I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 341 - Chapter 341 – Stop Pretending To Be Dead, Liu Wuji

Chapter 341 - Chapter 341 – Stop Pretending To Be Dead, Liu Wuji


Daoya Old Man was scared witless by his last divination, and after being reassured by Zhou Xuanji, he calmed down and understood that he had been overly worried.

After reassuring him, Zhou Xuanji went to find Jiang Xue, and he told her about him meeting Qiu Baili again.

Jiang Xue marvelled, “Without even noticing it, 50 years have passed already.”

To many mortals, 50 years was an entire lifetime.

After they had escaped from Green River Village, it had been Qiu Baili who had accompanied them for many years.

Qiu Baili could be counted as the first teacher in their lives.

He had taught Jiang Xue magical techniques and had taught Zhou Xuanji about many of the ways of the Northern Wilderness.

Without Qiu Baili, perhaps the two of them would have had a different fate.

“In actuality, we can take in the Hidden Sword Sect as a subsidiary faction and have them become the bridge between us and Great Zhou,” Jiang Xue suggested. Hearing that Qiu Baili was telling children about Zhou Xuanji’s legend, she felt quite moved.

There was an indescribable sense of warmth in her heart.

Back then, whenever Zhou Xuanji boasted in front of Qiu Baili that he would have his name resound across the world, Qiu Baili would always laugh as he said that Zhou Xuanji would definitely be able to do it.

Now, Zhou Xuanji had accomplished this, and he was helping spread Zhou Xuanji’s fame.

It kind of felt like a legacy.

“Looks like we’re a good match, I was thinking the same thing,” Zhou Xuanji said as he tapped her nose and laughed.

Jiang Xue hugged his arm and giggled as she said, “Say, should we start having a child earlier? That way, he will be able to ascend with us. If we wait too long, wouldn’t he be lonely staying in the mortal realm by himself?”

Since the two of them had long since been engaged, she would naturally think about the future.

Zhou Xuanji chuckled as he said, “It’s not ‘him’, it’s ‘them.'”

Jiang Xue rolled her eyes at him, and they walked to the cliff and started to flirt with each other.

Two hours later, Jiang Xue walked a short distance away to sit down and cultivate, while Zhou Xuanji stayed where he was and thought to himself.’

He felt quite curious about Fu Hao and the Ancient Diablo’s deaths.

In his heart, they were all high-level villains, so how could they just die like that?

This was especially so for the Ancient Diablo, who had contended with a Great Emperor 10,000 years ago, and he had not revived for very long.

Before the world knew that he had revived, he had died again?

How depressing would that be?

However, this told him that reality was crueler than what he had imagined.

Even the incredibly powerful people could die in pitiful ways without anyone knowing.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly thought of a person and immediately turned and left.

At the base of Skyfall, the Haotian Sect’s Thunder Demon Sovereign Zhang Kuanglan was currently chopping firewood.

He had been enslaved by Zhou Xuanji for decades, and because his cultivation had been sealed, he was like a mortal. However, he was greatly liked by the third generation disciples as he could tell them many legends that they had never heard of.

Zhang Kuanglan was dressed like a farmer, and as he cut firewood, he thought to himself.

“Why have I become used to this kind of lifestyle…

“I’m the Thunder Demon Sovereign, I need to revive the Haotian Sect…”

His fighting spirit burned within his heart, but thinking of the bitterness and torment he had experienced over the past 10,000 years, he felt living like this was not bad.

What Zhou Xuanji told him was true—what would be, would be. Even if he forced things, he would not be able to change much. Just him alone would not be able to revive the Haotian Sect.

The Haoqi Alliance and Xinhao Sect had already separated, and although they respected him, neither actually wanted to revive the Haotian Sect.

As such, rather than forcing things, it was better to enjoy his current lifestyle.

It was actually quite interesting to boast to the third generation disciples every day.

Of course, that was all he could do; he could not escape out of Zhou Xuanji’s demonic clutches.

“I have something to ask you.” Zhou Xuanji’s voice suddenly sounded out. Zhang Kuanglan turned and looked over, and saw him sitting on a wooden chair not too far away.

