.

Those with Great Realization stage cultivation and who had gained enlightenment of two sword wills could become Divine Sword Disciples.

Those with Astral Projection stage cultivation and had gained enlightenment of one sword will could become a Core Disciple.

Anyone who had gained enlightenment of a sword will could become an Elite Disciple.

Different levels of disciples would be given different amounts of resources every month.

Zhou Xuanji had opened the Ten-thousand Swords House that gave out swords and cultivation resources, and it was managed by Huang Lianxin and Daoya Old Man.

Lin Changge and Xiao Jinghong would be responsible for going to the human race to buy different swords.

Following this, he had Han Shenbo and Ning Zifeng look after Xuanji Sword Library. He would write out all of his sword techniques and periodically add them to the Xuanji Sword Library.

What was worth mentioning was that Xuanji Sword Library and Ten-thousand Swords House had already been constructed. The previous day, they had also chosen suitable disciples to help out there, and they were just waiting to officially begin.

Apart from this, they had also established a Punishment Hall and Disciplinary Hall as well as other departments. As for who to put in charge of them, he had already thought about it.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he had established a steady foundation over the years, wanting to establish a sect would be far too difficult.

Even despite this, Emperor Sword Court would run out of funds in less than 20 years.

“On the day that the sect is established, none of the guests will come empty-handed,” Daoya Old Man said as he stroked his beard and smiled, looking like a cunning old fox.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “In the future, for Divine Sword Hall’s missions, we will take half of the payment as a deposit and have disciples claim the missions. After they complete the missions, the employer will pay the remaining half. Remember, each mission needs to be accepted after serious thought. We need to determine the true nature and difficulty of the missions, and we won’t take any unrighteous missions either.”

This matter was quite important, as it affected Emperor Sword Court’s future development and image.

Zhou Xuanji put Lin Changge and Chongming Demon Monarch in charge of this.

Lin Changge was responsible for the registration and investigation of missions from the human race, and Chongming Demon Monarch was responsible for those from the demon race.

Zhou Xuanji said ponderingly, “We also can’t neglect collecting intelligence. We’ll choose some people from the Odd Job Disciples and Ordinary Disciples, and of course Elite Disciples and Core Disciples can join as well. After joining the intelligence organisation, they must have their own codenames…”

Zhou Xuanji named the intelligence organization Skyfall Net, and it would give better treatment than that which was given to Ordinary Disciples. If one did well, they would receive additional rewards.

As everyone listened, they inwardly felt quite amazed.

Zhou Xuanji had thought out all of the details of Emperor Sword Court incredibly clearly, and many of the smaller details greatly impressed them.

According to his plan, the Emperor Sword Court would definitely be able to become a first-rate faction within a few hundred years.

To other sects, fame and reputation was the most important thing, but to Zhou Xuanji, fame was what he was richest in.

After he had laid out all of his plans, he told everyone to go about their own business. All of the various departments needed to choose their second and third disciples within seven days.

Zhou Xuanji kept Fenyu Dragon King with him and said, “In the future, you’ll continue to guard Skyfall. Don’t nap all the time—if enemies sneak into Skyfall, you’d better catch them,” Zhou Xuanji said seriously. Fenyu Dragon King looked somewhat awkward but still resolutely nodded.

This fellow was always soaking in Skyfall’s magma and napping, not knowing what was going on around him; he was quite lazy.

“Ahead is Skyfall.”

Within the mountain forest, a group of carriages was progressing, and a soldier at the front looked back and shouted.

Qiu Baili, sitting on a flying sword, looked up. Skyfall extended into the clouds, and it was much more magnificent than he had imagined.

Despite being dozens of kilometers away, he was still shaken.

For Zhou Xuanji to take over such a grand mountain, it could be imagined how great his power was.

Zhou Chengxin was sitting on a Dragon Horse. This Dragon Horse had the bloodline of dragons, with a horse’s body, dragon’s tail, and dragon’s horns. Its hooves blazed with fire and it was about six meters tall. When walking, it looked incredibly mighty.

Zhou Chengxin was also in awe of how grand and beautiful Skyfall looked.

Great Zhou’s group had around 500 people. The soldiers were all elites, and the lowest of them had Soul Fountain stage cultivation.

On the way, they had not encountered any troubles from demons.

Just Great Zhou’s banner was enough to scare away all demons; who didn’t know that the Sword Emperor came from Great Zhou?

“Your Majesty, how tall do you think Skyfall is?” Princess Xuanya flew over on her leaf as she asked.

She even wanted to live at Skyfall. The spirit qi here was incredibly dense, so the spirit qi on the mountain would definitely be even denser. If one cultivated here, wouldn’t one day be equivalent to 1,000 days elsewhere?

Zhou Chengxin shook his head and said, “No one knows. Standing at the summit, one can touch the sky, which is why it’s called Skyfall. How high do you think the sky is?”

Princess Xuanya’s little mouth opened, looking shocked.

One could touch the sky?

As the date for Emperor Sword Court being established drew closer and closer, more and more guests arrived.

Zhou Xuanji and the others had taken in around 20,000 Odd Job Disciples. These people did not have sufficient talent in the Way of the Sword, but they still wanted to join Emperor Sword Court. As such, they were taken in and looked after by the third generation disciples.

The Odd Job Disciples had already started to welcome and receive the guests.

In front of the gates that were 1,000 meters up SKyfall, Daoya Old Man and Huang Lianxin were currently registering guests. Because of how many people there were, they had to line up, and the line extended to the base of Skyfall, creating a grand scene.

“This is the territory of demons, but still many people still dare to come.”

“This is the charisma of the Sword Emperor!”

“I really want to see the Sword Emperor with my own eyes.”

“The Sword Emperor isn’t even 60 years old, right?”

“Looking at this scene, it looks like Emperor Sword Court will be a first-rate faction right after it’s created!”

“No, even greater than that. With three Empires supporting it, exceeding first-rate factions will not be a problem for it.”

The cultivators lining up did not feel impatient, and they instead felt very excited.

Such a grand scene was rare to see, and in the future they could boast about this to others.

People could stay at lodgings at the lower half of Skyfall, but they could not proceed any higher. However, no one felt that Zhou Xuanji was being disrespectful.

At the foot of the mountain, Chief Monk Xuanhe arrived with a group of monks.

Looking at the towering Skyfall, his expression was complicated as he said softly, “Amitahba.”

Emperor Sword Court was now a large faction and his good friend Daoya Old Man was here; how could he not come?

Moreover, he wanted to take this opportunity to seek Xian Xianghua’s location.

“Don’t worry Abbot, with me here, Zhou Xuanji and Xian Xianghua will not be able to do anything to you.”

There was a black-robed monk behind Chief Monk Xuanhe. He was quite handsome and young, and he had a trace of evilness between his brows.

The black kasaya among the Dongyuan Monastery robes was especially eye-catching.