I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 339 - Chapter 339 Liu Wuji’s Revival.

Chapter 339 - Chapter 339 Liu Wuji’s Revival.


“Ask the Sword Emperor for help? I really want to, but he is busy with his sect’s opening. Wouldn’t it be untimely to ask for his help now?” Zhou Chengxin said with a frown. It was Zhou Xuanji who had made him emperor. There had been a lot of dissension in the royal palace ever since, so he wanted to prove that he did not need to rely on Zhou Xuanji for everything.

He believed that Zhou Xuanji had the same expectations on him.

But Xitan Changshi was reasonable. So he could only sigh.

“What is it? Say it.”

Zhou Xuanji’s voice came and shocked both of them.

They turned around and saw Zhou Xuanji sitting on a chair in the study, swaying about.

Zhou Chengxin walked up to him, pleasantly surprised.

“What brings you here?” He asked.

Zhou Xuanji replied with a smile, “To visit an old friend. Tell me, what is it? I will help you settle it.”

Great Zhou was an empire after all. How could it be destroyed so easily?

Could it be that Yang Di was about to attack Great Zhou?

Zhou Chengxin hesitated whether he should speak his mind or not.

Xitan Changshi walked up and told Zhou Xuanji everything.

What happened was that the powerhouse from overseas, Duan Yougu, found that Zhou Xuanji’s Fate originated in Great Zhou, so he brought his subordinates to investigate Great Zhou and warned Zhou Chengxin to not reveal their tracks or else they would overturn Great Zhou.

Facing Duan Yougu’s threat, Zhou Chengxin had to help them search for the Colorful Celestial Fruits.

That day, Zhou Xuanji’s sword Qi injured Duan Yougu, so he inferred that the one who took away the Colorful Celestial Tree was a powerful sword cultivator.

In the current world, who else had such powerful sword Qi?

There was hardly anyone else other than Zhou Xuanji.

Duan Yougu found the information but did not dare to make his move. He wanted to do it during the opening ceremony.

“Where is he now?”

Zhou Xuanji asked. He did not expect this guy to find his way into the mainland.

Xitan Changshi cupped his fist and said, “Let me bring you over.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded. The two left the study immediately.

Amidst the mountains, a hundred miles away from Great Zhou’s Royal Capital, Duan Yougu and his subordinates were cultivating in a valley.

The blue-robed taoist walked up to Duan Yougu and said, “My King, I divined something unfortunate. We should leave this place immediately.”


Duan Yougu opened his eyes and asked with a frown, “Leave? To where?”

He investigated Violet Demon Palace for thousands of years and finally found traces of the Colorful Celestial Tree. How could he just give up like that?

He gathered news that Zhou Xuanji really cared about Great Zhou, so Great Zhou was his bargaining power.

“Let’s leave Great Zhou first and then think of our next step.”

The blue-robed taoist replied. He was invited by Duan Yougu with a heavy price, so he did not want to die in the Northern Wilderness Region.

“You can go nowhere.”

Zhou Xuanji’s voice resounded across the entire valley. Everyone got up in shock as they looked around alarmingly.

Duan Yougu looked up and saw that Zhou Xuanji was standing on the peak of a small hill, looking down at them.

Xitan Changshi was standing behind Zhou Xuanji, and he said, pointing to Duan Yougu, “That’s their boss. After coming to Great Zhou, he killed many citizens of Great Zhou.”

He gritted his teeth at the mention of this.

Great Zhou was such a proud nation, how could they be threatened like this?

Zhou Xuanji gazed at Duan Yougu expressionlessly and said, “The person you are looking for is me. The Colorful Celestial Tree is in my hands, as well.”

Although the Colorful Celestial Tree was greatly valuable, he found it hard to understand why Duan Yougu still did not give up after so many years.

Could it be that the tree had other effects other than the fruits?

Duan Yougu got up slowly and took out his great tiger-striped saber. “Since you are here, hand over the Colorful Celestial Tree. You must have eaten many of the fruits, why don’t you give the tree to This King as a friendly gift?”

“This King came from overseas. My forces are far superior to the Great Zhou Empire’s. It’s not a bad deal for you to make friends with This King. I can guarantee you free passage to each sea region when you come overseas in the future.”

He had to reveal his cards to make Zhou Xuanji compromise.

The blue-robed taoist stared at Zhou Xuanji with a deep frown.

He tried his best to divine Zhou Xuanji but could find no information.

“What’s happening… What is he?”

The blue-robed taoist was covered in cold sweat. He had lived for ten thousand years, and it was his first encounter with someone that he could not divine other than Tian.

He backed off quietly and drew some distance from Duan Yougu.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Dog Culling Sword and said, “What if I don’t?”

The Colorful Celestial Tree did not belong to Duan Yougu, why must he hand it over?

Violet Demon Palace was his private property. He had no reason to hand over the Colorful Celestial Tree.

“Then you will die here!”

Duan Yougu was furious. He leaped up and charged toward Zhou Xuanji.

He was enraged whenever he thought about Zhou Xuanji cultivating with the Colorful Celestial Tree, as though his ladies were enjoyed by someone else.

Zhou Xuanji conjured the Sky Dominating Sword Soul on his right arm immediately.

The sword soul was like a god of war, with its muscular body clad in armor and face like a menacing ghost.

Facing Duan Yougu, who came with a powerful impetus, Zhou Xuanji swung his sword swiftly.

Before Xitan Changshi could see what the sword soul looked like, he closed his eyes after sensing a ray of purple light flashing past.

Duan Yougu’s pupils contracted and raised his saber to block instinctively.

In the underground cavern.


Liu Wuji’s wooden coffin shook more violently, as though something was about to burst out.

Fu Hao and DIablo’s heart was about to jump out of their throat.

“What should we do? We can’t just sit here and wait for our death!”

Fu Hao cried out with gritted teeth. He could sense that Liu Wuji’s body was intending to break through the seal.

Once he broke out, they would die for sure.

Diablo was as frightened and cursed, “You ask This King, who does This King ask? If This King knew a way to get out, why am I still here!”

He was greatly regretful. Why did he even want to touch Liu Wuji’s inheritance in the first place?

His heart was really muddled by lard!


The glyph papers on the wooden coffin began to tear.

Fu Hao and Diablo’s hearts were already in their throats.

“It’s the end for my life…” Diablo sighed. He waited so long to be revived, and now he was about to die again. It was just too sad.

Meanwhile, Fu Hao cursed Yang Di his heart. If not for Yang Di, he would not be in such danger.


The entire underground cavern began to vibrate. Countless dust and rocks fell.

An aura of death drew closer to the two of them.

At this moment.

A white silhouette came into the cave.

It was the silver-haired woman in white clothes who gazed at Diablo back then.

Fu Hao and Diablo opened their eyes wide in pleasant surprise, as though they were drowning and saw a hand reaching for them.

Just when they were about to speak, the lady cried out in shock, “How can it be! He’s about to break free from the seal!”

After that, the lady turned into a stream of white light and rushed into the tunnels.

Fu Hao and Diablo were full of despair. Was there something wrong with this woman?


The coffin cover flew out and crashed into Fu Hao face-on. The impact sent him crashing into the tunnels, and he smashed into the cave wall.

After Fu Hao dropped to the ground, he suddenly realized that he could move.

He was so happy that he shouted to Diablo wildly, “Hahaha! Ignorant kid! Wait for your death!”

After that, he turned to escape. Diablo was so furious that he cursed his ancestors.