Zhang Kuanglan put down his axe and wiped his sweat as he asked, “What is it?”

Nowadays, it was common for him to only see Zhou Xuanji about once per month.

Every time he saw Zhou Xuanji, he felt incredibly complicated.

This boy could even defeat the Sword Saint; he was even more powerful than the founder of the Haotian Sect.

“Is there some kind of evil demon suppressed in the north? Some kind of evil demon that can even kill the Ancient Diablo,” Zhou Xuanji asked. Zhang Kuanglan was far older than even Daoya Old Man.

Zhang Kuanglan felt quite stunned and frowned as he asked, “Evil demon? There are many evil demons suppressed in the north. Because of the climate there, they have been sealed or buried there since ancient times. However, an evil demon able to kill the Ancient Diablo…”

With how powerful the Ancient Diablo was, even the Hegemon Sword Emperor had to acknowledge his talent.

Killing him was very difficult.


Zhang Kuanglan suddenly thought of something and his eyes widened as his breathing became erratic.

“Impossible… Impossible…” He shook his head as he muttered, a look of terror on his face.

Zhou Xuanji frowned; it was the first time that he had seen Zhang Kuanglan so afraid before.

“What is it? Hurry up and say it!” Zhou Xuanji said in a loud voice, causing Zhang Kuanglan to shiver.

Zhang Kuanglan quickly responded, “The strongest in the human race! Liu Wuji! His corpse is suppressed in the north. It broke out 50,000 years ago, and if it wasn’t for Devil Emperor Dugu suppressing him, the Northern Wilderness would have been completely slaughtered by him… now, there’s no longer any incredible figures like Devil Emperor Dugu…

“If it’s really Liu Wuji, we’re finished…” Zhang Kuanglan collapsed to the ground and fell into terror.

Liu Wuji?

Zhou Xuanji’s expression became quite strange.

He asked, “Apart from Liu Wuji, is it possible that it’s someone else?”

Zhang Kuanglan shook his head and said, “The Ancient Diablo has many tricks up his sleeve, and even the Hegemon Sword Emperor would have found it very difficult to kill him before becoming a Great Emperor. Apart from Liu Wuji, no evil demon can kill the Ancient Diablo…”

Zhou Xuanji got up and walked over to Zhang Kuanglan and helped him up.

“Don’t be afraid. Even though there’s no Devil Emperor Dugu in the current age, there’s me, Zhou Xuanji. As long as I’m here, you won’t die.” After saying this, he disappeared.

Zhang Kuanglan felt quite stunned—those words made him think of his Revered Teacher, who had once been the Sect Lord of the Haotian Sect.

Zhou Xuanji came to a cave with no one else around and took out the Ancient God Sword.

All nine souls of the Ancient God Sword had already awakened, and the ninth was called Sovereign Xuan.

According to the Sword Spirit, if all nine souls were fused together, the Ancient God Sword would be upgraded. However, Zhou Xuanji felt that there was another use for the nine souls, which was why he did not fuse them.

He summoned the nine souls and asked, “Liu Wuji, I have something to ask you; stop pretending to be dead.”

Ever since he had broken through to Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal, he had discovered that the nine souls had consciousnesses, but they just did not bother paying attention to him.

Liu Wuji did not say anything, while the other souls chattered.

“Tsk tsk, to dare to talk to Liu Wuji like this, he has an immeasurable future!”

“Ever since this boy broke through to Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal, he’s become more and more arrogant.”

“Liu Wuji, he’s talking to you.”

“Hahaha, stop pretending to be dead.”

“He really is dead; he’s not pretending.”

Zhou Xuanji ignored the mocking of the other souls and stared at Liu Wuji’s soul.

Looking at this soul, he felt that it was somewhat different from the white-haired evil demon that Jiang Xue had divined.

However, their height was similar. He had most likely become skinnier.

Liu Wuji did not reply, so Zhou Xuanji told them of the matters in the north side.

After he spoke, Emperor Zhao marvelled, “Why do later generations always like to court disasters? The strongest in the human race was called that for a reason; even if it’s just his body, it is an unkillable and indestructible existence.”