I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 338 - Chapter 338 Legends of the Sword Emperor. Meeting An Old Friend

Chapter 338 - Chapter 338 Legends of the Sword Emperor. Meeting An Old Friend


A dead body gained consciousness and wants to be revived?

Fu Hao swallowed his saliva and felt numbness on his scalp.

He had encountered many instances of revival.

But a dead body wanting to be revived on its own was too eccentric.

He began to think of ways to break free since he did not want to die here.

He glanced at Diablo and said, “Can his consciousness hear us talk?”

Diablo replied, “No. He was only using his subconsciousness to draw us here, like an instinct. The consciousness in the dead body has yet to fully form, so it cannot think independently yet.”

He could not break free singlehandedly, but now that there was Fu Hao, he wanted to exchange information naturally.

He was rather curious about who this child is.

Fu Hao looked up in thought and asked, “Can’t you ask for help? Ask Xian Xianghua to come and help you, and we might be able to escape.”

Diablo did not answer.

What if it trapped Xian Xianghua as well?

XIan Xianghua’s arrival might even hasten Liu Wuji’s revival.

Without his reply, Fu Hao had to think of other ways.


At this moment, the wooden coffin began to make noises. Fu Hao and Diablo turned to look at it in fear.

A cold aura began to pervade the underground space.

“Are you sure he has no independent thought?” Fu Hao asked carefully.

Diablo was also hesitating.

If Liu Wuji’s dead body gained individual consciousness, then whatever he spoke during these two months would be heard.

More horrifyingly, this guy did not reply to him.

A month later.

Heavy news shook the entire Northern Wilderness Region. Zhou Xuanji intended to create his sect in Skyfall and invited the world’s heroes to be his guests.

The Eight Sanctums and Seven Empires were the first to receive the invitations.

“The Sword Emperor is finally going to open his sect!”

“Skyfall is so far away and is in the demons’ territory. How do we go?”

“I must go and take a look. Even if I can’t enter the sect, I must witness for myself how impressive the Sword Emperor is.”

“This is a good opportunity to build a relationship with the Sword Emperor!”

“I’ve wanted to go Skyfall, and the opportunity is here finally!”

“Will the Emperor Sword Court become one of the Sanctums?”

All sorts of voices came in different areas of the Northern Wilderness Region. News about Zhou Xuanji opening his sect spread across the whole Northern Wilderness Region in a very short time.

It was just like when Yang Di announced that he was going to create a Great Fate Empire.

Although there was still a year, many cultivators were already prepared to head over to Skyfall.

The battle between Zhou Xuanji and the Sword Saint had opened a gate to the Sword’s Way. More people wanted to learn the sword.

This day, Zhou Xuanji left Skyfall to visit the demon kings in the vicinity.

The top ten demons in the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred were all slain by him. No other demon dared to treat him with disrespect.

Once he announced his name, all the demons shuddered and made way to their king.

Within three months, Zhou Xuanji visited all the influential demon kings in the south of the Northern Wilderness Region. Facing his arrival, the demon kings knew their manners and showed their respects. They guaranteed that they would not obstruct the opening of Emperor Sword Court.

Zhou Xuanji only had to worry about the journey that the humans needed to take to reach Skyfall. He did not bother about the demons in the eastern and western sides.

Demons were more territorial than humans.

After visiting the demons, he headed toward Great Zhou.

Sitting in front of a lake, Qiu Baili was telling stories of the Sword Emperor, Zhou Xuanji, to a group of children.

It was not far from the Hidden Sword Sect. The Hidden Sword Sect was no longer like before, ever since someone influential asked the Emperor of Zhou to take care of the Hidden Sword Sect. The emperor pumped many resources into the Hidden Sword Sect and enhanced its power greatly.

Qiu Baili knew who that influential person was, but he did not reveal it, nor did he tell the sect his contribution.

He did not want to be a burden to Zhou Xuanji.

Although Zhou Xuanji was already the world’s second, he had the Tianxia Map with him. Some sly people might use Qiu Baili as a hostage against Zhou Xuanji.

He had experienced such encounters often when he was young. It had been haunting him since.

“Now, Zhou Xuanji is only fifty-seven years old and is reputed across the world. He surpassed his predecessors in the Sword’s Way and will become a true Sword Emperor. If you want to learn the sword, you must have him as your goal.”

Qiu Baili smiled amiably as he stroked his long beard.

Looking at these children, he remembered Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue back then.

Those were the good times.

“It’s so difficult to take him as the goal. My mum told me that the Sword Emperor is the pride of Great Zhou. He is a never-before-seen genius, and no one can reach him,” a boy that was eight or nine years old put his finger into his mouth and mumbled. He looked lost.

The youth was filled with curiosity about Zhou Xuanji.

In the recent decade, children grew up listening to stories about ZHou Xuanji. Back then, people grew up hearing stories of the Sword Monarch and Emperor Yan of Zhou.

Qiu Baili shook his head in a smile. These foolish kids.

Just when he was about to speak, a voice came, “Listen to Grandpa Qiu. Without him, there would be no Sword Emperor today.”

The children turned around and saw Zhou Xuanji standing by the lake. Under the sun, he looked at them, smiling.

Qiu Baili felt like he was struck by lightning and looked astonished.

He did not believe his eyes.

He quickly got up and rubbed his eyes, making sure that he had really seen clearly.

Zhou Xuanji ambled forward, and the children were shocked by his demeanor.

“Big brother, you are so handsome!”

“Who are you?”

“Wah, when did you appear?”

“How come I have never seen you in the Hidden Sword Sect?” The children asked together. Because they were unfamiliar with Zhou Xuanji, they hid behind Qiu Baili.

Zhou Xuanji walked up to Qiu Baili and cupped his fist, smiling, “Old man, it’s been a long time.”

Qiu Bai was a little stunned.

“A long time indeed,” He said with a smile.

Their eyes met, and memories in their mind flashed, which made them sigh in amazement.

After that, Qiu Baili dismissed the children and began to chat with Zhou Xuanji under a tree.

Zhou Xuanji came to invite him to Skyfall.

How could this old friend not be present at the opening of his sect?

Of course, he hoped that Qiu Baili could join Emperor Sword Court.

Previously, Qiu Baili might have reject because he was all for the Hidden Sword Sect.

If he told his sect lord now, the sect lord might straight away take the entire Hidden Sword Sect into Emperor Sword Court.

The world knew that if everything went on smoothly, Emperor Sword Court would become a Sanctum eventually.

It could even become the most powerful force because Great Zhou, Great Chen, and Great Shang had declared their support for Emperor Sword Court.

The two chatted for an hour before Zhou Xuanji departed, leaving behind an invitation.

He told Qiu Baili that he would arrange a group from Great Zhou to fetch him to Skyfall.

With Qiu Baili”s power, it would be difficult to pass through the demons’ territory to reach Skyfall.

Looking toward the direction of his departure, Qiu Baili got up slowly and smiled joyfully.

Although this kid became the world’s second, Zhou Xuanji did not treat him with arrogance.

On the same day.

Zhou Xuanji came to Great Zhou’s palace.

At this moment, Zhou Chengxin was loitering in his royal study. He was very anxious.

Xitan Changshi stood beside him and smiled bitterly, “Your Majesty, it’s best to ask the Sword Emperor to help with this, or Great Zhou risks extermination.”