I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 337 - First Tribulation Scattered Immortal. True Lord Xiansheng Sword.

Chapter 337 - First Tribulation Scattered Immortal. True Lord Xiansheng Sword.


“Analyzed that the Sword Owner reached First Tribulation Scattered Immortal. Gacha begins!”

“Ding! Congratulations! The Sword Owner obtained [Intimidating Spirit] True Lord Xiansheng Sword, Distance Telescoping.”

The Sword Spirit’s voice sounded off in Zhou Xuanji’s mind. He was looking up at the Thunderclap Sword above his head.

Countless lightning coiled around the Thunderclap Sword, making it look like a sun that was beaming with powerful radiance.

The thunderclouds began to dissipate, and his cultivation was still growing.

First Tribulation Scattered Immortal!

He had finally surpassed the Great Realization and freed himself from being a mortal!

The spirit energy inside his body was transforming.

After Great Realization, spirit energy became magic energy, which was more powerful.

Magic energy was purer than spirit energy and had high destructive power. It was like the advanced version of spirit energy.

Thump! Thump…

His heart thumped forcefully like the heartbeat of the world. Even Jiang Xue, Xiao Jinghong, and the others who stood far away could hear it.

They looked at each other and saw confusion.

“Is that our Master’s heartbeat?”

“It seems that my Revered Teacher’s body has already reached an extremely overpowered state.”

“Physical cultivation can be this powerful?”

“He really overcame the tribulation… That heavenly might was so horrifying but was stopped by a sword.”

“That sword is changing as well!”

The group discussed softly. Their tones were filled with awe.

Zhou Xuanji was calming the surging magic energy in his body. At the same time, the Sword Spirit displayed the information of the True Lord Xiansheng Sword.

Sword Name: True Lord Xiansheng Sword

Grade: Intimidating Spirit

Description: This sword was forged with True Lord Xiansheng’s soul. It contains the divine power of the True Lord.

True Lord Xiansheng?

Zhou Xuanji blinked. He seemed to remember that Deity Erlang’s alternate title was True Lord Xiansheng.

TL: Deity Erlang (Er Lang Shen) is a deity in Chinese mythologies.

He did not overthink it. The Supreme Legendary Sword System was emulating a cheat program that he made for a game. It was not difficult to understand that True Lord Xiansheng had appeared in that game.

Of course, True Lord Xiansheng might really exist in this world.

Although the Supreme Legendary Sword System automatically created legendary swords, sword techniques, and divine abilities, it absorbed many things when it entered the Northern Wilderness Region.

For example, the nine souls of the Ancient God Sword.

Another example, the Hades God-slaying Formation.

Now that he had another Intimidating Spirit legendary sword, along with the breakthrough in his cultivation, he suddenly wanted to challenge Yang Di.

But when he thought about it again, he felt that there was no need. Since he had defeated the Sword Saint, the world already considered him to be on par with Yang Di.

He needed a grand occasion to defeat Yang Di.

That was the World Millennium Duel.

Next, it was time for him to prepare the opening of his sect.

He thought about that as he stored the Thunderclap Sword.

The Thunderclap Sword had upgraded again. After absorbing such a powerful tribulation, there was hope for it to reach Heavenly Soul.

He continued to channel his magic energy.

An hour later.

He got up and gathered everyone together.

“It’s time for the decision to be made about the creation of our sect. The time will be this day next year. Next, you need to organize the disciples to build infrastructure and prepare all sorts of matters in preparation for the opening. Preparations for invitations must not be delayed. Pass them to me for inspection after you are done. I want them sent out in a month,” Zhou Xuanji said. These few years, many building projects were going on in preparation for the opening of their sect.

Daoya Old Man had even prepared for the Fate Rituals.

Zhou Xiao was a fire Qilin, which was a great auspicious beast in the world. It contained the world’s Fate and was the most suitable to be the sect’s guardian beast.

Once it succeeded, the Qilin’s cultivation would grow tremendously and be connected with the Fate of Emperor Sword Court. He could grow quickly, even without cultivating.

This made the little black snake, Ah Big, and Small Er envious.

It was a pity that they were not qualified to be the guardian beast of the sect.

“Master, are you going to decide on the wedding day for you and Xiao Xue?” Huang Lianxin asked, smiling. As she spoke, she nudged Jiang Xue.

Jiang Xue blushed immediately. She did not look down but gazed at Zhou Xuanji.

“I promised,” Zhou Xuanji replied with a gentle smile, “that the opening day of our sect would be our wedding day.”

No one objected but cheered them on.

The little black snake shouted, “Will Xian Xianghua try something sly to mess things up?”

Jiang Xue threw him a stare and snorted, “You think that everyone has a sly mind like you?”

The little black snake felt wronged. When was I sly?

Zhou Xuanji gave some further instructions before he asked his companions to get the disciples ready.

In the heavy snowstorm, Fu Hao traveled quickly ahead.

He was wrapped in a thick coat. He looked around as he sped through the snow plain.

He had come to the north for two years already but had no lead.

The cities and villages he passed by had not even heard of Liu Wuji, much less his cave.

He turned frustrated, just like Diablo previously.

“Come… Come…”

At this moment, a faint voice came into his years, which frightened him to halt.

Next, words that only he could hear resounded in his ear.

“Are you searching for me? Come, once you find me, Liu Wuji’s inheritance will be yours. You shall inherit by the body and become the most powerful person in the human race.”

The voice was indifferent and majestic, emanating a domineering aura that drew people to worship.

Fu Hao was pleasantly surprised and immediately rushed toward the direction of the voice.

After traveling for thousands of miles, he came to a cliff. It was an abyssal valley that ran across the frozen land. The bottom of the valley was extremely dark, like an abyss.

Fu Hao jumped down without hesitation.

After landing, the surrounding mountain walls were shining a green radiance, illuminating the path below.

He continued ahead and entered a cave that he found.

After entering the cave, he maintained his speed.

It was a messy labyrinth, in which he would have been lost without Liu Wuji’s guidance.

He flew out of the cave exit and came to a dim underground space.

Just when he landed, his body froze.

Instantly, he trembled and woke up.

“What’s happening… Why am I here…”

Cold sweat covered Fu Hao as he looked aside with his peripheral sight, and shockingly found that another man was standing there.

“Diablo! Why are you here?”

He asked shockingly. He wanted to move, but his body was immobilized by some kind of spell.

“You know me?” Diablo asked with a blank expression.

He was fearful and depressed in his heart.

He had been in this place for two months already.

And he had been standing in the same position. Only Heaven knew how he had endured through these two months.

Fu Hao did not reply but only looked ahead.

A wooden coffin stood ten meters ahead of them, leaning on the mountain wall.

All kinds of glyphs were pasted on the coffin cover. The coffin was tightly secured with numerous thick chains.

Many bones surrounded the two, both humans and demons. They wore clothes and died a mysterious death, which made their scalps numb.

“What’s happening?”

Fu Hao mumbled to himself as a shiver ran down his spine.

Diablo sighed, “We fell for Liu Wuji’s illusion and was attracted here. He will suck our vital Qi dry until we die.”

Fu Hao opened his eyes wide and asked in aghast, “Isn’t Liu Wuji dead?”

Diablo answered faintly, “He died for sure, but consciousness was born in his body, and it wants to revive.”